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This is where the following activities take place: Bet Placement & Pay outs Deposit & Withdrawal Generation of Reports Account creation This requires individual username and password.

Slipstream functionality

Mar 19, 2017



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  • This is where the following activities take place: Bet Placement & Pay outs Deposit & Withdrawal Generation of Reports Account creation This requires individual username and password.

  • 1. Click the slipstream icon on your desktop

    2. Input your username & password and click Log-in button

  • 3. Upon log-in, Cash Details window will appear

    Cashier will have to perform a count of actual cash in the cash box

  • A message will appear if theres a difference in the actual cash on hand

    Staff can make an

    adjustment or correction

  • Adjustment comment for any discrepancy will serve as an Incident Report that will automatically be sent to the relevant department/person.

  • Upon confirming cash details, user will be directed to the betting homepage

  • In the betting home page you can also search for the specific event for quick viewing

  • At the upper right of the page are the following tabs:

  • This is what we called the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) program. It is the process of a business verifying the identity of clients/customers. This will be used for Account creation with MSW. KYC needs a NFC reader, RFID (chip) and a webcam to conduct this activity.

    You may also search in this tab if the customer has an existing account with Megasportsworld. Multiple account is not permitted.

  • This tab is use for checking ticket status and claiming of winnings.

    Reports tab is use to generate transaction history and other data.

  • Under this tab are the following:

  • Use to remove initial betting details for input of new set of bettors name and age, and to refresh the betting terminal

    Use to reprint the last transaction you made when printer error is encountered

  • Use to input the following transactions: Bank Transfer Interoutlet MSW Others Operator/ Partner Top Up RFID charges

    A receipt will be printed for every above transactions. This includes: reference #; date & time; amount; cashiers name; nature of transaction..

  • Use for turn over of shift. A cash details will appear again, cashier needs to input the actual cash on hand.


    Upon confirming cash details, staff will be directed to Shift Summary Report.

    LOGOUT - to exit the betting terminal. Once Logout, the Shift Summary will be printed together with the Shift Transaction Details. This will be kept for filing.

  • Shift Summary Report

    Make sure to sign the printed receipts and file for records


    You must call your Finance Management / Top Up for cash/fund request


    Click this tab at the Homepage

    This system is called Know-Your-Customer program as over-the-counter activity


    All customers must be registered to Megasportsworld Customer must show two (2) valid IDs to process the


    No registration, No RFID, No Transaction Policy

    Once KYC registered, customer may also place bets in Telebet and Self-Service Betting Terminal/Betpoint

  • Heres what we need

    Near Field Communication, is a short range wireless RFID technology that makes use of interacting electromagnetic radio fields instead of the typical direct radio transmissions used by technologies such as Bluetooth. We will be using ACR122U USB NFC reader from ACS (Card reader provider). This is a plug and play device thus making it convenient to use.


    It requires:

  • #2 RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip. The chip typically is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data or less.

  • #3 Webcam

  • Input customers name and click Search button to check if the customer has an existing account

    Click if to create new account

  • Staff to input customer data on all required fields:

    Click create account when


  • Example of a KYC account creation: Example of a KYC account creation:

    Click create account when


  • A message will appear to confirm if Account was successfully created, click OK

  • An Add a Photo page will appear, Ask the customer that we need to take a picture of him/her.

    Click Take a Photo & capture to save

    Click Confirm

    once done

  • Lastly, issue 1 RFID to customer. Ask him to tap his RFID to our NFC reader.

    Important: Inform the customer that the issued RFID will be his property and extra care should be exercise

    Click Confirm

  • Click Confirm

    NFC is now activated when turns into blue after tapping the RFID

  • This is how a customer account page looks like:

    To check the remaining

    balance from her account

    Deposits & Withdrawals

    Options to place bet

  • This is how a KYC betting page looks like:

    Once clicked, you will be redirected to the customer data


    Make sure to check the name of the customer in Search button under Customers tab, before creating an account as multiple account is strictly prohibited

    RFID will be served as their valid ID. Lost RFID will be charged Php200 while for damaged chips shall be replaced.


    Player must show one (1) valid ID

    Staff must Search the players name to verify the identity by clicking Customers at the homepage

    Staff to click the Tools tab at the homepage and select Other Transactions , click Cash In and drop-down the button and select RFID charge


    All transactions such as deposits, withdrawals and bet placements through Kiosk, SSBT and Telephone can be seen online once she or he logged-in to mobile or in the web

    All MSW transactions can be seen online is called a Single Account

  • If customer has an existing account, edit the information Edit Account and continue to process Edit Photo and Edit NFC

    What to do if a customer has an existing account?

  • What to do if a customer has a multiple account?

  • Staff should ask the customer to select one (1) to be used as multiple account is strictly prohibited.

    Account/s not to be used The staff should send an Incident Report - Others through Portal for the suspension of the account

    What to do if a customer has a multiple account?

  • A confirmation email of KYC registration will be sent to the customers email address



  • Player MUST tap the RFID to NFC card

  • Tap RFID to NFC card

    A customer has an option if to:

  • Other matches will display an orange button with number, just click it and it will display other available bet types on that event Click the bet selection it will display under Bet Slip

  • Player is placing Cash Bet, you have to ask money first before Confirm the bet

  • PAYMENT FIRST. Never confirm and enter any bet unless payment for the same is physically in your hands.

    BE CAREFUL OF ERRORS. All bets placed in

    the system will be considered valid and will be reflected as an actual sales transaction

  • Player is placing Account Bet, bet amount will be deducted on players account. Player must provide his T-pin to process the bet placement

  • After confirming the bet, a message will display as You have successfully placed your bet!

    This is the Bet ticket #

  • Only ONE (1) bar-

    coded ticket for customer will be printed.

    No more signature required from either cashier or customer.

  • 1. Tap the RFID to NFC card reader. Collect the winning ticket from the bettor or staff may advise the customer to check the request balance if s/he wishes to

    2. To check the players account balance, T-pin is required to process the request. The available balance will be printed and must be issued to player. Staff should not look the receipt.

  • Go to the Home Page and click the TICKET tab to check the status of the ticket

  • Scan the barcode or enter the ticket number manually and press Enter

  • If there is a payment amount due, click confirm and PAID OUT receipt will be printed

  • No need for the customer to sign the winning bet ticket as acknowledgement or to stamp Paid as this has already settled in the system

    PAID OUT receipt will be issued to player

    Winning ticket must be kept for filing

  • If ticket is created from a different shop a message will appear as: This still be shown if player will present the winning ticket

    but, can be paid out if you will process as Cash Out /Withdrawal transaction

  • If a player wishes to withdraw funds or cashing out his winnings but unable to process the transaction

    due to insufficient funds

    Ask the player to check the Request Balance

  • Bet Ticket Status Description


    Pending The bet is active and has yet to be settled

    Lose Lose bet / No Payout

    Win Winning bet and not yet claimed in the system

    Void Voided bet (Stake will be returned)

    Open Active

    Closed Settled

  • REMINDERS A customer has an option to place a bet whether she

    or he will use the funds from his/her account or through cash payment

    Outlet staff must issue a bet ticket either Place Cash Bet or Place Account Bet

    Lost bet ticket - is no longer concern as all the winnings will be credited to his/her account



  • Click this tab to check all the transactions history

  • Under MSW tab click the Betting transactions

  • Betting transaction to view all the betting history. The report format and dates are provided for viewing.

  • Reports in Excel format: