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Social Work Advising Powerpoint · SOCIAL WORK ADVISING POWERPOINT ... you cannot take PSY 321 until you ... 310, and 322: ANY 200 level or above Sociology course will be approved.

Jun 25, 2018






    AUR Program

  • Powerpoint Overview

    Careers and Graduate School

    BSW Program and Courses

    Admission Requirements and Process

    Degree Evaluation

    Course Planning Information

    Advising Worksheet [Note: You MUST print, complete, and bring this slide along with your degree evaluation to your advising appointment to receive an alternate pin number]

  • Social Work Careers

    What can I do with a Social Work major? See the SCSU career Services website for a list of employment options:

    Job Outlook and Income Information:

    Despite the economic difficulties, many graduates are finding employment. The outlook for social work is promising and even exceeding the pace of other jobs in specific social work fields. See the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Information:

  • Graduate School

    If you want to do clinical or school social work or work in a hospital, you MUST go on for your MSW degree

    Students who excel in their social work courses may qualify for Advanced Standing Status in MSW programs

    Check out this link for more info:

  • BSW Program Highlights

    42 credits plus university and cognate courses

    Social Work courses: policy, practice, knowledge,

    research, and an elective in your area of interest

    400 hour internship in the final year

    [16 hours/week from September to May]

    Cognate courses in Psychology and Sociology

  • BSW Program Junior Schedule

    Fall Semester Spring Semester

    SWK 320

    Human Behavior in the Social

    Environment I

    SWK 321

    Human Behavior in the Social

    Environment II

    SWK 330

    Social Welfare Institutions and Policies I

    SWK 390

    Interviewing Skills in Social Work


    SWK 376

    Methods of Intervention I

    SWK 380, 381, or 382

    SWK Field of Practice Elective

    Additional university requirement

    Additional university requirement

    Additional university requirement

    Additional university requirement

  • BSW Program Senior Schedule

    Fall Semester Spring Semester

    SWK 350

    Social Work Research Methods

    SWK 378

    Methods of Intervention III

    SWK 377

    Methods of Intervention II

    SWK 430

    Social Welfare Institutions and Policies II

    SWK 490W (6 credits)

    Field Practice Seminar I

    Includes the 16 hour/week internship and a

    weekly 90 minute class

    SWK 491W (6 credits)

    Field Practice Seminar II

    Includes the 16 hour/week internship and a

    weekly 90 minute class

    Additional university requirement

    Additional university requirement

  • Major vs. Program

    You can be a social work major from the time you

    are accepted at SCSU

    You MUST apply and be accepted to the BSW

    program to enroll in the 42 credits of courses

    When you apply to the program is based on your

    pacing and the number of courses you have


  • BSW Program Eligibility Requirements

    A grade of B or above in SWK 200 or its


    Completion of ENG 112 or its equivalent

    Completion of MAT 107 or its equivalent

    Overall GPA of 2.50 or above

    Completion of a minimum of 57 credits

    Requirements MUST be completed by the end of the

    spring semester in which one applies

  • BSW Program

    2 Step Admission Process

    Apply to the university:

    When eligible, apply to the BSW program by

    March 1

    You MUST be accepted to the university when you

    apply to the BSW program

  • BSW Application: 3 parts

    Applications are received once a year for Fall admission to the BSW Program

    1. Download and complete the form:

    2. If you transferred in college credits, submit your transcript(s) from other school(s)

    3. Write the 1-2 page Personal Essay in the Social Work Department

    Submit all 3 parts by March 1

  • Admission Decisions

    Preliminary decisions are made by March 30

    Final decisions are made in early June

    If a student is not accepted:

    o Students can re-apply the following year

    o Students can meet with the BSW Coordinator to

    identify other pathways to complete an

    undergraduate degree and pursue social work at

    the graduate level

  • Decision Criteria

    Admission is competitive, with a GPA of 2.5 being the minimum considered for acceptance. Qualified applicants may not be accepted because enrollment caps are based on Social Work Department resources. Applications are accepted once a year.

    GPA, as well as other pre-admission criteria, will be used as a way of evaluating students for acceptance into the social work program. These may include, but are not limited to: completion of prerequisite courses, personal essay, and an evaluation of student's program plan for completion of remaining university requirements. Consistent with SCSU admission requirements, preference is given to those candidates who, in the judgment of Social Work Department faculty, present through academic and personal qualifications the greatest potential for program success. Those students who meet eligibility criteria at the time of the priority admissions deadline will be accepted provisionally so long as those criteria continue to be met a the end of the spring semester.

  • Degree Evaluations

    SCSU students use a Degree Evaluation as their program plan.

    A degree evaluation lists all the requirements for a social work major as well as the specific courses that fulfill each requirement

    To look up your Degree Evaluation:

    From the Southern Home Page, log into Banner (as if you were going to register for classes). Click on Records, then on Degree Evaluation. Make sure you are listed as a Social Work major. [If not, come to the department and complete a Declaration of Major form, which can be obtained from the student workers or the department secretary]. Continue to follow the prompts, and select detail requirements to see your BSW program on the screen. The courses that have a NO next to them still need to be completed.

  • Remember!!

    The specific courses that fulfill

    University Requirements and

    Cognate Courses are listed on

    your degree evaluation

  • Planning for the Next Semester

    Are your Social Work eligibility courses complete?

    SWK 200; ENG 112; MAT 107

    What Psychology and Sociology courses do you still


    What university requirements do you have left to


  • Planning Info

    Psychology: you cannot take PSY 321 until you

    complete PSY 228

    Sociology course substitutions for SOC 211, 310,

    and 322: ANY 200 level or above Sociology course

    will be approved.

    [Note: to take 300 level and above you MUST

    complete SOC 100 and 3 additional SOC credits]

  • Planning Info 2

    Computer Science requirement: CSC 101, 104 and

    200 do not require programming knowledge and

    will all be approved

    Exercise Science: You can do EXS 011 and 012 or

    the gym membership option. Go to the Exercise

    Science Dept in Pelz and get the CRN number and

    packet for the gym option.

  • Planning Info 3

    World Language: IF you have had 2 years or more

    in high school you can register directly for the 101

    course, which meets the requirement

    Biology (Natural Science A): IF you sign up for BIO

    110 or 111 you MUST do both courses to meet the

    requirement. IF you sign up for BIO 100, 101,102,

    103 or 104 you need only do that course.

  • Writing Intensive Courses

    Focus on developing and revising writing beyond

    ENG 112

    2 courses are offered in Social Work (SWK 490

    and 491)

    You only need to find one additional W course

    outside of Social Work for your 3rd course

    ENG 217, THR 100, and many SOC courses have

    W sections

  • Advising Appointment Options

    1. Quick appointment to ask a question and obtain

    your alternate pin number

    2. 10 minute appointment to discuss several questions

    or areas of concern

    Anyone who has applied to the BSW program

    schedules a 10 minute appointment

    Anyone who would like a longer advising

    appointment can schedule that with Dr. Keenan


  • Advising Worksheet for (Name): _________________________ [Print, complete, & bring with your degree evaluation to your appointment]

    Possible Courses for Next Semester

    Student ID: ______________________

    Questions for Advising

    ________________________________ Student Signature:

  • To Schedule an Advising Appointment

    Check your email for instructions

    and links to sign up with your

    advisor at




    See you at your advising appointment!

    Dr. Rodriguez-Keyes

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