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Sme spokane presentation

May 26, 2015



SME Spokane Presentation

  • 1. Professional Networking forManufacturing, Engineering,Production, Business and LeanLeaders...SME Manufacturing inSpokane, WA[formerly: Society of Manufacturing Engineers] Chapter 248Continuing Education, Professional Development and Networkingfor the Inland Northwest Manufacturing Community

2. SME Headquarters: Dearborn, MI20,000 Members, 100's of International and National Chapters, 25Major National Conferences and Trade Shows, 100,000 subscribersto MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING magazine, 70,000 TechnicalPapers on file for download by members. IMPACT = 500,000 3. SME Technical Community Network AMA - Automated Manufacturing & Assembly:dentifies and pursues advancing technologies andtechniques in automation and assembly. FFC -- Forming & Fabricating: Concentrates on keymetalforming and fabricating technologies. ILC -- Industrial Laser: Promotes laser technologyin North America with hitensity by educating themarket and advancing the laser technology base. MMR -- Machining & Material Removal: discusses,explores and advances ideas related to cuttingprocesses and machining systems. MERM -- Manufacturing Education & Research:Advances education and research in manufacturing,career and professional development, and themanufacturing enterprise's need for a skilledworkforce. PCC -- Plastics, Composites & Coatings:Addresses the manufacturing processes of plastics,composites, and finishing and coatings technology. PPDM - Product & Process Design andManagement : discusses, investigates andadvances ideas related to the design andmanagement of products and processes, as well aslean manufacturing concepts. RTAM -- Rapid Technologies & AdditiveManufacturing: Concentrates on the technologiesand processes that help conceive, develop, test,improve and manufacture new products to bring themto market faster and more cost effecti 4. SME Organization and NationalConferences and Expositions About SME SME is an organization forindividuals, students,educators and companiesinvolved in all facets ofmanufacturing. Founded in1932, it is dedicated toadvancing and educating themanufacturing industry. Thisis accomplished through avariety of tactics and outletsincluding events, media,membership, training anddevelopment, and aneducation foundation. SMEfocuses its efforts on severalareas of manufacturing:aerospace and defense,energy, medical andmotorized vehicles. Events Through its events, SME bringsthe best prospects for yourbusiness to you. You dont haveto be a big business to find bigsolutions. An SME event givesattendees from all walks ofmanufacturing an experiencethey never forget and oftenrepeat: revolutionarytechnologies, business-changinginnovations and yournext competitive advantage allon display in a hands-on,flexible, learning environment.Its very 5. IMTS, FabTech, Eastec, Westec,Southtec, AeroDef, Rapid, Big M 6. SME National Event: AERODEF . Its very seldom that you getthis level of expertise in oneplace at one time, AeroDef is agreat source for manufacturingprofessionals who want to seereal-world application oftechnologies that can be used toimprove the efficiency of theirown manufacturing operations Don A, Kinard, PhD SeniorTechnical Fellow, Deputy, F-35Fighter Production System,Lockheed Martin Aeronautics April 20-23, 2015 | HiltonAnatole | Dallas, TX | ExhibitsApril 21-22 EDUCATIONAL TRACKS Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing:compter integrated technologies that design,manufacture, test and simulate together withrapid and additive technologies Composites Manufacturing & AdvancedMaterials: high performance materials andthe manufacturing processes that makethem possible for commercial and militaryaircraft Integrated Assembly & Robotics:advanced techniques for manufacturing andassembly that enable commercialaerospace and defense suppliers to meetstringent cost targets, quality requirementsand time constraints for increasedproduction Precision Machining & Tooling:manufacturing of high tolerance parts usingadvanced materials that feature complexsurfaces, thin walls and challenging partgeometries Contract Manufacturing Services: the fullspectrum of services for supplier partnering. 7. SME National Event: WESTEC WESTEC provides us with greatexposure to the West Coastmanufacturing community. Byexhibiting, we are able to meet alarge gathering of attendees, inone place and at one time, topresent our latest innovations,improvements, and solutions.Attendees have the opportunity tonetwork with our engineers andsales team, see our machines inaction, and have any questionsanswered right on the spot.WESTEC does a terrific job atpromoting creativity andinnovation and spotlights ground-breakingproducts for a widecross-section of industries. --Theresa Napolitano, MarketingManager, ChevalierThe West Coasts definitivemanufacturing event, returns to theLos Angeles Convention CenterSeptember 15 17, 2015. OnlyWESTEC brings you the very latesttechnologies from software, cuttingtools to multi-tasking machines allfrom top international equipmentmanufacturers. Learn from fellowattendees how WESTEC can help yourcompany cut costs, enhance quality,or earn a place on an OEMs preferredsupplier 8. SME Training and Education TRAINING & Development Tooling U-SME deliversversatile learning anddevelopment solutions to themanufacturing workforce.Companies select it toeducate their workforce,increase productivity andproduct quality. Educationinstitutions turn to Tooling U-SMEto augment their learningplans, providing theirinstructors with more time forhands-on instruction.Individuals turn to it to gainnew skills and advance theircareers. SME Education Foundation Since 1998, the SMEEducation Foundation hasinvested more than $8 millionin youth programs, helpingover 60,000 students explorecareer opportunities inscience, technology,engineering and mathematics(STEM) education. Through itspartnerships withcorporations, foundations,organizations and individualdonors, the Foundation alsoprovides scholarships, grantsand awards totaling more than$25 million. More Info 9. SMEs National Reach andMembership Criteria MEDIA SMEs Advanced ManufacturingMedia group is a leading sourcefor news and in-depth technicalinformation about advancedmanufacturing in North America. Itserves an audience of more than100,000 manufacturingprofessionals who subscribe to itstrusted Manufacturing Engineeringmagazine, iTunes App, annualyearbooks, e-newsletters,technical papers and otherproducts. Coverage is focused onmanufacturing for the world's mostcritical industries: aerospace anddefense, motorized vehicles,medical and energy. Membership SME members are successfulbusiness owners andmanufacturing practitioners withexperience across a variety offields and leading manufacturingcompanies and institutions,including Boeing, Caterpillar, FordMotor Co., General Motors, NASA,Northrop Grumman, John Deere,America Makes and many more.Members have access to atremendous network ofmanufacturing innovation frompeers and the connectivity SMEprovides. 10. SME SPOKANE ACTIVITIES: Plant Tours, ContinuingEducation Seminars, Student Presentation Competitions,Networking Opportunities 11. SME Spokane Seminars/Plant Tours

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