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R.K.Transonic Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (IS0 9001- 2000 Certified) RKT Anilox Roller Cleaning
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  • 1. R.K.Transonic Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (IS0 9001- 2000 Certified) RKT Anilox Roller Cleaning

2. MODEL NUMBER RKT ANILOX ROLLER CLEANING MACHINE WORKING TANK SIZE 13 X 12 X 12 Inches EFFECTIVE VOLUME 28Liters TANK MATERIAL STAINLESS STEEL GRADE- 316, 2mm Thickness RANK CASTING / OUTER FRAME STAINLESS STEEL THERMOSTAT NON INDICATING (OPTIONAL) HEATERS 1000 WATTS, CARTRIDGE TYPE DIGITAL TIMER NO (OPTIONAL) TRANSDUCERS 50 WATTS EACH DIRECTLY MOUNTED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE TANK, Quantity- 10 Nos. PZT CRYSTALS PZT-4 OF APC, U.S.A. make OUTLET BSP ball valve ULTRASONIC GENERATOR SOLID STATE WITH AUTO -TUNING CIRCUIT AVERAGE POWER OUTPUT 500 WATTS PEAK POWER OUTPUT 1000 WATTS FREQUENCY 30 + / - 3 TOP LID COVER STAINLESS STEEL BASKET STAINLESS STEEL (OPTIONAL) 3. Cleaning Application Ceramic Anilox rolls dont wear out, they carry more ink than a comparable cell count chrome anilox roll and, most importantly, permit the use of doctor blades. Gradually, the superior print quality of the ceramic anilox roll is lost as its cell volume is reduced by the buildup of a microscopic film. The lower effective cell volume results in reduced color density and loss of print quality. Other visible effects of the film are light streaks, wavy lines, low color spots and even the streaks that were previously attributed to gear chattering. Ultrasonic cleaning is now recognized as being the most successful method of removing ink, coatings and adhesives from engraved rollers. However, it is extremely important to select an ultrasonic cleaning system which is specifically designed for ceramic rollers and a system which will clean without damaging the fine screen cell walls 4. Customized Anilox Roller Cleaning Machine Side View Back View 5. More Pictures Front View Top View 6. More Pictures Control Panel Built-in Generator 7. FAQ 1. Can Ultrasonic cleaning damage my anilox rollers? The chances of damage occurs only if the ultrasonic system is not pecifically designed and proven for cleaning anilox rollers. The RKT Anilox roller Cleaner system is specifically designed and proven over the last 10 years for the safe effective cleaning of laser engraved ceramic rollers. With a patented generator design, Sonic Solutions Ltd have over 800 systems world-wide. 2. Do you have to use strong chemicals or solvents in the cleaning system? R.K Transonic Engineers Pvt. Ltd. provides a complete process that will guarantee the performance of your cleaning system. A full range of detergents are available from SKIM to suit all requirements, all of which are biodegradable and only require mixing at 3% by volume with water regardless of your ink and coating type. Although the general purpose detergents are alkaline, because they are mixed in low concentrations the diluted product is relatively low hazard. 8. FAQ 3. How often do you have to change the cleaning solutions? This depends on usage and the amount of contamination removed. On average most printers change the solutions every 2 - 4 weeks. 4. How many rollers can we clean at a time and do we need to remove bearings and gears? As all the R.K Transonic Engineers Pvt. Limited equipments are purpose built, you can have a single roller unit to a multi roller unit. All the systems are based on rotating the anilox such that only a segment of the engraved face is in the liquid at any one time and the journal ends are outside the liquid, hence, in, most cases the bearings and gears do not require removing. All type of rollers can be designed to suit your individual system! 5. Why chose ultrasonics over any other type of cleaning system? Ultrasonic cleaning of engraved rollers and parts has been proven over the last 10 years as being the most successful and cost effective method of cleaning with major benefits such as lower capital costs than other systems. Flexibility in cleaning multi rollers and parts in the same system. Low running costs. No Mess. 9. Contact us (ISO: 9001-2000 Certified) R.K.Transonic Engineers Pvt. Limited B-109, Sector-6, Noida- 201 301 Uttar Pradesh, India Email: Call us: 91-9811252851, 91-9971979732 Website: Blog: