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SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and ... Attendees will also have the opportunity to enroll in pre-conference training courses to gain relevant technical knowledge and visit

Apr 03, 2020




  • SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition 24–25 March 2020 The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, The Woodlands, Texas, USA

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    The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) will hold the 2020 Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition from 24–25 March 2020 in The Woodlands, Texas, USA.

    With more than 60 technical papers, the conference highlights new technologies and applications, offshore and onshore operations, HSE, and innovative solutions. In light of recent industry challenges, the technical program has a special focus on increasing operations efficiency, delivering more cost effective solutions, and reducing non- productive time.

    Experts from operating areas around the world will share their knowledge on the performance and effectiveness of well intervention and coiled tubing solutions. Topics covers all sectors of the well intervention industry including:

    • Electric Wireline, Slick Like, and Braided Line • Coiled Capillary Tubing • Hydraulic Workover and Snubbing

    Greg Leveille, from ConocoPhillips, will be keynote speaker on the first day of the conference. Attendees will also have the opportunity to enroll in pre-conference training courses to gain relevant technical knowledge and visit the exhibition for the latest product and services.

    Mark your calendar and make plans now to participate in this important industry event.

    Message from the Chairs

    Doyle Dean Vice Chairperson BP

    Ron Zbitowsky Chairperson Saudi Aramco

  • Attending is Worth Your Time Away from the Office! • Gain insights from 60+ technical papers on well intervention

    and coiled tubing solutions

    • Network with 1,600+ E&P professionals with similar challenges • Sold out exhibition floor with 85+ exhibiting companies

    • 3 training courses to further your knowledge

    Pre-Conference Training Courses Monday, 23 March | 0800–1700

    Introduction to Coiled Tubing Operations Instructor: Ed Smalley

    Installation and Workover Control Systems Instructor: Brian Skeels

    Rigless Intervention Best Practices for Coiled Tubing, Slickline, and Wireline Instructors: Ron Zbitowsky and Steven Craig

    Greg Leveille Chief Technology Officer ConocoPhillips

    Keynote Luncheon Tuesday, 24 March | 1200–1300

    The global E&P industry is undergoing disruptive change as a result of the tidal wave of oil and natural gas production coming from US unconventional reservoirs and the global revolution underway in data analytics and other digital technologies. This talk will provide an overview of the forces causing disruption and describe how novel integrated solutions provide hope for weathering the storm.

    2020 SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition

    Special Events

    Expo Reception Tuesday, 24 March | 1700–1830 Town Center

    Networking Luncheon Wednesday, 25 March | 1200–1300 Town Center

  • Technical Program (as of 25 February 2020)

    Tuesday, 24 March

    01 Intervention Solutions This session presents a broad range of well intervention and production enhancement challenges and solutions. It showcases innovative ways to solve the complex issues our industry faces as well as the lessons learned along the process. These intervention solutions will be of use in other locations facing similar issues.

    Session Chairpersons: Andrew Patterson, Consultant; Luis Castro, Baker Hughes

    02 Data Enhanced Interventions and Diagnostics Historical and new means of gathering subsurface and equipment data can be used to improve well interventions in each stage of a job, from candidate selection through operational execution and post-job analysis. This session examines the benefits of increased data collection, in quantity and types, and enhanced interpretation models to use that information in real time during operations to deliver better intervention outcomes and reduce operational risks.

    Session Chairpersons: Pierre Ramondenc, Schlumberger; Rair Barraez, Stage Completions

    03 Coiled Tubing and Pipe Development, Applications, and Solutions Increasing reliability and delivering successful interventions is required to ensure that well completions and reservoirs are properly maintained and optimized through production. This objective is enhanced by the development of materials and products that provide effective and efficient operations in a range of hostile environments. This session will focus on development to products and services that will deliver safe and successful intervention operations.

    Session Chairpersons: Patrick Kelleher, Athena Engineering Services; Roberto Paez, Schlumberger

    04 Latest Developments in Equipment, Tools, Fluids, and Materials for Interventions

    Due to the changing markets, well intervention technologies are evolving in both innovation and complexity to meet industry requirements. This session will include both operator and service company led presentations demonstrating the application of new technologies in different, but challenging well conditions. The presentations will also explore the use of real-time downhole sensor data to improve the operational efficiency for plug milling operations with coiled tubing and latest developments in wireline masts for use offshore.

    Session Chairpersons: Alan Turner, Ironfield Tech Services; Paul Brown, Coil Data

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  • Technical Program (as of 25 February 2020)

    Wednesday, 25 March

    12 Wireline Developments, Applications, and Solutions Papers presented in this session will focus on challenges faced, and solutions provided, during routine and non-routine field operations. The tools developed and the conveyance methods utilized were chosen to optimize operational success in interventions. Speakers will present actual well issues and case histories, which will demonstrate how the application of wireline technology has enabled the successful delivery of downhole intervention objectives with wireline applications.

    Session Chairpersons: Furman Kelley, NCS Multistage; Ryan Schmidt, FMC Technologies

    13 Improving Operational Efficiency, HSE, and Well Control A continuous challenge for our industry is how to consistently reduce costs, become leaner and more efficient while striving for zero HSE incidents. Improving operational efficiency can be achieved through leveraging new technology, taking a new approach to intervention methods, analysis of past job data, and reduction of operational time through real-time data. This session will focus on unique solutions successfully implemented through discussions utilizing various intervention methods to improve operational efficiency.

    Session Chairpersons: Gordon Mackenzie, Halliburton; Lucy Pettitt-Schieber, BP

    14 Horizontal and Multilateral Solutions As longer laterals are drilled, considerable success has been encountered in developing techniques to complete and re-enter them, ranging from improvements in lubricity, to improvements in vibratory tool usage and modeling. However some unexpected mechanical effects on the pipe as a side-effect have been noticed, and mitigation is required. Once these wells have sustained production, the difficulty of gathering useful information about their producing characteristics has become apparent, driving new methods of gathering good, quality data at a reasonable cost, time, and with minimal lost production.

    Session Chairpersons: Eric Gagen, Coil Tubing Partners; Hayes Chow, ConocoPhillips

    15 Intervention Solutions in Challenging Environments Papers presented in this session represent some truly outstanding well interventions performed in difficult, hazardous environments. All face interesting challenges related to pressure and temperature, geographic location, extended reach, working environment, cost, and efficiency. This session will cover operational challenges, customization of approach and equipment, and a breadth of work environments, both well and flowline applications.

    Session Chairpersons: RJ Wetzel, Consultant; Sharlene Lindsay, Nine Energy Service

    2020 SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition

  • Knowledge Sharing ePosters

    Knowledge Sharing ePosters sessions occur Tuesday and Wednesday during coffee breaks.

    Knowledge Sharing ePosters allow one-on-one interactions with presenters and opportunities to study a particular concept at an appropriate level