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Shell Beaufort and Chukchi Sea Program · PDF file Shell Beaufort and Chukchi Sea Program Briefing Pete Slaiby Shell Alaska Vice President. 2 Historical Drilling Activities. A Familiar

Mar 26, 2020




  • 1

    Shell Beaufort and Chukchi Sea Program Briefing

    Pete Slaiby Shell Alaska Vice President

  • 2

    Historical Drilling Activities

    A Familiar Frontier

    Shell operated in Alaska for 50 years until 1998

    1st royalty Payer to State of Alaska

    Extensive experience and operations in Cook Inlet

  • 3

    Shell’s Alaska OCS Leases

    BP XoMTotal

    Camden Bay

  • 4

    Shell’s 2012 Drilling Plan

    Up to three wells in Chukchi

    Up to two wells in Beaufort

    Two drilling rigs working in parallel

  • Normal Press

    Near Normal Press

    High Press

    Very High Press

  • 6

    Offshore Recovery

    Nearshore Recovery

    Skimming Vessels

    Mini Barges

    Booms, Skimmers, and Pumps

    Onshore Recovery Pre-staged Equipment and Personnel

    Protection Booms

    Landing Craft and Utility Vessels


    Subsea Containment System OSR Vessel (OSRV) Nanuq with Skimming Vessels

    Arctic Tanker

    Vessel of Opportunity

    Booms, Skimmers, and Pumps

    Oil Spill Response Barge (OSRB)

    World Class Oil Spill Response (pre-Macondo)


  • 7

    Primary attachment will be directly to top of blow-out preventer (BOP) stack forming tight pressure seal

    Stack is composed of conventional well control equipment assembled to allow 4 functions:

     Shut well in via blind rams (with redundancy)

     Flow well in controlled fashion to containment system

     Pump kill fluid down wellbore

     Re-enter well for well intervention activities

    Conceptual Design

    Capping & Kill Equipment/ Well Intervention

  • 8

    Capture & Containment System

    Developing Arctic Containment System

    System provides a toolkit to capture oil for multiple potential well control scenarios

    Primary components:

    Subsea – umbilical, well intervention connections, ROV

    Containment vessel

    Processing - separation equipment oil and

    Containment Dome

    Hydraulically powered pump

    Flare Boom

    Multi-Phase Hose

    Support Vessel

    Temp Oil Storage

    Mooring Line



    Pinch Valve Water Outlet


    Oil/Water Separator

    Gas/Liquid Separator

  • 9


    Pt. Lay

    Oil Spill Tanker Tug & Barge Anchor Handler

    Sustainable Oil Spill Response


    Drill Rig

    Arctic Endeavor


    Oil Spill Recovery Barge

    Arctic Tanker


    Noble Discoverer

    Hull 247

    Harvey Spirit

    WCD: Chukchi = 25 bopd response WCD: Beaufort = 16 bopd response


    Containment Barge

  • 10

    Prepared for the Arctic

    Shell alone is responsible for responding to worst- case scenario

    Building Arctic assets for long-term success

    Hull 247 latest in Shell investments in ice-capable vessels  Polar Code 3  360 feet long  70 feet wide  30,000 HP

  • 11

    Baseline Science Supports Exploration In Alaska

    $500 Million and growing (Shell $60M)

     5000 independent scientific studies since1973

     5 years of marine mammal monitoring

     Tagging studies – walrus and seals

     First air quality station in OCS – Beaufort

     Ongoing offshore, nearshore, and onshore ecological characterization studies

     Traditional knowledge studies

     Health impact assessments

    Up to $5 million annual science initiative with North Slope Borough

  • 12

    Materiality: The Size of the Prize

    USGS: Alaska OCS = 25 Billion Barrels of Oil

    ISER/Northern Econ: Alaska OCS = 54,000 Jobs for 50 Years

    $145 Billion in Payroll

    $200 Billion in Federal Treasury

    Estimated 700,000 New Barrels Per Day for TAPS

  • Shell Beaufort and Chukchi Sea Program Briefing A Familiar Frontier Shell’s Alaska OCS Leases Shell’s 2012 Drilling Plan Slide Number 5 World Class Oil Spill Response (pre-Macondo) Capping & Kill Equipment/ Well Intervention Capture & Containment System� Sustainable Oil Spill Response Prepared for the Arctic Baseline Science Supports Exploration In Alaska Materiality: The Size of the Prize Slide Number 13

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