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Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation

Jun 02, 2018



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  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Answers for industry.

    Totally Integrated Automation

    Sugar always sweet success

  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Producing sugar used to be easier. But today, in addition to the fluctuations in the quality of the raw material

    which continually have to be compensated for, there are additional challenges: soaring costs for the raw

    material, be it cane, beet or cane sugar, high energy costs, along with growing requirements for more

    consistent quality of the finished product. In addition, there is increased pressure resulting from the global-

    ization of the sector, with demands for levels of efficiency and transparency that were previously unheard

    of. But you just have to take some things as they come and try to make the best of them. That is exactly

    where we can support you. Regardless of the challenges you have to face in the future.

    Our solutions for the sugar industry

    From the natural raw material ...l r w ...

    ur solutions f

    F m t h n a ttu


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    As a long-standing partner for your sector Siemenshas been developing specific solutions for the sugarindustry for well over 50 years we are very familiarwith the processes in your industry. Regardless ofwhether you extract the sweet taste from sugar caneor sugar beet, we can assist you in every aspect ofyour sugar business. With a special understanding ofyour processes, with global expertise and with oneof the most extensive ranges of products, systemsand solutions for every single stage of the process.

    Our range of services for your sector is based on ourdesire to ensure consistent integration of all the so-lutions. With an industry-specific portfolio ranging

    from automation, instrumentation, drive technologyand low-voltage switchgear, to global servicesthroughout the entire life cycle of the plant, wecover every phase and area of sugar production, en-suring that all stages of the process are perfectlycoor dinated.

    Whether you are planning a new plant or wish tomodernize an existing subprocess, our detailedknowledge of your sector and our commitment asan innovation driver mean that we are not only yourone-stop solution provider but also your adviser onall questions relating to sugar production.

    ... to the perfect result


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    High product quality throughcontinuous monitoringThe demands for consistent sugar quality, especiallywith regard to crystal size and color, are equally hightoday among both sugar consumers and end users.Meeting this demand is no easy undertaking: youhave to take the raw material as it grows, whether itis cane or beet.

    Nevertheless, in order to achieve a perfect result atthe end of the manufacturing process, we offer spe-cific solutions for sugar production from the mo-ment the raw materials are delivered to the factoryto the time the finished goods leave the factory.Whether in the optimum crystallization process orthe regulation of the juice preparation based on theraw materials, our integrated solutions provide con-tinuous control and precise handling of all stages ofthe process and ensure constant quality all the wayto the finished product.

    Maximum profit with integrated automationGiven the different process steps in sugar refineries,it is absolutely essential to keep an eye on the entireworkflow, at both process and plant management

    level, if production is to be optimized. Our automa-tion systems based on Totally Integrated Automationsupport this integrated approach, as they allow end-to-end automation of all the process stages fromgoods-in to goods-out. With its end-to-end integra-tion, Totally Integrated Automation plays a big partin keeping production costs down, while at the sametime improving transparency, quality and the avail-ability of your production in the long term.

    Reduced costs due to lower use of energyOne of the major cost factors in sugar production isthe energy required. The best example is starting upand stopping the centrifuges. With intelligent andsustainable solutions for example, the use of thelatest, energy-efficient converter drives savings ofup to 60% can be achieved in comparison with pole-changing drives. With extensive experience in powerdistribution, we can also support you in safeguard-ing and optimizing your supply network.

    Our solutions for the sugar industry

    In all their development work our engineers follow one simple guiding principle: boosting output with

    reduced expenditure and resources. This is based on the clear objective of raising the capacity and

    profitability of your plant as well as production quality. Combined with reducing the use of resources

    such as energy, personnel and materials and the cost of maintenance and repairs at every level.


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation



  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    For successful campaigns:Industry Suite Sugar

    In the Industry Suite Sugar you will find our extensive range of solutions for your sector.

    Specially tailored to the challenges you face, this portfolio of fers you everything you need

    for every aspect of sugar production. From automation and energy concepts to global

    services throughout the entire life of the plant. Our offer is based on Totally Integrated

    Automation and Totally Integrated Power as well as our comprehensive know-how in

    your industry.

