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Silicone cohesive gel breast implants

Jun 14, 2015


Health & Medicine

Toronto plastic surgeon destroys cohesive gel implants with a pair of scissors. Watch what happens to silicone implants when they're stabbed or cut. See what an implant looks like after 8 years inside a woman's body.
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2. The gel inside is much thicker and denser; If you puncture it with a pair of scissors you will notice that nothing oozes out; The shape of the implant doesnt change; If you squeeze the implant, the gel that comes out pops back in when you release it. 3. If you make a big gash in the implant with a pair of scissors, nothing oozes out. When you press on the implant, the gel comes out through the huge opening. When you let go, the gel retracts back in. 4. This is a silicone cohesive gel implant with the dense gel inside; If you cut it in two you will see that nothing oozes out of it, its shape is maintained on both sides; When you squeeze it the gel comes out a little bit and goes back in when you let it go. 5. This implant was removed from a patient after 8 years. After such a long period the implant looks the same as the day that it went in. 6. Visit our website for more information 7. Visit our website for more information