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Siberian Tiger

Jun 13, 2015



by Stamatia

  • 1. IntroductionHi, my name is Stamatia and in this powerpoint I will be talking to you about Siberiantigers (also known as the Amur tiger) andhow they were one of the most endangeredspecies in the whole wide world.

2. Siberian Tiger/Amur TigerType: MammalDiet: CarnivoreSize: 10.75 ft (3.3 m)Weight: 660 lbs (300 kg)Protection status: Endangered 3. Location & HabitatSiberian tiger are located in the far east of Russias birch forests,though some live in china and north Korea.Siberian tigers are among the most diverse non-tropical forests inthe world. It became a climatic shelter for numerous speciesnow found nowhere else in Russia, or the world.Orange: Location oftigers 4. Why are they Endangered?In the 1940 s the Siberian tiger was on the brink of extinction.Thanks to various anti-poaching and other protection efforts bythe Russians. The population recovered and had remained stablefor about a decade or so. These tigers are still watched veryclosely and most of them have been tagged with trackingdevices.The population is still stable but still endangered because they afew tigers below. Wealthy people may also hire professionalhunters to skin a tiger for cloths, floor mats etc, in exchangefor a lot of money. 5. Bibliography