    Beet yard Schneidemaschine /Extraktion

    Saftreinigung Evaporation Sugar chamber /Centrifuges


    Juice purif icati on

    Power plant

    Slicing machine /Extraction


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Understanding the technological requirements:Process know-howThe numerous different plant sections in the sugar

    industry can be automated most economically withflexible solutions using the building-block principle.The step-by-step automation has considerable ad-vantages: any production restrictions caused by con-version to automated operation can be reduced andthe plant operators learn from the start how to op-erate a comprehensive process control system likeSIMATIC PCS 7 which grows in line with the level ofautomation thanks to its modular structure. On thebasis of Totally Integrated Automation, all subpro-cesses can be integrated step by step into a homoge-neous overall solution, in which each stage of theprocess meshes perfectly with the next.

    With our industry and process-specific expertise wesupport you in a close partnership on the way toperfectly automated sugar production with cus-tomized solutions that best meet your requirements.

    Optimizing the complete workflow:Totally Integrated AutomationTotally Integrated Automation means that Siemens is

    the only supplier of an integrated range of productsand systems for automation from incoming to outgo-ing goods, from the field level and production controllevel to the interface with the corporate manage-ment level. The result: considerably lower life cyclecosts for the plant, shorter time-to-market and conse-quent improvement of competitive capability.

    Power distribution and management froma single source: Totally Integrated PowerOn the basis of Totally Integrated Power (TIP), weimplement integrated solutions for power distribu-tion across all production units in utility and indus-trial buildings, from the medium-voltage supply tothe power outlet. Equipped with the same communi-cation standards as Totally Integrated Automation,all resources for automation, power distribution,energy management and building automation can be integrated and universal solutions can beimplemented for your industry.

    gar drying process Packaging


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Demand-based and economical energy conceptsAs a leading manufacturer in energy supply anddistribution we can provide the complete power

    supply system from a single source from the infeedto the consumer. In doing so, we actively promotethe development of new energy concepts and of feryou modern power management systems as well asintelligent components for a demand-based, cost-optimized and future-oriented energy supply.

    Complete solutions from a single sourceWhether you are modernizing or starting fromscratch, our complete solutions are perfectly tailored

    to your requirements. When modernizing your plant,we attach great importance to the integration ofyour existing plant into the new automation solution,together with new devices for measurement andopen and closed-loop control solution. In the case ofnew plants, we rely on fieldbuses such as PROFIBUSor the AS-Interface for the transmission of processsignals and for the open and closed-loop control ofthe individual process sections. The advantage foryou: significantly less expenditure on commissioningand maintenance. Fieldbuses and conventionalsingle-wiring can also coexist as your plant is beingmodernized.


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Our automation solutions ensure an optimum work-flow and safeguard your business success with last-ing effect. You benefit from our unique expertise.

    In addition, single-source implementation ensures ahigh level of valuable synergies and learning effects for consistently higher quality and continuouslyoptimized efficiency of resources.

    Practical trainingIn response to the current and future demands inyour sector, we of fer you a host of customized train-ing options to increase your level of expertise. Thisincludes on-site training during commissioning aswell as additional courses in one of our numeroustraining centers or at your plant.

    Global services for the entire life cycleWhether it involves an individual task or a completemaintenance contract, our comprehensive range

    of services covers every project phase of your plant from design, engineering and commissioning tomaintenance and retrofitting. Our solutions facili-tate optimized processes and lower life cycle costs.

    Global sugar communityWe are at your service worldwide with a globalnetwork of experienced sugar experts who worktogether with local support specialists just as closelyacross continents as they do on site. Clearly focus-ing on one target: the maximum possible earningsfor your project.


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Controlled crystallization for crystal-clearadvantages all the wayNAHMAT Pan Control automates the entire crystal-lization process from drawing in the viscous juiceto discharging the massecuite. The system recordsall the required readings such as juice level, viscosity,steam pressure, vacuum in the juice chamber, tem-perature or status of the drive and control units andconverts them into control pulses according to theprogress of crystallization.

    At the same time, NAHMAT Pan Control monitors thenonlinear characteristic of the viscosity measure-ment. The required value for the juice control outputis taken from the boiling graph, which is assigned tothe corresponding product and pan. Since the auto-matic pan boiling system of a crystallization pan can

    The ingredients for maximum productivity:automation and control technology

    If you want to produce sugar with maximum efficiency,

    you must look at the overall picture: the entire process

    chain from the incoming raw materials to the outgo-

    ing goods. Because the more integrated the workflow

    is, the greater your competitive edge. We can offer

    you the appropriate ingredients in the form of Totally

    Integrated Automation and the NAHMAT PCS 7 process

    control system that perfectly combines all stages of

    the process, thereby ensuring productivity along the

    entire line.


