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TW18 (working title) A New Soap Opera
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Page 1: Soap Opera Brief


(working title)

A New Soap Opera

Page 2: Soap Opera Brief


Crime Drug dealing Blackmail

This conflict will be between higher middle class people and working class families.

Page 3: Soap Opera Brief


We picked to set our Soap in an area just outside of London.

We wanted to have an area where there is a clear divide between higher middle class and working class people.

Page 4: Soap Opera Brief

Our Target Audience

We are going after the 16-30 year olds competing with Hollyoakes

Larger percentage of male viewers

Page 5: Soap Opera Brief

Character Groups

We have two rich families and three working class families.Family 1Family 2Family 3Family 4Family 5Extending characters


Page 6: Soap Opera Brief

Family 1

Mum: Is unknown of her family's activities. Dad: Having an affairGirl: Ordinary teenage girl trying to arrange her partyBoy 1: Was best friends with Dad’s Younger Brother from Family 5Boy 2: Struggling to make friends at school.


Page 7: Soap Opera Brief

Family 2

Mum: Puts a lot of the attention in her life to her daughter, expects her to make it as a model. Delusional.

Dad: Gambling debts, colleague of Dad from Family 1Girl: Aspiring model, she is does not know of her dads debt


Page 8: Soap Opera Brief

Family 3

Mum: Wishes her family could get on, however understands her sons behaviour Step dad: Conflict with Boy 1 and original DadBoy 1 (from Mum’s first husband): Missis his DadBoy 2 (from current family): Does not get along with Boy 1, this is shown through school, rival friends.


Page 9: Soap Opera Brief

Family 4

Mum: Drug addictBoy:Grandma: Girl: Depression


Page 10: Soap Opera Brief

Family 5

Dad: Does not want to create friction in his family yet wants his brother to stop dealing.Mum: Wants her brother in-law to stop dealingDad’s Younger Brother: Drug dealer


Page 11: Soap Opera Brief

Extending characters

Gambling dad has a best friend who is a bad influence.

Wife from family 1 has a best friend trying to convince her to leave cheating husband.

Children’s friends; teenagers, rebels, geeks.


Page 12: Soap Opera Brief

Possible Main Storylines

Dad in Family 2 blackmails Dad in Family 1 about the affair in order to pay off his gambling debts

Younger Brother in Family 5 striking out at Boy 1 from Family 1 talking to police about his drug dealing

There will be a undertone of the conflict between the two socio economic groups

Page 13: Soap Opera Brief

Possible Sub-Story Lines

Clash between Step dad and Boy 1 in Family 3

Mum in Family 4 trying to give up cocaine

Girl in Family 4 trying to end her life

Girl in Family 2 organizing her birthday party

Boy 2 in Family 3 being bullied at school

Page 14: Soap Opera Brief

Possible story lines to gain female interest

Drug addicted mum fighting for her children against social services.

Mum from family 1 finding out about cheating husband and leaves to start new life.

Detailed episodes about suicidal daughter in family 4.

Page 15: Soap Opera Brief

Print Media

We will put it in the as it is more suited for soaps

We will have a main picture of a divide between the two groups

On one side Boy 1 from Family 1 on the other Younger Brother from Family 5

Page 16: Soap Opera Brief

The End

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