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Social Media Playbook

Aug 17, 2014



The Social Media Playbook provides you with a set of tools and methodologies to develop a brand conform and consistent social voice online. It was created for employees who represent a company or a brand in a digital public space.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK 1.0 Prepared by Marc-Oliver Gern January 6th, 2010
  • This Social Media Playbook is part of a series of educational documents I prepared for one of my clients. You can use it as an inspiration or guide to develop your own social media strategies for your company. Please share your comments and improvements on This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.
  • PURPOSE The Social Media Playbook helps you to develop a brand conform and consistent social voice online, through all marketing departments of Company-X.
  • WHO IS IT FOR This set of tools and methodologies was created for employees who represent Company-X in a digital public space.
  • THE TOOLS n n n n soo soo soo soo Up gU p Up gU p ng ng om Co miin om Co miin C C
  • HOW DOES IT WORK By following the guidelines and applying the tools you can: Check the authenticity of your Social Media ideas, make relevant adjustments and start with the most promising ideas.
  • PART 1 AUTHENTICITY MATRIX Prepared by Marc-Oliver Gern January 6th, 2010
  • PURPOSE The Authenticity Matrix helps you to develop an authentic social media strategy and evaluate/prioritize your final designs. It exists of the Brandvalue and -environment Matrix.
  • THE BRANDVALUES Circle your ideas around one of those topics if possible. ! Fill in your Brandvalues BEING GREEN SMART FUN DOING GOOD
  • THE BRANDENVIRONMENT Target your ideas always towards the center if possible. ! Fill up the Matrix with all topics you can think of, that are related to your company. Prioritize them. Nature Fear of Heights Trees BC Speed Rainforest Sustainability Quebec Flying Natural Step Wildlife in Causes Whistler Group Travel Company Activity Salespeople NZ Great Bears Craftmanswork Guiding Ziplines Vacation Whistler Birds Canada Education Canopy Walk Pictures & Plants Eco Tourism Movies Woodpecker Olympia Eco Sound
  • PART 2 SOCIAL MEDIA FILTERS Prepared by Marc-Oliver Gern January 6th, 2010
  • PURPOSE The Social Media Filters help you to influence people online, adress the right topics and spread the word effectively.
  • THE SOCIAL MEDIA FILTERS By adjusting the right filters you can optimize your ideas and make them more successful. Strategic Impact Anticipated Revenue Brand Authenticity Social Experience Based on Strategic and Impact Based on User Based on Brandvalues Useful, Usable, Business Goals. Could Engagement, Best and Areas of Desireable, Sustainable be narrow or wide Practices, Investment. Engagement. Could be and Social. 5-star rating Could be moderate to close to far high HIGH CLOSE FAR MODERATE
  • THE SOCIAL MEDIA FILTERS An example of how to present an idea to your client by integrating the filters. Short I am Descriptio linking my n of the ideas to a idea real situation Always picture Writing my ideas down Pros and Cons
  • PART 3 SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES Prepared by Marc-Oliver Gern January 6th, 2010
  • PURPOSE The Social Media Guidelines help you to develop your character online as an individual and as an employee at Company-X.
  • YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL Be professional Be truthful Be authentic Be open Be accountable
  • YOU ARE AN EMPLOYEE Be you and not a brand. Use your personality and language dont sell. Share! Be active Encourage other users Respond quickly People expect a fast respond at any time. Commitment is key be out there or not. Use common sense No one is here to look over your shoulder, but please use common sense. Dont give away the farm Remember your obligations to your organization. Check your sources Some sources may acquire inside knowledge that is not meant for publication. Our friends are your friends Remember to protect the privacy of Company-X's partners, agents and guests.
  • PART 4 SOCIAL MEDIA HEROES Prepared by Marc-Oliver Gern January 6th, 2010
  • PURPOSE Facebook and Twitter are the most promising Social Media platforms right now. The following slides provide you with a set of guidelines to manage and moderate your Twitter and Facebook account professionally.
  • GUIDELINES FOR TWITTER Learn the basic twitter tools/techniques and try to apply these on top: Follow real people The closer your physical radius of your messages, the more effective twitter gets as a real- time communication tool online. Make your tweets retweetable Use URL shorteners whenever possible. Thank people for following you Again, being human is key. Talk to people like you talk to them face-2-face. Attention is a currency Following back is a gesture. One relevant tweet is better than 10 irrelevant Timing and amount of tweets are important. Dont be annoying. Dont be ME all the time Develop an interesting topic for your twitter account. Dont talk about the weather. Avoid politics and religion 140 characters are just not enough to talk about such topics
  • GUIDELINES FOR FACEBOOK Learn the basic Facebook techniques and try to apply these on top: Track every activity at all times People dont care about your 9to5 opening hours. On Facebook they always expect someone to talk to. Never delete comments or users Negative comments are unavoidable. Deal with it ASAP. Its a great opportunity to correct things. By deleting a user or a comment he will probably use another channel YOU cant control. Give your idea a picture Posting pictures make your post more clickable. Dont ask for participation Begging could be a cry for help. Be releva