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Special Education Early Intervention 2019-12-06¢  Special Education Early Intervention (MED SPED EI,

Jan 27, 2020




  • Special Education Early Intervention (MED SPED EI, Add-On EI, Post Bacculareate, MAT

    EI, Alt Cert EI,)

    Electronic Portfolio


    Revised August 2014

    Southeastern Louisiana University

    College of Education

    Prepared for the

    Department of Teaching and Learning by

    The 2014 Early Intervention Portfolio Committee Department of Teaching and Learning

    Colleen Klein-Ezell, Ph.D., Associate Professor

    Camille Yates, Ph.D., Associate Professor

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    For information about admissions: Dr. Gwen Autin, Graduate Coordinator

    Department of Teaching and Learning

    SLU 10749

    Hammond, LA 70402


    For information about advising and PASS-PORT evaluations: Dr. Colleen Klein-Ezell

    Department of Teaching and Learning

    SLU 10749

    Hammond, LA 70402


    For information about academic matters contact: Dr. Cynthia B. Elliott, Interim Department Head

    Department of Teaching and Learning

    SLU 10749

    Hammond, LA 70402


    For information about PASS-PORT: Dr. Camille Yates, PASS-PORT Coordinator

    Department of Teaching and Learning

    SLU 10749

    Hammond, LA 70402


    For information about student teaching or internship contact: Dr. Ellen Ratcliff, Director of Student Teaching

    Office of Student Teaching

    SLU 10818

    Hammond, LA 70402


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    Table of Contents

    Only SPED MED EI:

    Curriculum Vitae . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 9

    5 Portfolio Goals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 9

    SPED Capstone Presentation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 10

    Appendix A: Philosophy of Early Intervention . . page 20

    Appendix B: Reflective Summary. . . . . . . . . . page 21

    Appendix C: SPED Advanced Dispositions . . . page 25

    Appendix D: Competency Portfolio Presentation page 26

    Appendix E: Glossary of Terms . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 27

    Appendix F: COE Conceptual Framework . . . . . . . page 29

    Appendix G: CEC EI Initial Standards . . . . . . . . page 31

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    Master of

    Education in




    Intervention (MED-SPED-EI)

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    All MED SPED EI candidates must submit three portfolios in PASS-PORT in order to complete the

    requirements for the Master of Education in Special Education Early Intervention degree program.

    These portfolios must be connected to the 1) Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Early Intervention

    standards (See Appendix G, page 31) and 2) the College of Education’s Conceptual Framework (See

    Appendix F, page 29)


    MED SPED EI candidates will be assigned committees consisting of two advisors, one of whom will be

    designated as Chair. The committee will guide the candidate throughout the portfolio process, and

    oversee the candidate’s capstone presentation. Once the candidate is approved for his or her capstone

    project, one additional committee member will be added based on: a) the candidate’s area of

    concentration, b) capstone research topic, and c) faculty responsibilities.


    Near the end of the semester a portfolio will be submitted, be sure to submit/complete all portfolio artifacts that have not previously been submitted/completed, to the Chair of your committee by the

    Friday prior to the final week of classes.

    Candidates are responsible for checking that all evaluations have been completed and that there are green checks and Requirement passed for all artifacts.

    Candidates must then click the Submit for Review link to review and lock their portfolio.

    Then the next portfolio should be created. See below:

    The MED SPED EI portfolio process must include all of the following portfolios and components of


    After you have Green Checks on ALL Requirements AND Status: Requirement

    Passed, then you should click the button found just under the directions for completing your portfolio. This will allow the program to Review and Lock your portal

    folio and you are ready for the next portal folio.

    Once you have passed a portal folio, it is your responsibility to create the next one and begin entering artifacts. To do this: Click the Create Folio link beside the Portal Folios.

    This should automatically create your next folio.

    NOTE: If there is a Status: Unmet under any of the Unit Assessment Items in your portal folio, this will need to be corrected before submitting for Review. This usually means that

    the evaluation did not meet thresholds set for that evaluation.

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    Emerging Portfolio

    The Emerging Portfolio PORTAL 7 should be created during the first semester as a graduate candidate

    - usually with EDUC 601, ECE 601 and/or SPED 682 and is submitted at the end of 12 credit hours or

    when all requirements have been successfully submitted and passed.

    The following requirements are part of the Emerging Portfolio for SPED MED EI graduate candidates:

    Masters of Professional Education Competencies (MPEC) Surveys, including (a) technology, b) diversity, c) dispositions – should be completed in EDUC 601, ECE 601, and/or SPED 682 or by

    the end of the second week of the first semester in the program.

    Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) survey - completed on an individual basis (not in any class).

    Action Research Proposal - Attach the Action Research Proposal from EDUC 601 and the appropriate standard and reflection and submit to instructor of EDUC 601 course.

    Professional philosophy of early intervention special education (completed independently) and submit through the portfolio to the Chair of your committee. (See Appendix A page 20)

    Curriculum Vitae (see requirements page 9) and submit to the Chair of your committee.

    Develop 5 Portfolio Goals - MED SPED EI candidates should reflect on the results of the surveys and draft ideas for 5 goals aligned with the College of Education's Conceptual Framework and CEC

    Early Intervention Standards. MED SPED EI graduate candidates will work toward achieving these

    goals throughout the program. These goals are submitted through the portfolio to the Chair of your

    committee. (see requirements page 9)

    Field experience (FE) hours – A minimum of 10 Field experience hours are required for the emerging portfolio. A minimum of 100 Field Experience Hours must be completed by the end of

    the program. Attach one example of a field experience and the appropriate standard and

    reflection and submit through the portfolio to the Chair of your committee.

    Professional development activities (PDA) - Candidates are required to complete a minimum of 25 total hours of professional development activities by the end of your program and to document the

    required number of hours at each portal. For the emerging portfolio, five hours of professional

    development are required under the professional development tab. Attach one example of a PDA

    and the appropriate standard and reflection and submit through the portfolio to the Chair of your

    committee. Your reflection should state the reason for choosing the standard, and show

    understanding of the standard.

    Reflective Summary - Candidates should submit a two to five page overall reflection for each portfolio. The portal reflection should include a discussion of the artifacts submitted within the

    portal (example: philosophy, FE hours, PDAs, SPA standards, and course artifacts). Refer to the

    guidelines in Appendix B (page 21) for more detailed information about the requirements. The

    reflective summary should address what it means to be an effective early interventionist. Candidates

    should reference the artifacts and standards attached to each artifact in the current portfolio when

    addressing lessons learned, strengths and weaknesses, impact on student learning, and the

    applicability to future performance, and progress towards meeting portfolio goals. The reflective

    summary should be submitted through the portfolio to the Chair of your committee.

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    Proficiency Portfolio

    The Proficiency Portfolio, PORTAL 8 should be created as soon as the Emerging Portfolio has been

    reviewed and locked (which is your responsibility to do once all portal 7 requirements are shown “as


    NOTE: Candidates should dev