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Social Media Monitoring: Presentation on Social Media Monitoring: Why and How

Jan 28, 2015



Presentation on Social Media Monitoring: Why and How. Given by Ahmed Bouzid, Head of Product at Angel, inc.

  • 1. Social Media MonitoringAhmed BouzidDirector of ProductAngel, Inc.October 4, 2010

2. The Basic Questions Why Monitor? Where to Monitor? What to Monitor? How to Monitor? 3. Basic ConceptsInfluence/Influencers: blogs, tweets, facebook pagesSentiments: positive/negativeVolume: the amount of buzz out there.Workflow: process of tracking, responding, etc. 4. Why Monitor?- Knowing what people are saying about you- Identify evangelists- See who is defending you and who is attacking you- Track what people are saying about your competition- Detect market shifts- Detect people in need- React in a timely fashion when a reaction is needed 5. What to Monitor? Company name Taglines/trademarks Product name(s) Key exec names Competition and name of their execs 6. Where to Monitor Client cyber hangouts Potential client cyber hangouts Leading blogs Leading Podcasts Youtube 7. ToolsGoogle Alerts: must do.Twitter Advanced SearchRadian6TwazzupTweetdeckSocial mentionIcerocket: powerful but not easy to useAddictomaticBoardtrackerHootsuiteSeesmicScoutlabs 8. Discoveries Complaints Suggestions Raves Recommendations 9. The 6Dimensions Agent Influencer/Leader Follower Audience Followers Peers General Action Initiation Reaction Propagation Sentiment Positive Negative Neutral Place: Facebook/Twitter/Forum? Time: how old is the item? 10. Observations Companies are doing a lousy job exploiting information right undertheir nose: Tickets Support calls Sales calls Filled out forms Emails to execs Companies are not engaging their clients: Clients like to express themselves Clients will reach out to you first with complaints Great opportunity to discover discontent and to preempt publicnegative comments Clients hate being ignored How do you convert information into action? Example of someone raving about you 11. Observations The Mobility dimension: bricks and mortars are back. Geolocation. Back tothe future. Customers are listening to each other and are tuning out marketingmessages Key to success is becoming a resource to others: content marketing. Createvalue. Monitoring is about detecting movement and action as well as content The focus should be on the customer not on the company Web 2.0 is about democratizing publishing. Web 3.0 is about democratizingdata mining of all the content thats getting published out there. Why do companies create a facebook page/tweet Everyone is doing it: many feel its a fad... The few who are doing it right see them as a tool 12. Tracking Audio Speech recognition Audio Mining Speech analytics Automated transcription Statistical Language Modeling Voice Application Analytics 13. Audio/Video Search Engines Yahoo Audio Search BlogDigger SingingFish FindSounds Podscope Blinkx 14. Audio Mining/Speech Analytics Nexidia Verint Clickfox OnviSource (formerly EveryZing) Integrated audio, video, text and imagecontent optimization ezSEARCH / ezSEO

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