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Smarter Content, Smarter People. 2© 2015 IBM Corporation AP manager paying invoices Taxi driver giving a receipt Leasing sales manager mining contracts

Jan 19, 2016



IBM Presentations: Smart Planet Template

Smarter Content, Smarter People

AP managerpaying invoicesTaxi driver giving a receiptLeasing sales managermining contractsMarketing manager postingon-line product videos Salesman submittinga sales orderBranch manager acceptinga mortgage applicationeCommerce product manager updating product photos Government agencyprocessing benefitsTelecom billing managerpreparing customer billsHospital searchingmedical recordsInsurance adjustorprocessing claimsBusiness Content is Everywhere2# 2015 IBM CorporationBusiness content is everywhere.

Its the applications, contracts, claims, correspondence, emails, images and, increasingly, video and social media that define and chronicle the relationship between people and organizations.

Looks at any city or center of business and what is happening behind the surface is the exchange of business content across all industries - whether its posting videos on a website, executing contracts, recording student transcripts, filling out a loan application, processing government benefits, managing medical records, paying invoices, issuing bills and statements or even a cab driver handing over a receipt to a customer.

Business content is the conversation between an organization and its customer. Business content is also the record of transactions between people. And when gathered together and properly understood, business content holds the collected knowledge of an organization.2Enterprises Are Balancing Three Key Imperatives

Protect organization through security and complianceStay competitive through productivityand cost savingsIncrease growth through customer centricity# 2015 IBM CorporationIn our position as worldwide ECM leader, IBM has a unique global perspective on customers and their Business Content. What we hear again and again is that our customers are seeking solutions that help them balance three very important business objectives.

1. Since the early days of ECM, public and private sector organizations have been investing in solutions to help them drive down cost and increase the productivity of their people. This is no less important than it has been for the past two decades and still drives buying decisions.

2. But in the past few years, we have seen a new focus - in all industries - on becoming more customer-centric in an age where customers have become more demanding. Companies are focusing on growing and acquiring new customers and opening new markets. Our customers are asking us to help them use the new transformative technologies like Cloud, Mobile, and Social to remove the obstacles that impact customer experience and to come up new ways to engage.

3. And Finally, Security remains just as important as it has ever been maybe more important than it has ever been. Our customers are asking us to help them stay ahead of increasing regulations, to help them guard against hostile attacks or unplanned leakages, which seem to be happening more, and to protect against fraudulent behavior.

3Business Content MattersIt is essential to enable productivity and customer centricity, and it must be protected

Spar Nord 8 minutes vs 14 daysturnaround for loan applications

Apache Corporationreduced acquisition process from 12 months to 2TIAA-CREFReduced tasks for complaint handling from 30 to 4

Business Process Business Content Lifecycle Engagement

passportemailBloglicensereport cardsinspectionscorrespondencevideomedical recordsrecordingstranscriptsclaimschat logapplicationsinvoicescontractphoto IDchartsestimatescertificatesaudioreceiptsx-rayscase filesurveysstatementstax return# 2015 IBM CorporationData, Cloud and Engagement are Changing the Way Business Content is Managed

80% of organizational data is unstructuredFocus on what mattersMine business content for Hidden Truths

Business Content - Confidential and proprietaryAccess AnywhereEasy to maintainand support

360 degree viewof customerthrough analyticsBuild solutionsthat deliver better business outcomes

DataCloudEngagement# 2015 IBM Corporation

CaptureProtectActivateAnalyzeEngageSmarter Content, Smarter People Put business content to work to realize new value

# 2015 IBM CorporationWhen organizations act on business content, there is a range in their level of proficiency. Some organizations are working to digitize their business content to better access and manage the information that drives their business. Others are finding ways to inject business content into their automated processes to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. Others are focused on a governance strategy with analytics to evaluate the information they have and policies to keep and secure what they need.

IBM ECM has built a modular set of capabilities that we call Business Content Solutions.

