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© Crown copyright Met Office GovDelivery Overview Simon Swan - Web Marketing Manager

Simon Swan Presentation, Met Office

Dec 13, 2014



Presented on 22nd Sept 2010 in Birmingham at
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  • 1. GovDelivery Overview Simon Swan- Web Marketing Manager

2. Overview

  • About the Met Office
  • GovDelivery Overview
  • Objectives
  • Online Marketing Tools
  • Case Study 1 Volcanic Ash
  • Case Study 2 Glastonbury Festival
  • Future Developments

Crown copyrightMet Office 3. About the Met Office

  • Trading fund sponsored by theMinistry of Defence
  • The source of UK weather data since 1854
  • Established weather provider to media since 1922
  • Delivery of specialised services to government and broad range of businesses
  • Global leader in aviation forecasting and climate science
  • Introduced Advertising and Sponsorship June 2009

Crown copyrightMet Office 4. Met Office website content

  • UK weather by region/city/town/postcode
  • Weather warnings and rainfall radar
  • International forecasts
  • Climate Change / Science
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Mountain area forecasts for British Isles

Crown copyrightMet Office 5. GovDelivery Performance Crown copyrightMet Office 6. GovDelivery Performance Crown copyrightMet Office 7. GovDelivery Performance

  • Launched July 2009
  • Subscribers 34082
  • Total Subscription Items 21 Items:
    • Severe Weather Warnings by region
    • Job Vacancies
    • Social Media

Crown copyrightMet Office 8. Overview of Web Objectives

    • To deliver an increase in overall underlying web reach
    • To support our commercial Advertising & Sponsorship programme
    • To deliver overall web reach as defined in customer group milestones for FY 2010/11
    • Combination of Targetedand Generic Reach

Crown copyrightMet Office 9. Advertising &Sponsorship Partners Crown copyrightMet Office 10. Online Marketing Tools

  • Event Calendar
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Weather Widgets
  • Video
  • Email
  • Performance Measured by: Web Analytics

Crown copyrightMet Office 11. Events Calendar Crown copyrightMet Office 12. Events Calendar Crown copyrightMet Office 13. Events Calendar Crown copyrightMet Office 14. Search Engine Optimisation

  • On average, Google delivers 75% of all search engine referral traffic per month
  • Improve the Met Office search ranking & increase search presence
  • Targeted and Generic search campaigns
  • Keyword analysis based on segment
  • Gaps & Opportunities to exploit
  • Competitor Analysis

Crown copyrightMet Office 15. Weather Widgets Crown copyrightMet Office 16. Video Crown copyrightMet Office 17. Generic Reach Case Study Volcanic Ash

  • Campaign: 15 22 April 2010
  • Engineer a pro-active response through Google
  • Systematic way of driving qualified online traffic by exploiting lack of competition
  • Lack of Met Office presence through Google organic listings

Crown copyrightMet Office 18. Iceland Volcano keyword research Crown copyrightMet Office 19. Google Placements Organic: No placement Advert Crown copyrightMet Office 20. Met Office Page 1 Rank 21/04/2010 Met Office ranking Crown copyrightMet Office 21. GovDelivery Sign-ups Increased through SevereWeather Events Crown copyrightMet Office 22. Targeted Reach Case StudyGlastonbury Festival

  • Event Calendar - Destination page
  • SEO
    • - URL
  • - Link building (e-festivals)
  • - Optimise online content
  • Social networking
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Widget

Crown copyrightMet Office 23. Event Page Glastonbury Festival Crown copyrightMet Office 24. Future Opportunities Crown copyrightMet Office

    • Applying our skill set to develop content.
    • Secure web traffic from Generic & Targeted (Events) to identified communities & markets e.g. sailors, walkers, cyclists
    • Engage with Prosumer leisure
    • Continuous engagement with identified communities

25. Questions and answers