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SharePoint Mobile Improving efficiency of the mobile workforce Anthony Pham Product Support Manager KWizCom

Jan 15, 2016



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SharePoint MobileImproving efficiency of the mobile workforce

Anthony PhamProduct Support


Device ChannelsNative AppBYODWhat are my options?

OfflineHTML53rd-party solution2

KWizCom CorporationFounded in 2005Headquartered in TorontoGlobal vendor of SharePoint Add-Ons5000+ customers worldwideSharePoint 2013 Mobile FeaturesSharePoint Mobile StrategySharePoint Mobile Solution OptionsImproving efficiency of the mobile workforce4Whats new for mobile devices in SharePoint 2013?Optimized mobile browser experienceDevice channelsSharePoint Mobile AppsPush notificationsLocation field typeBusiness intelligence contentOffice Web AppsYammer App

5Optimized mobile browser experienceContemporary viewHTML5 rendered viewClassic viewHTML, SharePoint Server 2010 mobile experienceFull screen UIWeb view

SharePoint Server 2013 offers improvements to the mobile browser experience with the introduction of a new contemporary view. Users have one of the following browsing options:Contemporary viewThis view offers an optimized mobile browser experience to users and renders in HTML5. This view is available to Mobile Internet Explorer version 9.0 or later versions for Windows Phone 7.5, Safari version 4.0 or later versions for iPhone iOS 5.0, and the Android browser for Android 4.0 or later versions.Classic viewThis view renders in HTML format, or similar markup languages (CHTML, WML, and so on), and provides backward compatibility for mobile browsers that cannot render in the new contemporary view. The classic experience in SharePoint 2013 is identical to the mobile browser experience of SharePoint Server 2010.Full screen UI= desktop view of a SharePoint site


Classic view

Full screen UI7Contemporary view

Renders in HTML5Optimized for touchSupported by all major browsersActivate Mobile Browser View

Differences between device resolutions can be problematic


Publishing sites onlyOne site, many designsRequires customizations(Master page, layouts, CSS)Device Channels9

10Mobile Apps for SharePointProsSharePoint Apps developed for specific mobile deviceRuns as fast as the mobile device can supportInteractive user interfaceOffice Online and App storeConsDevelopment Distribution/Approval through App or SharePoint store

11SharePoint Mobile StrategyDefine what mobile users needDecide which mobile devices to supportDecide whether you can build your own SharePoint Mobile solution or buy an existing solutionIf you must build, decide which solution is right for you Security

12What do mobile users need ?

13What do mobile users need ?

14DemoUpdating a follow-up task just after finishing a meeting


Go to my task items161

View my item172

Open edit menu 183

Click on edit194

Fill out required fields205


It took me at least 6 clicks and a couple of posts backs to close a task. There has to be an easier and faster way to accomplish such tasks especially when I am on the road and face all those challenges which I mentioned. Thankfully with a mobile strategy in place there is a way to increase mobile user productivity and efficiency.


At the office I can enjoythe portal experience23

But when I am out of the office..I dont need our entire portal inside my smartphone!24I dont need a long list of all the libraries and lists in my site!

Where is my sales dashboard?? All I see is a long list of lists and libraries..most of them I dont know..I just need a big New Task button


I do Not need a Portal while I am on the road!26

Show meexactly what I need to accomplish my tasks!


This challenge is not new..Information Overload vs.Limited display size Limited timeA non-office environment28Task-Oriented

Easy to Use!Context -Sensitive+


Less is Better!30

Context-Sensitive InterfaceBehave differently according to the current situation (context)31DemoTask-Oriented & Context-Sensitive Mobile UX

What if we had a Close Task action?

Single click!

Remember that demo I showed you earlier where I mentioned there was an easier way to close a task on your mobile device with less actions. All the actions involved in closing that task could be automated by a single click of this button. It will implement a workflow that will automate all those actions. You can achieve this by creating a custom action menu and attaching a Workflow. Customized menus, relevant to their business activityLess fields to update, less page refreshesEasier, user-friendly UX33

KPIsActionsLists34Task-OrientedFocused Interface

Less is Better!The exact Actions that I Need!

35SharePoint list menus are Generic

No matter which item type - you always get the same generic menus(Based only on your permissions)36

Different menus based on situationI also need my mobile interface to be smart. It should behave differently according to the current situation


Why do we see these fields for a new task?38

Why can I edit this task if its not assigned to me?Why can I edit this task if its already completed?Behave differently according to the current situation:Who I amThis is someone else completed task item I edited. Why can I edit this task if its not assigned to me?Why can I edit this task if its already completed?If I am not assigned to this task item, the assigned to and completed field should be disabled to me. As compared to the task owner.(39

This field is disabled and I cannot edit it because I am not the task ownerFocused InterfaceContext-Sensitive

Different MenusDifferent FieldsDifferent PermissionsBehave differently according to the current situation (context)

41Task-OrientedWhat mobile users needContext-Sensitive

Less is Better!The exact Actions that I Need!Different MenusDifferent FieldsDifferent Permissions42Decide which mobile devices to support

Your sales department requires a mobile solution. If all your sales reps only use iPads, for example, then this may have some factor on your decision of whether to build or buy a solution; and if you build, whether you create an app or a mobile SharePoint site. It will be much less expensive to support one platform vs. several in this scenario.

43Build or Buy your SharePoint Mobile Solution


Building your SharePoint Mobile Solution46Mobile Web Mobile App

Responsive Web Design (RWD)Use mobile frameworks49

50Combine SharePoint Device Channels & RWDUsing device channels to target particular devicesDesigns within them are responsive for the different browser widthsAddresses Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy51


A hybrid app is effectively a web app (written in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript), but it runs inside a native device. It leverages the device's browser engine to render the HTML and process the JavaScript locally. It is installed and used like a native app and can access most device APIs.


Anyone here use Netflix?Netflix has created a hybrid mobile solution rather than a traditional app. It receives updates from time to time without having to download and install a new version of the app.54Security

Mobile device management (MDM) software can address security concerns byprotecting your data with a comprehensive set of access control and data protection capabilities.

Key TakeawaysTask-Oriented

Easy to Use!Context -Sensitive+

56Key TakeawaysDefine what mobile users needMeet with your audience. Document use cases and requirements in a HLDDecide which mobile devices to supportIt will be much less expensive to support one platform vs. several Decide whether to buy or build Examine risks and costs of both optionsDecide which build solution is right for you a mobile site, a native app, or a hybrid appSecurityMobile device management (MDM) software can address security concerns

Now that we covered and understand what SharePoint 2013 mobile features can offerDefine your business mobile needs.Meet with your audience and research use cases

Decide which device(s) you must support

Decide whether you can buy an existing SharePoint mobile app or if you'll need to build one

4. If you must build, decide which solution is right for you - a mobile site, a native app, or a hybrid app

57ResourcesSharePoint 2013 Mobile features SharePoint Mobile device management Task Oriented & Content sensitive Mobile interface

Questions?Anthony PhamProduct Support Manager,