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Solar Hydrogen Energy Pilot Project for Libya

Jan 12, 2016




Solar Hydrogen Energy Pilot Project for Libya. Dr. Mansour Emtir LPI-Tripoli, Libya Berlin-28/03/2008. WHY FOR LIBYA, “OIL PRODUCER” ?!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Solar Hydrogen Energy Pilot Project for LibyaDr. Mansour EmtirLPI-Tripoli, Libya


  • WHY FOR LIBYA, OIL PRODUCER ?!Solar energy of North Africa is a reliable source of energy that could improve the quality of environment and ensure continued progress of clean civilizationSolar generated hydrogen will provide the ultimate, renewable, clean fuel for all of our energy needsHydrogen is the only energy option that can be integrated with virtually all other energy sources

  • OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECTIt is intended to explore the challenges and merits of supplying a small community with all its energy needs from solar energy.

    It will represent an important and logical step towards supplying a larger community, village or town, with their energy and water requirements in the future.

    It will convert solar radiation, using solar cells, into electricity which is to be used for three interconnected applications:

  • 1- To supply electricity, during day-time, for a community of about twenty homes representing a small town.

    2- To desalinate sea water required to meet the needs of the project and the proposed community, by the use of solar PV electricity.

    3- To produce hydrogen through water electrolysis, during sunny hours, that is necessary to provide the community with the electricity, during night-time, using fuel cells.

  • It will include also a filling station to fill small cylinders and car tanks with compressed hydrogen gas for local usage.

    RELATED INDUSTRIESSolar Energy- Electrolysis- Fuel Cells- Sea Water Desalination- etc.

  • IMPORTANCE OF THE PROJECTThe world has been finding less oil than it has been consuming for the last twenty years.

    The world consumes two barrels of oil for every barrel discovered.

    The world pumps CO2 to the atmosphere today at a rate that is three times as fast as the oceans and land can absorb it.

  • It is clear that the world is not only running out of cheap oil and natural gas, but also out of environmental capacity to absorb the impacts of processing and burning fossil fuels

  • WHAT ARE THE ALTERNATIVES ?One of the best available alternatives is:Solar Energy available locallySolar Energy available somewhere elseFor Europe: Solar Energy available in North Africa

  • CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND CONTRIBUTIONThere is real need for technological support and contribution from the international community, particularly, from the European Institutions to help implement this project as a first step towards larger projects in the future.

    It will create and promote R&D in educational and research institutions.

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