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Solar Energy Presentation Watergate-Emeryville Hattie Carwell March 12, 2009

Dec 22, 2015



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  • Solar Energy Presentation Watergate-Emeryville Hattie Carwell March 12, 2009
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  • Outline Case Study of an Office Solar System for non profit government agency Statistics on Solar Installations in the Bay Area Types of Solar Cells Months of Maximum Solar Energy Production Control your Energy costs Calculating Cost Savings Example of Co-Op Proto Type Solar Panels System Example of Multiple Family Affordable Housing Database of State Incentives Renewable Energy Example Large Flat Roof installation
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  • Raymon and Alan Dones (right) added a 198 kilowatt solar array to the Alameda County Social Services office building, Oct 29, 2007. The building was built in 2005. OneCal Bank financed the panels and their installation. Building Size- 101,000 square feet System Size- 16,000-square-foot, 198- kilowatt array (1100 200 watt solar panels System Costs-$2.6 Million PG&E rebate - $729,000 The system provides a third of the building energy supply.
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  • Hayward, CA Watts per Capita: 2nd Place, Large Cities Berkeley, CA Systems/1000 people: 1st place, Large Cities Watts San Francisco, CA # of Systems: 2nd place, Large Cities Total Watts: 3rd place, Large Cities Oakland, CA # of Systems: 3rd place, Large Cities Santa Rosa, CA Total Watts: 1st Place, Large Cities Watts per Capita: 1st Place, Large Cities Systems/1000 people: 2nd Place, Large Cities 2008 City Solar Awards presented by NorCal Solar Alameda County Total Watts: 1st Place, Counties # of Systems: 2nd Place, Counties Santa Clara County # of Systems: 1st Place, Counties Total Watts: 2nd Place, Counties San Jose, CA # of Systems: 1st Place, Large Cities Total Watts: 2nd Place
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  • Average Installation cost is $8/w for polycrystalline photovoltaics Polycrystalline Monocrystalline Thin Film
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  • Discount rate is equivalent to the interest rate
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  • Electric Bill Savings$742 Financing Tax Savings$685 First Year Savings$1,427 Electric Rate Inflation5.0% Net System Cost$22,260 How to Calculate Cost Savings
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  • December 12, 08 Renee Co-OP Proto-type Solar System Fresh Meadows, N.Y.--U.S. Energy Group, a firm that develops and integrates energy control, monitoring and analysis systems for large residential properties, has launched USE Solar, a new solar energy initiative that focuses on the potential for multifamily and commercial buildings to use solar power. Quixotic Systems Inc., a solar energy company offering consulting, design and engineering services, and Tristate Solar Inc., a solar energy system design, installation and service company, are working with U.S. Energy Group on the Renee and will install the photovoltaic system, which will consist of 142 solar modules of 200 watts each. Quixotic is designing the system and Tristate is working as a project integrator. The solar system is projected to provide 17 percent to 20 percent of The Renee s common area electricity. Additionally, the system is projected to prevent the production of approximately 27,139 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is providing a $100,000 rebate incentive for this project, which may also receive federal and state tax credits and a property abatement tax of 8.7 percent for four years. In addition, the co-op can sell back the unused electricity to the grid and the tax credits will be passed along to the residents.
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  • Residential Areas of Affordable Housing Projects: The *EPBI amount starting in 2007 is $3.50/watt. This applies to affordable housing projects of all sizes. Common Areas of Affordable Housing Projects: The EPBI level starting in July 2007 is $3.30/watt. This incentive level applies to solar electric systems serving the common areas of affordable housing projects. EPBI-Expected Performance Base Incentive Affordable Housing California Solar incentives July, 2007
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  • DSIRE is a comprehensive source of State Incentives for Renewable Energy Efficiency
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  • This smart energy project reduces the jail's use of utility-generated electricity by 30 percent through solar power generation and energy conservation. Clean energy is generated by a 1.18 Megawatt installation consisting of three acres of solar photovoltaic panels.
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  • Santa Rita Jail Solar System- Alameda County ( Non Profit) System Specifications System Size: 1.18 Megawatts Annual Power Generated: 1,460,000 kWh PowerLight Photovoltaic Roof Tiles 9,726 Solar Array Size (square feet) 130,000 Solar Array Size (acres) ~ 3 ac Financed through third party who could use tax credits and rebates