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Seo proposal rose_valley

May 15, 2015



  • 1. Online Media Strategy& Reputation ManagementForFromVersion: 1.0 Date:1st May, 2011 Place:Kolkata Client:Rose ValleyDoc Reference No: RV/2011/05/09This proposal is solely for the use of the clients personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted orreproduced for distribution outside the client organisation without prior written approval from eCelticconsulting services private Limited

2. ECelticSEO - Rise Above The RestTable of Contents1. INTRODUCTION 5PROJECT CONTACT DETAILS:5ECELTIC:5ROSE VALLEY:52. WHY ECELTIC? 63. UNDERSTANDING OF CURRENT SITUATION 7BACKGROUND 7TARGET AUDIENCES 7ONLINE PRESENCE7COMPETITOR ANALYSIS8HOTEL & RESORTS8FILM INDUSTRY GLOBAL PRESENCE9UNDER STANDING OF MARKETING STRATEGY124. SUGGESTED SCOPE OF WORK13MAIN DELIVERABLES FROM ECELTIC13ONLINE STRATEGY FOR OTHER GROUP ACTIVITIES13NEW WEBSITES FOR ROSE VALLEY GROUPS 13COMPLETE E-COMMERCE SOLUTION15INSURANCE PORTAL165. PROPOSED MARKETING STRATEGY FOR ROSE VALLEY17SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION 17BENEFITS OF USING SOCIAL MEDIA17HOW SOCIAL MEDIA WILL BE USED FOR ROSE VALLEY 17STEPS ECELTIC WILL FOLLOW FOR IMPLEMENTING ROSE VALLEYS SOCIAL NETWORK PLAN17LISTS OF ACTIVITIES WHICH INCLUDES SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION FOR CLIENT 18REPUTATION MANAGEMENT 18GENERAL MEASURES FOR REPUTATION MANAGEMENT19CONTENT GENERATION & ISSUE AWARENESS19INCREASE RELEVANT VISITORS TRAFFIC & PAGE RANKINGS19DISCUSSION POSITING:19ARTICLE SUBMISSION: 19PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISEMENT & AFFILIATE MARKETING 19STEPS ECELTIC FOLLOW TO IMPROVE YOUR ROI20BENEFITS OF USING ONLINE BANNER AND TEXT ADS: 20AFFILIATE MARKETING SITES 20Proposal for an Online Marketing Strategy | Rose Valley | Confidential | 09.05.2011 |Page 2 of 48 3. ECelticSEO - Rise Above The RestBANNER ADS: 20LEAD GENERATION THROUGH REGISTRATION OR SIGNUP22USABILITY OF POP-UPS ADVERTISEMENT22INSTANT USER FEEDBACK DRIVEN ADVERTISEMENT23HEADER BANNER ADVERTISEMENT INTO TOP TARGETED WEBSITES: 23FREE TRIAL/OFFER24SIDE WIDE BANNER ADS WITH DIFFERENT TYPES FOR ATTRACT VISITORS ONLINE.25CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT26LOCAL LISTING 26SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION27WHY USE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION27SUGGESTED SEO KEYWORDS: 27ACTIVITIES FIRST QUARTER28OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION 28EMAIL MARKETING 28STEPS TO ENSURE THE EMAIL DELIVERY286. WHY ONLINE MARKETING IS TAKING OVER OTHER MEDIA30PRINT MEDIA 30ANANDABAZAR PATRIKA 30SANANDA 30TIMES OF INDIA30TV CHANNELS 30STAR ANANDA 30WHY WEB MARKETING IS BETTER THAN PRINT MEDIA? 31INTERNET USERS STATISTICS31TRACK YOUR ROI AND KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER BETTER 317. ESTIMATED BUDGET AND MILE STONES 338. OUR PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND EXECUTION APPROACH34OPERATIONS PROCESS OVERVIEW 34PROJECT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT 34DETAILED ANALYSIS & PROJECT BENCHMARKING348. COMPANY INFORMATION35PEOPLE35SUBIR MUKHERJEE (DIRECTOR)35SUVENDU JANA (CEO)35NIRMALYA SENGUPTA (CTO) 36PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM 369. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE40Proposal for an Online Marketing Strategy | Rose Valley | Confidential | 09.05.2011 |Page 3 of 48 4. ECelticSEO - Rise Above The RestHOTEL PROJECTS40REPUTATION MANAGEMENT FOR JURYS IN 40REPUTATION MANAGEMENT OF HOTEL TITAN41CLIENT: HILTON GARDEN INN 41REX RESORTS 42TRAVEL PROJECTS 46CLIENT: TERRACURVE46CLIENT: HOTEL PLANNER 46CLIENT : VIRTUAL TOURIST47CLIENT: GREEN LIFE INSURANCE BROKING PRIVATE LIMITED48Proposal for an Online Marketing Strategy | Rose Valley | Confidential | 09.05.2011 |Page 4 of 48 5. ECelticSEO - Rise Above The Rest 1. IntroductioneCeltic are grateful to Mr. Ardhendu Kumar Bose for inviting us to submit our proposal for theproject to provide online marketing support for getting best ROI.The goal of this project is to create more potential customers through our online marketing servicesand generate high revenue along with creating a strong and vibrant brand among the emergingaffluent Indian population.We have proven experience in delivering the best online marketing services that have achieved greatROI for the organisations we have served. We continually strive to be better by Exceeding our customers expectations in level of service provided Always meeting agreed delivery timescales Delivering the most flexible and risk free solutionIn this document we have provided an outline of the various processes involved in the execution ofthe project and a general outline on our costs. This document also elaborates the projectmanagement approach, mutual expectations, and plan of execution.Project Contact Details:eCeltic:Contact Name: Gopal Das, Web Marketing Account ManagerP: +91-33-23576344 M: +91-9038529354 F: +91-33-23576352 E-mail: [email protected] Name: Sudip Deb, Business Development ManagerP: +91-33-23576344 M: +91-97-48622560 F: +91-33-23576352 E-mail: [email protected]mpany Name: eCeltic Consulting Services (P) LimitedAddress: 1st Floor, SDF Building, Saltlake Sec V, Kolkata - 700091, India.Rose Valley:Contact Name: Ardhendu Kumar BoseCompany Name: Rose Valley Group of companiesAddress: Godrej Waterside Tower-1, 2nd Floor, Plot-5, Block-DP, Sector-V, Kolkata-700091P: +91-33-4025-4025/4444, E-mail: [email protected] for an Online Marketing Strategy | Rose Valley | Confidential | 09.05.2011 |Page 5 of 48 6. ECelticSEO - Rise Above The Rest 2. Why eCeltic?eCeltic is one of the leading internet marketing companies in Kolkata. Over the last decade we havedelivered cross platform online marketing campaigns for various industries across the globe.Through our marketing and technical expertise we create strategies for our clients to dominate theonline market place. eCeltic is going to provide an unique value proposition to Rose Valley as givenbelow.A. Local KnowledgeSituated in the heart of West Bengal, eCeltic knows what the locals are talking about and howthey talk about it. We know the local affinity groups, the forums and the online networks theyuse to express themselves. Our team has delivered successful projects for clients for changingpeoples perception about things. We know how to generate opinion through online campaigns.B. Global Online Community ResourcesWe have approximately 12,500 webmasters in direct contact where reciprocal trust has been built up over the yearsWe directly own over 500 good quality web sites through which we can direct a huge number of traffic to a specific site.We have over 25,000 bloggers in our network and we know how to create authoritative sites from scratch through the network.C. Advanced techniquesWe are constantly innovating and trying new web marketing techniques. Being located in Dublinand London and dealing with the international clients helps us understand global trends. We arethe first company in India to successfully start the Hosted Marketing Page (HMP) concept.D. Social Media ExpertiseSocial Media campaigns and viral marketing is one of our core strengths. Creating socialapplications for Facebook and other social networks, integrated campaigns with Twitter,LinkedIn and MySpace are the essence of any successful online strategy. With 1 million+followers in our network of profiles we always deliver on our campaign objectives.Proposal for an Online Marketing Strategy | Rose Valley | Confidential | 09.05.2011 |Page 6 of 48 7. ECelticSEO - Rise Above The Rest 3. Understanding of Current SituationBackgroundRose Valley wants to be the leader in different sectors such as Hotel and Resort, Healthcare,Insurance, Real Estates, Publication, Media, Entertainment and FMCG etc. Their products are spreadthroughout India. Currently the main targeted markets are Hotels, Resorts and Travels sectors:Resorts: Mandarmoni Falakata Lataguri Port BlairHotels Kolkata Durgapur Midnapur Silchar Old Digha TarapithTarget AudiencesRose Valley hotels and resorts are very beautiful and lots of people are taking their holiday leavethere. Foreign visitors are also coming for their holiday and stay there for the quality standard andbeautiful hotels and resorts. There are a growing number of corporate offices organising theirbusiness meetings also. The main target audience is tourists and corporations second. Most aredomestic visitors but also some foreign guests too.Online PresenceThe main group websites are main problem with these sites is that theyre not very visible to the target audience on searchengines namely Google, Bing and Yahoo. These are potential customers actively seeking out hotelssuch as Rose Valley but because these sites are not optimised, they are not a consideration for thesearcher. In most cases, search with related keywords like Mandarmani Resort and it will showthe competitor sites on the top of the search results. Secondly, there are also certain non-desirableProposal for an Online Marketing Strategy | Rose Valley | Confidential | 09.05.2011 |Page 7 of 48 8. ECelticSEO - Rise Above The Restresults appearing when searching for Rose Valley that may give a bad impression to the onlinevisitor.Competitor AnalysisHotel & ResortsIf we will search in Google Resort at Mandarmani , you will not find our any presence of website While its competitor having presence in both organic and paidGoogle listing as given below .We have also search for Hotel in Digha , but didnt find any presence of Rosevalley website there.Proposal for an Online Marketing Strategy | Rose Valley | Confidential | 09.05.2011 |Page 8 of 48 9. ECelticSEO - Rise Above The RestFilm Industry Global PresenceGoogle Visitor Log According to Bengali Film industry.Proposal for an Online Marketing Strategy | Rose Valley | Confidential | 09.05.2011 |Page 9 of 48 10. ECelticSEO - Rise Above The RestRegional Interest of Bengali Film Industry & Its Business region:-On the above Regional map you can see the visitor popularity in India.Proposal for an Online Marketing Strategy | Rose Valley | Confidential | 09.05.2011 |Page 10 of 48 11. ECelticSEO - Rise Abov

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