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Aug 29, 2014



Performance Architecture curriculum by Salum International Resources, Inc. - Peak Performance consulting for executives - Brochure

  • Salum International Resources Carlos Salum The Performance Architect Peak Performance involves defining Focus, managing Energy and designing your Breakthrough to achieve exponential results Peak Performance C u rri cu l u m Courses & Workshops Meeting Facilitation Keynote Speaking Teambuilding Events Better Thinking, Better Life
  • The Company Management Consulting company focused on Peak Performance using a process called Performance Architecture We serve companies that utilize executive education as a strategic tool for improving organizational performance We design and deliver learning experiences in the areas of Leadership, Sales and Innovation Founded in 1993. Located in Charlotte, NC, USA We establish project Alliances with Global Consultancies, Executive Coaches and Management Experts to ensure success Better Thinking, Better Life The Services Awareness Strategies Learning and and Motivation and Change Implementation Better Thinking, Better Life - 2
  • The Goal Peak Performance n x x = Exponential Focus Energy Breakthrough Results Peak Performance involves defining Focus, managing Energy and designing your Breakthrough to achieve exponential results (synergy) The Process Performance A rch i t ect u re Performance Architecture is a process for aligning knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits to formulate a customized action plan (a performance blueprint) that helps you go beyond perceived limitations (beyond personal best) and reach specific goals. Performance Architecture is based on training principles used by peak performing athletes and sports teams applied to achieving peak performance in business. Peak performers develop their physical, emotional and mental skills to operate in their Ideal Performance State, which leads to responsiveness, creativity and sustained results. Better Thinking, Better Life - 3
  • The Model Remember that your influence begins with you and ripples outward. So be sure that your influence is both potent and wholesome. How do I know that this works? All growth spreads outward from a fertile and potent nucleus. You are a nucleus. - John Heider, "The Tao of Leadership" The Benefits Peak Performer Become a Define Your Focus I know what I want I have a plan to get it My goals fit into a lifetime strategy I expand my worldview a versatile Manage Your Energy flexible I manage energy, not time I trigger positive emotions creative I overcome challenges I make stress & recovery waves T h i n ker situational Design Your Breakthrough I design the way forward I expand my creative thinking I achieve exponential results I make meaningful contributions Better Thinking, Better Life - 4
  • The Applications Performance Blueprints Leadership Sales Innovation Purpose Sales Acceleration Creative Thinking Mission Consultative Selling Value-facturing Values Client Focus New Concepts Vision Communication Change Strategy Strategy Customer Service Product Design Motivation Responsiveness Service Design Teambuilding Peak Performance Benefits of Investing in Executive Education Location Numbers Study - Source Learning & Development expenditures 2006 US $129.6 B ASTD Learning & Development as % of payroll US 2.33% ASTD Productivity growth of high-learning companies US 27% Accenture Revenue growth of high-learning companies US 40% Accenture Higher net income of high-learning companies US 50% Accenture Why Performance Architecture is Needed Location Numbers Study - Source Employee engagement at work WW 14% Towers Perrin Employees eager to change jobs US 21% Harris Interactive Communication as big influence to change jobs US - UK 30% Golin/Harris Employees coping with burnout US 42% Harris Interactive Job dissatisfaction US 50% The Conference Board Poor management as an obstacle to productivity US 58% SHRM Work-life balance managers dissatisfaction US 70% NFI Research Cost of fatigue US $77 B/yr Natl. Sleep Foundation Cost of fatigue, burnout and lack of engagement US $250-300 B/yr Gallup Better Thinking, Better Life - 5
  • Carlos Salum T h e P e rf orman c e A rc h i t e c t Carlos Salum is the President of Salum International Resources, Inc., a management consulting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Since 1993, he has focused on Performance Architecture applied to executive training and corporate events management. His clients are located in the United States, Europe and Latin America. The list includes Julius Baer Bank, ABN AMRO Private Banking, Heritage Bank, Benfield Group, Manres AG, Information Management Group, KPIT Cummins, Decision Support International, The Neurological Institute, The New York Knicks Organization, Professional Tennis Registry, Swiss Army Leadership Academy and the US Air Force Academy, among others. He has participated in ground-breaking research in peak performance training with some of the world's leading sport scientists, such as Dr. Jim Loehr, Dr. Nick Hall, Dr. Jack Groppel and Pat Etcheberry, a process that involved some of the world's top athletes. Salum contributed to the careers of outstanding tennis players such as Gabriela Sabatini (U.S. Open champion, 1990) and Sergi Bruguera (French Open champion, 1993-94) and the Argentine and Italian Davis Cup Teams, among many others. Salum has organized corporate events featuring world-renowned creative thinking experts like Dr. Edward de Bono, Richard Saul Wurman and Dudley Lynch. He is currently developing a sponsored conference in Europe in association with Promostudio (Italy), which will feature several Nobel Prize Laureates in Economics and top Economics' professors from Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford. Salum is also an international tennis coach, a radio and television journalist, a produced playwright (London, Tampa, and Buenos Aires) and a documentary film producer. A few more words about me: Im a thinker I am a Performance Architect I am fascinated by the future I help people unscramble their dreams so they can script them as if they are the stage play in which they I envision; therefore I expect want to act, the Hollywood movie in which they want to I am able to see the consequences of new approaches, star or the Grand Slam tennis tournament they want to change and ideas in the real world win I seek ways and means to change, isolate, neutralize I see