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    store several boiling curves, one pan can seamlesslycrystallize different products in succession. WithNAHMAT Pan Control you can either implement asingle automation process or integrate the entirecrystallization process into a higher-level processcontrol system such as NAHMAT PCS 7.

    Perfect process control all through the factoryNAHMAT PCS 7 is suitable for the automation of com-plex plants and process cells. Even in its minimumconfiguration, the process control system can auto-mate a variety of operations, including, for example,10 to 12 crystallization units, an evaporation stationor a juice purification system. Complete automation ofan entire sugar product plant requires that a wide ar-ray of automation and HMI systems all work togethersmoothly. The networking of these systems ensures

    that the data from all readings is available to all busstations. Smaller distributed systems such as NAHMATPan Control or control units for centrifuges, scales,filters and other machines, for example, are connectedto the entire system.

    Our process control system has the option of beingintegrated via an innovative PROFIBUS network orconventionally wired for example in the course of aplant modernization project.


    NAHMAT crystalcontrol boiling graph

    D r a w

    i n

    C o n c e n t r a t e

    G r a i n i n g

    / M i x i n g

    1 s t b o i l i n g

    2 n d b o i l i n


    D i s c h .

    S t e a m

    E m p t y

    DensityLevelStirrer currentVacuum pressureVapor pressure


    Strike endvia stirrercurrent

    Density strike end

  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Power and efficiency at once:drive technology

    Drives keep production running in all sectors of industry. As a leading vendor, we offer a vast range of

    different drive systems. From motors and converters to gearboxes, supplemented by our special range of

    solutions for the sugar industry, ranging from small drives for servomotors and standard drives for pumps

    to special drives for centrifuges.


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Energy-efficient drivesFor maximum energy efficiency, we can help youto select the appropriate drive. Within our completerange of standard drives we offer you a whole va-riety of highly ef ficient motors and frequency con-verters. Especially in the field of flow control, thesedemonstrate their value as an economical alterna-tive to mechanical controllers, thanks to their throt-tle flaps, as they consume up to 50% less energy.

    Ultrafast and powerful centrifugal drivesSiemens has already installed over 1,000 converter-powered AC drives for centrifuges worldwide, in newfacilities as well as for upgrades. The unique sellingpoint: high hourly cycle counts and fill masses thatcan exceed 2,000 kg per batch.

    Whether based on SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES or theSINAMICS series of drives, we offer you a reliablesolution for batch centrifugal drives from a singlesource: from motor and converter, through control-ler and command unit to the software itself.

    All our AC drives are designed and manufactured tothe highest technical standards. The use of activefront end (AFE) minimizes line reactions and opti-mizes plant reliability, especially when it comes tofluctuations in voltage and power outages. To imple-ment the technological parameters, our drives canbe integrated into the higher-level control system

    without difficulty. In addition, a command unit withan operator panel or multipanel facilitates extensiveon-site operation, diagnostics and troubleshootingdirectly at the centrifuge.

    Towering performance from tower drivesThe integration of the extraction tower into theprocess control system with all key values and pa-rameters is now standard procedure in many sugarplants. The tower drive consists of several motors,as many as ten. Steps must be taken to ensure thatthe total torque is evenly distributed among the indi-vidual motors. Siemens offers two different drivesolutions: either with a group converter for all mo-tors or with individual converters for each motor.

    Electrically driven sugar cane millsInstead of steam turbines, electrical drives are beingused in a growing number of sugar cane mills thesedays. They operate at a significantly higher level ofefficiency, can be integrated perfectly into the con-trol concept and, of course, do not require any steamnetwork.

    As a response to the demand for maximum avail-ability with minimum maintenance expenditure,sugar factories are now generally opting for modernconverter drives for their mills. The same applies tothe drives of cutters and shredders in the sugar caneindustry.

    Operator panel with OP 177B touch panelEnergy-efficient motor SINAMICS S150


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Refined control:instrumentation and MIS

    What is the point of the best automation system if you do not have the necessary

    instrumentation? Sensors and actuators are the senses of the system. Our exten-

    sive range of measurement and analysis equipment offers you the right solutions

    for every requirement.


