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Siberian tigers By Hank

Siberian tigers

Jan 02, 2016




Siberian tigers. By Hank. Table Of contents. Slide 1 Introduction. Slide 2 What are Siberian tigers? Slide 3What are Siberian tigers? Slide 4 What's Eating You? Slide 5 How are Siberian tigers adapted for their environment? Slide 6 Interesting Facts. Slide 7 Conclusion. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Siberian tigersBy Hank

  • Table Of contentsSlide 1 Introduction.Slide 2 What are Siberian tigers?Slide 3What are Siberian tigers? Slide 4 What's Eating You?Slide 5 How are Siberian tigers adapted for their environment?Slide 6 Interesting Facts.Slide 7 Conclusion.Slide 8 Bibliography.Slide 9 Credits.Slid 10 The end.

  • Introduction

    What is a Siberian tiger?Siberian tigers are very cool and interesting animals. They belong to the mammal family. Siberian tigers are carnivores.They are the biggest cats in the world. Theyre endangered.Are you all those things?

  • What are Siberian tigers?Siberian tigers are very intrusting.Their in the mammals family.They are carnivores.Are you all those things?

  • Where do Siberian tiger live?

    Biome where Siberian tigers are found. Siberian tigers live in so many places! They live in many parts of Asia. One of the places in Asia is China. They also live in India, Siberia, and Korea. The final place is Mongolia.They also live in the forests of Eastern Russia. Could you live in all those places? Can you believe where Siberian tigers live?

  • What's Eating You?

    They mostly eat buff low, and deer.Siberian tigers eat large mammals to.But they also eat other mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds.Do you eat all these things?What eats Siberian tigers?Not many things eat Siberian tigers.Humans eat Siberian tigers.We hunt them for meet and fur.Now killing tigers is illegal but some people still do it.Do you eat them?

  • How are Siberian tigers adapted for their environment?They have noses and ears to help track down there prey.They're fur is to keep them worm.They have teeth and claws for hunting.Do you have all this stuff?The lobster represents claws.

  • Interesting Facts

    Siberian tigers are so interesting.They hunt at night. Mothers teach cubs to hunt. They use their legs claws and teeth to hunt. There the largest cats in the world.Tigers are so strong that they can take down a lion and a bear. It can leap as long as 23 feet. They can run 30miles per hour. The males protect the babies while the female hunts. They are so quit and they blend in so well that you don't even see or hear them until there right next to you. They can eat up to 400 pounds of meat a day.Can you do all these things?

  • Conclusion

    See they are awesome but lets review what we have learned.Siberian tigers eat all different types of things.They live in 5 different places.Siberian tigers only have one predator.So that tells you that there the most awesome animal on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bibliography

    Websites National geographic, National zoo, Animal planet

    Books Project tigers By Susan RingMagazines Kids great cats, National geographic

  • Credits

    Bless press and address by Rylan [twice], Alex, and Tess.Peer editing by Mrs. LaddEssay by Hank

  • The EndThank you for watching and good bye!The end.