By taking a modular approach to these critical capabilities, we offer 5 key entry points for organizations to address their business content needs. You can start at any point. And we have the knowledge, skills, solutions and services to help you move to high levels of proficiency in leveraging business content for success.

Because Smart Content means Smarter People.6

Capture documents at the point of originExtract valuable business data from contentReduce cost of manual document processing

Capture# 2015 IBM Corporation7Paper-Based Loan ProcessTransporting and processing paper adds time and expense

Customersfill out loan application

Loan officer makes a personal copy of loan documentssubmit required documents at the branch

Courier service picks up documents

Average cost is $40 per branch per day

Loan operations Reviewer completes documentationFraud specialist analyzes loanApprover reviews financialsManual data entryExceptions managedAverage loans processed per FTE per day= .2# 2015 IBM CorporationECM-enabled Loan ProcessEliminate transportation and speed processing

Customersfill out loan application

Loan officer scans all documentsLoan operations Encrypted images and data accessible in real time via ECM systemApprover reviews financialsExceptions managed

Automated data entry

Analytics checksfor fraud Average loans processed per FTE per day= 1.2ECMResult: Savings: $10,000 per branch per year600% improvement in loans processed per FTE# 2015 IBM CorporationUnion Bank

With document capture, Union Bank realized a 70 percent return on investment within 18 months.

Albert Pena, Vice President of Bank OperationsUnion Bank, N.A.

Rapid Return on InvestmentImaging and workflow improvements helped save the bank $500,000 annuallyDays to minutesreduction in process speed with virtually 360-degree customer viewMonths to weeksin time saved deploying new workflow-automation applications

#Assess and understand content you haveManage risk by securing dataOptimize content retained to comply with regulations


# 2015 IBM CorporationProtect the organization with data governance

Lower the total cost of information while increasing the value derived from it

Eliminate unnecessary cost and risk by defensibly disposing of unused content and dataAlign cost to value through value-based archiving and tieringReduce information risk by instrumenting privacy, e-discovery and regulatory policy across the data environmentEnable business to realize information value as context erodes and volumes increase with in-place analytics, content management and collaboration

# 2015 IBM Corporation12

Five Phases of Information Governance Maturity

Aware that there may be data issues lurking, but not proactively looking for or managing themDealing with issues from troublesome data sources in ad-hoc/reactive fashion with no real understanding of data value or costGaining stronger understanding of data issues that exist and establishing repeatable, defensible processes to mitigate issuesEnterprise-wide stakeholder agreement on problematic data issues and well-established validated processesStrong understanding of enterprise data composition, confident that issues are being discovered and addressed through fully automated processes# 2015 IBM CorporationApache Corporation

Apache has far greater confidence that the data it sends and keeps is accurate.

Improved Process Efficiencies Find relevant content for land sales and share only whats needed when acquiring or divesting83% accelerationAcquisition process reduced from over 12 months to just 2 monthsReduced riskEliminates errors to reduce legal risk and protects personal information to reduce risk of fines


Apply content across business processesIncrease speed of decision-making with flexible workflowEliminate silos between departmentsActivate

# 2015 IBM CorporationPlace Business Content in Context The best search is no search at all

# 2015 IBM CorporationUnpredictable Processes Demand Flexibility

Flexible workflow enables workers to make decisions based on changing events and to act on those decisions with the Next Best Action

Decision-makers can divide requirements into discrete tasks and run them in the best order and at the best time for positive outcomes# 2015 IBM CorporationCase Management encompasses a 360 view of customer content

A solution platform designed to deliver the right content at the right time to make the right decision

peoplecontentworkflowanalyticscloudmobile# 2015 IBM CorporationSpar Nord Bank

With IBM Case Manager, we can truly treat each customer as a unique business case.. Allan Kaufman, Enterprise ArchitectSpar Nord Bank

8-minute turnaroundfor loan applications that previously took 14 days to pr