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Sep 22, 2015



Ashley Meigs

Marketing Strategy with private information redacted
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  • Despite a sluggish economy that has motivated some consumers to brown-bag it, the lunch meat category still faces lower usage levels due to negative health perceptions and elevated meat prices. Brands who hope to combat these demand-dampening trends and expand usage need to innovate, both with new products and new lunch meat positioning that will inspire new lunch meat occasions, such as snacking. Sarah Day Levesque, Food Analyst

    What does that mean? Means we need to




  • 61% of shoppers indicate that the type of meat is the primary purchase motivator

    Look for freshness & quality

    Things like the look, taste & texture of roasted turkey or baked ham

    Has potential to be a highly sensorial experience: based on taste, texture, & aroma

    Enjoy moist, not dried out, but not slimy or preserved

    Is healthy, and can be used for multiple meal items

    Source: Acosta Shopper Community Smithfield Lunchmeat Shopper Study

  • Packaging is important, and can drive sales

    But consumers dont want to pay for additional packaging

    Being able to determine freshness through package very important

    Attractive & functional

    The package itself is an important signal to the consumer

    Like the look & feel of a package that suggests a quality product, without being too expensive

  • Satisfy an attractive price point for the consumer while maintaining solid margins?

    Create a product that is both fresh & versatile?

    Develop packaging that demonstrates both quality & affordability?

    Compete in an increasingly competitiveand crowdedmarketplace?

  • 1 lb of seasoned, spiral ham with the quality and flavor youve come to know with a whole new take youll love

  • A great value with easy to open, securely sealed packaging to ensure freshness

    An affordable price point that contains a sizeable quantity of meat

    Completely aligned with the Smithfield heritage, emphasizing our local, all natural roots and focus on quality.

    A true point of differentiation, as no other company provides the spiral ham cut, the intense flavor, or the amount of pork for the reasonable price as we do.

  • Savvy Homemakers

    93% female

    Quality of high importance

    Use meat for more than just sandwiches

  • Consumer trends show us that other uses for lunch meat are growing. We believe that the Small Smithfield can really expand and own this category

  • The Smithfield Small Spiral is more than just lunchit can be used as an entre on its own, added to things like eggs & salads, or used to complement soups, pizzas, pastathe opportunities are endless

  • Tubs showing 5% growth

    TOTAL U.S. - MultiOutlet

    Current 52 Weeks ending Aug 3, 2014

    Dollar Sales

    Dollar Sales

    % Chg YrAgo Volume Sales


    Sales % Chg


    Package Lunch Meat $4,889,121,280 -0.3 1,202,613,120 -1.1

    TUB PLM $1,822,449,152 4.4 317,869,760 5.1

    4X6 PLM $322,967,488 -9.5 77,537,144 -10.0

    SHELF/WELL PLM $2,294,276,352 -0.3 708,393,280 -1.3

    PEG PLM $449,428,416 -9.9 98,812,952 -9.3

  • We have crafted a deli product that perfectly captures what consumers want: healthy & versatile without sacrificing flavor.

  • We have crafted a deli product that perfectly captures what consumers want: healthy & versatile without sacrificing flavor.

  • Dollar share dominated by just a few brands

    Average unit price related to market share

  • High concentration of products at lower price point,

    Some gourmet options towards the higher end

    No one has capitalized on sweet spot in between, at about$6

    Positive signal to our target segment: this is a high quality product

    Improved brand perception, aligning with Smithfields ideal positioning strategy

  • Work with existing partners

    Demonstrate shelf space value

  • Located with other TUB products

    Positioned in between deli meats and ready-to-eat meat entrees

  • Packaging emphasizes the Small Smithfield Spirals all-natural, locally sourced & healthy position

    Clearly demonstrates spiral cut and enticing, holiday-quality meat

  • Marketing & advertising campaign will emphasize Smithfield values: take a journey with flavor, enjoying the world of options at your fingertips from a brand

    Natural, local, delicious

    High quality at a price you wont believe

  • Integrated marketing campaign to reach consumer


    TV spots, coupons, leverage existing products



    Facebook recipe share, coupon distribution, photos & testimony, cooking ideas

    Twitter #spiraling

    Extensive, extremely sharable content on Pinterest

  • Improvement

    High quality

    High margin

    Healthy AND delicious

    Doing what we do best, even better

  • Innovation

    Revolutionary, transitional product that works as a meal OR as a lunch meat

    Transforming an old favorite

    Truly capitalizing on the Smithfield brand while breathing new life into lunchmeat positioning

  • ExcitingThis is healthy, high-quality meat from a company that

    prides itself on being the brand you trust to feed your family during the holidays. Now you can have that holiday quality everyday with Smithfield small spiral cuts, a new product that takes the local farm, high quality ham you love and makes it easy to enjoy on sandwiches, salads, pastas or even alone.