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South-East Europe programme financing opportunity for Danube Region 20ian2010

Jan 14, 2015


Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

  • 1. South East Europe Programme as afinancing opportunity for projects in theDanube region and complementarity to otherinstruments COMPLEMENTARITY OF FINANCING INSTRUMENTS

2. COHESION POLICY The main goal of the cohesion policy: strengthening economic, socialand territorial cohesion by reducing development gaps between EUmember states; this goal is supported by the three objectives of thepolicy: convergence, competitiveness and job recruitment and Europeanterritorial cooperation. The added value of the Cohesion Policy exceeds the economic growth andincreased number of jobs; it results from its interdependent relations withother Community Policies state aids, environment protection, transport,informational society or innovation support, improvement andmodernization of public administration etc. 3. European Cohesion Policy in RomaniaFunds allocated to Romania for the 2007-2013 period: Convergence Objective: 19,2 billion European Territorial Cooperation Objective: 455 million Main priorities of Cohesion Policy in Romania: Improving basic transport infrastructure and accessibility - 5.3 billion Contribute to research and innovation to ensure long-term sustainable economic competitiveness - 2.6 billion The social inclusion of disadvantaged groups will be supported to the tune of some 1.2 billion for education and training Nearly 570 million will be invested in supporting business, with a focus on SMEsResults: Funds may help increase GDP by 15% in the period 200713 Help safeguard around 200 000 jobs 4. TRANSNATIONAL COOPERATION PROGRAMME SOUTH EAST EUROPE- In the context of EU CohesionPolicy the main objective ofSEE Programme is to achievehigh quality, result-orientedtransnational strategicprojects, relevant for theprogramme area. 5. Fields financed from SEE(necessary for the development of the Danube Region)Innovation and entrepreneurship - 51.824.891 Develop technology & innovation networks in specific fields Develop the enabling environment for innovative entrepreneurship Enhance the framework conditions and pave the way for innovationEnvironment - Protection and improvement - 63.223.327 Improve integrated water management and flood risk prevention Improve prevention of environmental and technological risks Promote cooperation in management of natural assets and protected areas Promote energy and resource efficiency 6. Accessibility - 64.895.099 Improve coordination in promoting, planning and operation for primary and secondary transportation networks Develop strategies to tackle the digital divide Improve framework conditions for multi modal platformsDevelopment of transnational synergies for sustainable growthareas - 48.633.328 Tackle crucial problems affecting metropolitan areas and regionalsystems of settlements Promote a balanced pattern of attractive and accessible growth areas Promote the use of cultural values for development 7. Strengthening the cooperation in the region: Carpathian, Tisa, Danube and Black Sea areas Integrated space,spatial structures thatoverlap, areinterconnected andinterdependent 8. Strengthening the cooperation in the region: Carpathian, Tisa, Danube and Black Sea areasApproach: Transnational Integrate: strategic, spatial and investments planning Working with regional and local actors Clear stakeholder analysis: central public authorities, regional and local public authorities, bodies governed by private law. 9. Strengthening the cooperation in the region: Carpathian,Tisa, Danube and Black Sea areas 10 ETC Programmes financeactivities within the space 4 Convergence Programmes(per country) finance Need for correlation andactivities within the space coordination between different IPA and ENPI funds for nonfinancial instruments, ManagingEU countriesAuthorities and projects each country finances Policy coordination, the cross-activities through nationalsector aspect of multi-levelfundsgovernance. 10. Strengthening the cooperation in the region: Carpathian, Tisa, Danube and Black Sea areascorrelation and coordinationbetween different financial instruments, Managing Authorities and projects Concrete results in a shorter period of timepolicy coordination,the cross-sector aspect of multi-level governance. 11. First call for proposals transnational cooperation in Danube area has begun 7 Danube projects approved on:waste management, natural heritage, flood risk reduction, inland navigation, networking waterway administrations, tourism Next steps: encourage cooperation for thefuture calls for proposals,including preparationof projects that generate concreteresults to be further used and implementedthrough national or other funds,including use of 20% flexibility rule. 12. Danube European River 13. Approved projects in the Danube Area NEWADA - Network of Danube Waterway AdministrationsObjective: to increase the efficiency of this corridor by intensifyingcooperation between waterway administrations. NELI - Cooperation-Network for logistics and nautical education focusing onInland Waterway Transport in the Danube corridor supported by innovativesolutionsObjective: to create the framework conditions for a transnationalcooperation among the Danube riparian countries leading to technologicalinnovations and implementation of common policies and concrete actionplans in the Inland Waterway Transport sector DANUBE FLOODRISK - Stakeholder oriented flood risk assessment for theDanube floodplainsObjective: to develop and produce high quality, stakeholder oriented floodrisk maps for the transnational Danube river floodplains to provide adequaterisk information for spatial planning and economic requests 14. WANDA - WAste management for inland Navigation on the DanubeObjective: to establish a sustainable, environmentally sound andtransnationally coordinated approach in ship waste management including the development and implementation of related measures along the Danube in order to protect this water resource and itsmultifaceted ecosystems. Danubeparks - Danube River Network of Protected Areas -Development and Implementation of Transnational Strategies for theConservation of the Natural Heritage at the Danube River DATOURWAY - Transnational Strategy for the Sustainable TerritorialDevelopment of the Danube Area with special regard to Tourism DONAUREGIONEN+ - The Spatial Development Concept ofInterregional Co-operation in the Danube Space 15. Thank you ! Iuliu BARAGeneral DirectorHead of National Authority for theSouth East Europe Programme

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