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SOLUTIONS IN BRIX MEASUREMENT - Industrial · PDF fileSOLUTIONS IN BRIX MEASUREMENT ... -SUGAR FACTORY AREA (VACUUM PANS): ... polynomial calculation in the density conversion in Degree

Jun 04, 2018




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    I ABSTRACT: Based on the success of the product, concentration and density transmitter SMAR, DT301-Touch, close to the sugar and alcohol market, in line measurements in most applications in whole productive process, we elaborate this paper, with intention to assisting the professionals that will work directly with the product. We will be supplying following, at a simple and practical way, a series of information and details dedicated to the applications, which we considered consecrated, besides properly attested by our customers. II SUGAR & ALCOHOL APPLICATIONS: During about 2 years product commercialization close to the sector, with almost 300 installed devices, we mapped the following applications, where the product indeed finds being operated. Reminding although, besides these applications, a series of another is in BETA TEST phase , which ones will be opportunely published, after his effective operation.

    - CRUSHING AREA (MILL TANDEM): - Primary Juice Brix - Mixed Juice Brix - JUICE TREATMENT AREA: - Mud Concentration in Decanters

    - EVAPORATION AREA: - Pre Evaporated Juice Brix - Syrup Brix between Effects - Syrup Brix in Last Effect

    - SUGAR FACTORY AREA (VACUUM PANS): - Masseicute Brix - Poor Molasses Brix - Rich Molasses Brix - FERMENTATION AREA: - Fermented Must Brix (Tanks) - Must Brix

    - ALCOHOL PRODUCTION AREA: - Hydrous Alcohol Alcoholic Degree - Anydrous Alcohol Alcoholic Degree - Hexano/Alcohol Level Interface

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    In this application, the sample retreat must be after the rotative sieve, preferentially in form of emphasizes using of a pump, because for gravity the blockage risk is larger. Even picking sample after the rotary sieve, it still exist the presence of sand and bagacilho and it advises to make a bleeding at the bottom of sampling vase for cleaning and periodic exhaustion. In the sample collection lines, use diameters at least 3. The use of the sampling vase is recommended above. ( ascending flow to overflow) The photo above refers to the Beta Test developed together with Copersucar and Us. Jaboticabal, during the 2001 crop. Model specification: DT301-1IS-101-51 Calibration: 0 to 20 Brix

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    In this application, the mud concentration measurement is made in line, after the pump of continuous displacement . It is observed that the sampling vase construction, it increases the mud line diameter, reducing the speed of the flowed in the passage by the repeaters, exactly due to sand, bagacilho and others solid in suspension. The bottom of drain , in the exit for overflow, it should guarantee whenever the superior repeater of DT301-Touch is completely drowned. The complete cleaning of the equipment is recommended by occasion of sotps of the decanter in an immediate way, avoiding that the mud dries up under the repeaters. Model specification: DT301-1IS-101-51 Calibration: 800 to the 1300 Kg/m

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    CONSIDERATIONS: 1- In this application, we are referring us to the concentration mensuration and not brix, because it is not treated a sugary solution in its totality. This way, the correct engineering unit is concentration, in other words, Kg/m. We recommend the unit above, because the digital display number will own a larger resolution that the one of g/cm, that is also a density unit, being both available in DT301-Touch. 2- It isn't common uses labs comparative analyses in this application, because they are delayed and it depends on the critical analysis of each plant. Thus, it is very important operators' field presence that visually can assist to determinate the Set Point value wished. 3- We remind that sugar production works with larger density mud than alcohol, exactly for decanting better, obtaining a clarified juice with better quality and color, eliminating to the maximum the impurity presence. 4- The correct operation of this mesh is directly proportional to the final product quality, that is the sugar. In addition, it reduces the juice recycling inside the plant (rework) and it improves considerably the filters efficiency. 5- Must be use a speed inferior minimum adjustment in the pump positive displacement investor, avoiding that this type stops operation, what can cause locking the internal due to the mud high concentration.

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    For this application, we recommend the use Chinese hat, to create the FLASH effect, because the juice in pre evaporator has temperature an order at 120C. The FLASH effect will assist in air bubbles detachment and foam elimination before the sampling vase entrance. It can use both vases drawings above. Model specification: DT301-1IS-101-51 Calibration: 10 to 40 Brix

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    In this application, the brix measurement between effects in evaporation area, allows to the customer mobility when one of the effects is dirty and maneuvers are accomplished without needs to stop a whole evaporators line. Model specification: DT301-1IS-101-51 Calibration: 0 to 50 Brix

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    In this application, the sample retreat must be in the emphasizes of the syrup pump, returning the sample to the syrup tank. Both typical drawings can be used, however always we recommend the vase where the sample entrance is duplicated and the exit is centralized in the opposite side. Also in this case, the use Chinese hat will allow the air bubbles detachment and foam elimination. Model specification: DT301-1IS-101-51 Calibration: 40 to 80 Brix

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    It is a new application, where vacuum pan was going modified to work in continuous way. (Stefani Sugar Project) The control consists in the relation between condensate water flow produced, where is unchained the syrup flow control and magma. Thus, brix syrup mensuration importance and rich molasses too. we recommend the vase where the sample entrance is duplicated and the exit is centralized in the opposite side Model specification: DT301-1IS-101-51 Calibration: 40 to 80 Brix

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    That is the application what requires more attention regarding DT301's installation. In the molasses dilution, the presence of sugar crystals in suspension is big, thus, it recommends working with the ascending flow vase and with order diameters of 4, increased in the vase for 6.. However, the best result occurred installing the sampling vase of ascending flow below the dilutor tank and by gravity the sample circulates, returning for the diluted molasses tank. A line of hot water is recommended for eventual cleanings. Model specification: DT301-1IS-101-51 Calibration: 50 to 90 Brix

    In some cases, the customer installed the device directly in the dilutor tank (see photo above)

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    Here is also a new product application. In this case, in the control mesh, we consider brix of must, tank level and the process temperature. The control consists in the determination of a feeding curve, from the ferment up to the final fermenting process cycle. It begins the control by tank level (ferment) and soon after brix and the temperature assume the control until cycle final. Besides the feeding valve control, the temperature in must recirculation control by the coolers, decreasing foam presence and consequently reducing the products consumption anti--foamy and dispersantes. One can notice that use of the curved model directly installed in tank of fermentation and the height must consider that the repeaters be always drowned. Model specification: DT301-1IS-102-51 Calibration: 0 to 30 Brix

  • smar Equipamentos Industriais Ltda.

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