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Silver ODC Presentation

Jun 12, 2015




Here you can see the Silver Touch\'s service for "Offshore Development Center"

  • 1.

2. Agenda

  • About Silver Touch
  • Introduction
  • Challenges faced by software companies
  • Silver ODC as a solution
  • Services included
  • Engagement model
  • Value proposition
  • Next step
  • FAQs
  • Q&A

2 3. About Silver touch

  • IT Domain experience of over 17 years
  • Founded and run by technocrats
  • CMMi-3, ISO 27001 and IS 9001:2000
  • 500+ technical staff
  • Internationalpresence with offices in US, UK and Netherlands
  • Technology alliance with Microsoft, IBM, Symantec, RedHat, Sonicwall, VM Ware, Cisco, Oracle etc.
  • 23000 man hours of software development experience

3 4. Introduction

  • Currently all countries are facing economy meltdown
  • Market place is filled with more and more competition
  • Technology is replaced by newer versions rapidly
  • Software companies can survive with innovative software products since service industry is becoming more competitive
  • US and Japan are no more Ace makers in technology innovations

4 5. Challenges faced by Software companies

  • Growing cost of development in economy slowdown
  • Product development life cycle remains same
  • Ever increasing operational cost
  • Daily newer technologies, platforms are introduced
  • Competition is becoming faster and smarter due to outsourcing
  • Increased cost of product support after sales (voice and text)

5 6. Silver ODC is a solution -a dedicatedoffshore development center by Silver Touch

  • 400% cost saving if not outsourcing at all
  • 60% cost saving over existing traditional outsourcing to India
  • No initial capital investment
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure facilities as world class software development lab
  • Flexible engagement models to make our clients most competitive
  • Faster roll out of software products before your enemy enters into market
  • Always ready for new technologies
  • Low cost of ownership and faster ROI
  • Cost effective solution for after sales support of product

6 7. Services included

  • IT Infrastructure setup and management
  • Office premises with world standard office desks and chairs
  • Communication facilities like IPBX, Webcams, Video conferencing etc.
  • Strategic resource planning and management (incl. HR Policies, Retention policies)
  • Project execution as per quality processes
  • SEO/SEM services for software products
  • Marketing support like Mail campaigns, Mail blast from mailing servers
  • Training

7 8. Silver ODC facilities

  • 10 mbps broadband internet connectivity
  • Desktops and servers with latest configurations from IBM/HP/Dell
  • Desks and chairs are of world standards
  • Fully automatic temperature controlled work environment
  • Noise free offices
  • Conference room
  • Private cabins for internal use for clients
  • Cafeteria
  • Video conferencing
  • Print, Scan, Fax machines, complete office supplies
  • Biometric security doors at office premises and server rooms

8 9.

  • Engagement model
  • Build - Operate - Own
  • Build - Operate - Own - Transfer
  • Investment options
  • Solely Owned
  • Joint Venture

9 10. Value proposition

  • Initial Fix Investment
    • One time setup cost of IT Infrastructure(Infra. is owned by client)
    • One time setup, installation cost of internet connectivity
    • One time agreement sign up cost for office premises
  • Operational Cost
    • Payroll processing
    • Utility payments
    • Office rent
    • Administration expenses
    • Data Management and support
    • Employee welfare
    • Recruitment cost etc.
  • Contingency Cost
  • Incidental Services:(Optional)

10 Silver touch charges only 30% margin on Operational Cost. 11. Generally our clients asks

  • What is the preferred size to start ODC in India ?
  • What is the minimum size of space of office premises allotted in Silver ODC ?
  • What is the lead time for Silver ODC to become fully functional ?
  • How much min. investment is required for such a defined size for ODC ?
  • How much is the minimum contract period for Silver ODC ?
  • Who will own all employees of Silver ODC ?
  • Who will own IT Infrastructure at the time of contract termination or completion ?

11 12. Steps to start your ODC

  • Fill up our requirement gatherings sheet for ODC requirement
  • We will understand your requirement in detail and make
  • approach paper
  • Based on final approach paper we will submit detailed
  • proposal for your ODC
  • Your fully functional ODC will be setup and ready for kick off

12 13.

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