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Precise recording of measured values for acomplete overviewThe quantity of data that are exchanged and pro-cessed on a daily basis in modern factories neverstops growing. Not only do many of the analogvalues have to be recorded quickly and comprehen-sively, but the operator should also be able to checkthe process reliably at all times. To ensure that theright action can be taken if need be, our advancedmeasurement and analysis units provide all availabledata with a hierarchical structure where necessary,with relevant details as well.

    In combination with NAHMAT MIS, our managementinformation system for the sugar industry, all ourautomation packages offer perfectly graded func-tionalities that keep the essential factors in focus:the process and the operator who has to control it.

    Integrated networking via PROFIBUSExchanging information is a decisive success factor,even in process automation. One crucial aspect isthe optimum interaction of all automation com-ponents: from measurement transducers or limitswitches via the analysis system or the converter tothe engineering system on the upper level of theprocess pyramid.

    These days instrumentation engineers in a sugar fac-tory must act faster than ever before: fault analyseshave to be performed within the shortest possibletime, new transducers must be capable of imme-diate calibration in the field. And the maintenancedepartment must be informed of which maintenanceprocedures are to be carried out and when. None ofthis could be done without the universal networkingof all components via PROFIBUS.

    The management information system for thesugar industryWhat the operator panel is for the plant operator,the management information system (MIS) is forthe management of a sugar factory the window tothe process. Laborious manual calculations are nowa thing of the past, because electronic informationsystems such as our tried-and-tested NAHMAT MISprovide information at all times about the overallperformance of your factory. With specific tailoredcalculations and presentations or balance sheetsthat show how much sugar is present in your plantin soluble form, or how much auxiliary material iscurrently being used.

    As an integrated system partner, we offer everythingrequired for a modern management informationsystem: from assembly and service, to spare partsand maintenance, to teleservice and training.

    SITRANS flowmeter NAHMAT MIS


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


    Totally Integrated Automation

    SIMATIC PCS 7SIMATIC PCS 7 offers more than a conventional pro-cess control system: scalable system architecture,powerful engineering tools, extensive additional func-tions such as alarm management, process safety or as-set management and the option for flexible moderni-zation of existing systems. The result: considerablymore efficient plants with greater availability.

    SIMATICThe core of Totally Integrated Automation:the SIMATIC automation system

    SIMOTIONThe fully modular and scalable motion controlsystem for complex motion control tasks

    SINAMICSThe integrated and complete series of drives for allperformance levels, versions and voltage classes

    PROFINETThe open and cross-vendor automation standardbased on Industrial Ethernet

    Component Based AutomationConsistent modularization: coordinated machineand plant items that can be configured and putinto service as autonomous modules and thereforeintegrated into complete plants more easily andcost-effectively

    Safety IntegratedIntegrated safety technology by means of PROFIBUSor AS-Interface directly integrated into the stan-dard automation

    ECOFASTThe integrated and standardized connection tech-nology for communication and energy distributionwith a high degree of protection


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation



    Online supportObtain comprehensive information about our rangeof products at any time via the

    Technical supportWe offer competent advice on technical issues anda wide range of demand-based services concerningevery aspect of our products and systems.

    Technical consultingSupport in planning and designing your project:from detailed analysis of the current situation anddefinition of objectives as well as advice on productsand systems to designing the automation solution.Find out more by sending an e-mail to:

    On-site serviceWe offer a range of services for every aspect of com-missioning and maintenance that safeguard theavailability of your automation plants and systems.

    Optimization and modernizationWe even offer services aimed at raising productivity orcutting costs in the context of optimization and mod-ernization. Find out more by sending an e-mail

    Configuration and software engineeringSupport during development and project engineer-ing with services tailored to your requirements fromthe configuration stage through to implementationof an automation project.

    Repairs and spare partsComprehensive repair and spare parts services offeryou the highest level of reliability.

    Solution PartnerTo meet the growing demands in the area of safetytechnology, Siemens is relying to a greater extenton selected partners. These highly qualified part-ner companies grouped under the heading ofSiemens Solution Partner Automation of feryou professional advice and active support for allrelevant safety aspects of your automation projects.Further information can be found

    Always at your side:Service and Support

    With a comprehensive range of services we can support you quickly, reliably and practically throughout the

    entire life of your plant. Whatever aspect of service is required a competent contact is available to you on

    demand with the minimum of fuss. Anywhere in the world!


  • 8/10/2019 Siemens Sugar Brochure Automation


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