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Soap Opera 2 Jan Bak

Soap Opera 2

Feb 19, 2017


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Soap Opera 2Jan Bak

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Page 3: Soap Opera 2

CirculationBOL Advisory Group

Page 4: Soap Opera 2

How Did We Get Here?

Too many folks wanted money,

but didn’t want to work for it

How many times do I have to

tell you that greed ain’t good!?!

Page 5: Soap Opera 2

Make America Great Again?I. These euphemisms are killing me

II. When did America stop being great is the

question I’m asking?

III. The same people who caused the financial

crisis now want to profit by repairing the

damage they created – Only in America!

Page 6: Soap Opera 2

Let The Dollar Circulate

A. We want to make some money

B. Then we want to make

some MORE money

C. And finally we want to make

even a little bit more

Page 7: Soap Opera 2

You Call It Greed, I Call It Need

1. After all that we did,

this is how they try to play us…

2. I got to make it to Heaven,

for going through Hell

Page 8: Soap Opera 2

The Finale

oGet your mind right

oFollow your heart

oBe accountable for your own life

oLive out your dreams

Page 9: Soap Opera 2
Page 10: Soap Opera 2

I mean he was cool and all, but I’m not about to be all like “Let me tell you: The 80’s…that

was the REAL America!”

Unless you were actually alive in the 80’s, it’s just foolish talk

Poverty Is Not Really Poverty, It Just Needs To Be Redefined To Make Us Look Better

Page 11: Soap Opera 2

‘Poor’ people

This Is What They All Miss?? –LOL, the “Good ‘Ol Glory Days”

‘Less poor people’

who think they are rich

The political families

Page 12: Soap Opera 2

Shout out that legendary

player, William Clinton - He was and still is quick to smoke fools who try to be crabs in the




Page 13: Soap Opera 2

Contractual ObligationsBOL Advisory Group

Page 14: Soap Opera 2

Back in the day, you could just chill and play

Now you have to

fight cases and

collect Franklin faces

“Damn, a player don’t want no trouble, I just wanna kick off my loafers and watch my little girl blow bubbles”

Page 15: Soap Opera 2

Just when you think you have it figured out –Bam! Here comes something out of left field

•All that money to pay off loans went to paying the rent

•All the money saved for retirement had to go to top notch lawyers

•All the cash for a nice vacation turned into business operating expenses

Page 16: Soap Opera 2

I wouldn’t have it any other way though












Past Present Future

Success Comes At A Major Price

Free Time Free Cash Flow

Page 17: Soap Opera 2

Don’t believe people when they tell you that it is “Hard” – It’s REALLY DAMN HARD!

GoalLived ItBuilt ItDreamed


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Page 23: Soap Opera 2


Page 24: Soap Opera 2

BOL Advisory Group

Got Things To Do

Page 25: Soap Opera 2

Marlon Brando

Al Pacino

Robert De Niro

Solid movies to watch with a diva

The Godfather



A Heavy Night


Page 26: Soap Opera 2

Other nice Polish vodkas include




Taste The Potatoes

Page 27: Soap Opera 2

Seems awesome, but just meh

The most points here

You done messed up

Life Is Like A Game Of Darts…

Page 28: Soap Opera 2


The Advisory Group


Page 29: Soap Opera 2

Also Known As

Page 30: Soap Opera 2
Page 31: Soap Opera 2
Page 32: Soap Opera 2

Mar 26th 2016

Interlude (1/2)

The British are commenting! The British are commenting!

Page 33: Soap Opera 2

Interlude (2/2)

Things got crazy

Q1 2014

Page 34: Soap Opera 2

But consumption doesn’t make “people” happy

Page 35: Soap Opera 2

Consuming MORE than the Joneses makes “people” happy

Page 36: Soap Opera 2

Well,MY church

is bigger thanYOUR church!

Page 37: Soap Opera 2

Central MentalNobody is ever temperamental, it’s always ‘the other guy’ who is crazy

Page 38: Soap Opera 2

All the money in the world means nothing when you don’t keep your word

What Was Promised What Was Delivered

Page 39: Soap Opera 2

The oldest excuse in the world:“No money”










Page 40: Soap Opera 2
Page 41: Soap Opera 2


Page 42: Soap Opera 2

BOL Advisory Group

Marketing & Bulls**t

Page 43: Soap Opera 2

That’s your first mistake

Trusting a greedy person…

Page 44: Soap Opera 2

The ‘Good Guys’

-They present quite the facade

-Deep down only care about money

The ‘Bad Guys’

-Extremely likable at first take

-Very sensitive beneath the mask

The ‘Other Guys’

-The only hope

That was quite the sweeping generalization, but even fools are right from time to time“Hi! I’m wearing a suit”

“I don’t take public transit…”

A salesman told me to never trust salesmen

Page 45: Soap Opera 2

Often in life, the people who have it the best complain the most

When the ‘delicate genius’ gets upset, it means you are on to something


of life





The “Poor


Good 82% 9%

Bad 16% 55%

Ugly 2% 36%

The good, the bad, the ugly

Page 46: Soap Opera 2

BOL Advisory Group

Nothing For Free

Page 47: Soap Opera 2

People talk about this,

people talk about that

• Doesn’t that reflect more on the baby boomers?


• Raising youth is a two-way street


• Can’t deal with them, can’t deal without them


Ways to



Page 48: Soap Opera 2

I read somewhere that millennials

don’t want to pay for things

When was the

last time you got

something good

for free?

Page 49: Soap Opera 2

$Free.99But the

opportunity cost

is really high

Page 50: Soap Opera 2


In A Lifetime

Page 51: Soap Opera 2

Some Men Think It’s All About Having Your Money Good

Some Men Think It’s All About How Good You Talk



Page 52: Soap Opera 2

Does she like you?

Does she think you’re funny?

Can she trust you with her secrets?

Is she excited to see you when you come home?

“Who Needs Money, When You Can Make A Woman Laugh”


Page 53: Soap Opera 2

Does she compare you to her rich father?

Does she talk about all the things she wants to buy?

Is she more interested in your career than you?

Does she work hard?

“I Done Made Myself A Millionaire, By Myself –Now Things Changed, I Can Hire Some Help”


Page 54: Soap Opera 2

But You Got To Have Both!

Page 55: Soap Opera 2

Jan Bak

23 – 33

Page 56: Soap Opera 2

I used to live Jordan

But now I’m livin’ Pippen

Page 57: Soap Opera 2

Jordan Year


Pippen Year


Page 58: Soap Opera 2

Sometimes shoot fast, sometimes dribble slow…

Just run up the score (23) and defend (33)

to keep the others low

Credits – Debits Profits – Losses Earnings – Learnings


Page 59: Soap Opera 2

Think it’s big ballin’ to make profitable transactions in

different area codes, until you realize the amnesia that

comes from stretching across 24Eleven™ time zones

From Bentonville, AR to Port Arthur, TX: The

Reverse Longitudinal Path

From Death Valley to Mount McKinley:

Elevation & Thermodynamics 1st Law

From The 213 to The 312: The ~23,000 Mile Long Way

Page 60: Soap Opera 2

We can talk Trump talk (RE, S, B)

or we can handle Obama business (D, SF, CP)

Real Estate StocksRents Dividends


Diplomacy Special ForcesTrade Safety



Page 61: Soap Opera 2

I used to live Jordan

But now I’m livin’ Pippen

I told ‘em…

Page 62: Soap Opera 2
Page 63: Soap Opera 2

Sosa Marvin Gaye, hop out like “Let’s Get It On”

Page 64: Soap Opera 2