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Overview of the HIV Situation in MENA: Challenges and Opportunities Going Viral Against HIV Marrakech 18-20 June 2012
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MENA Regional Report 2011

Overview of the HIV Situation in MENA: Challenges and OpportunitiesGoing Viral Against HIVMarrakech 18-20 June 20121

The Dynamics of HIVMoroccan tea be nanaGlobal summary of the AIDS epidemic 2010 34.0 million [31.6 million35.2 million] 30.1 million [28.4 million31.5 million]16.8 million [15.8 million17.6 million]3.4 million [3.0 million3.8 million]

2.7 million [2.4 million2.9 million]2.3 million [2.1 million2.5 million] 390 000 [340 000450 000]

1.8 million [1.6 million1.9 million]1.5 million [1.4 million1.6 million] 250 000 [220 000290 000]Number of people living with HIVPeople newly infected with HIV in 2010 AIDS deaths in 2010TotalAdultsWomenChildren (