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SELF PUBLISHING ©2018 Jericho Writers How to self- publish A whirlwind tour

SELF PUBLISHING How to self- publish - Writers...Learn how to self-publish. Then self-publish, y ©2018 Jericho Writers Cheesy selling bit Q&A follows ©2018 Jericho Writers Let’s

Jun 22, 2020



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    ©2018 Jericho Writers

    How to self-publishA whirlwind tour

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    What we’re going to talk about

    Who am I? What’s Jericho Writers? The indie publishing model

    How not to self-publish a book And a little bit of magic

    The mindset you needCase study

    How to make $30,000 without really trying

    Basics Seven vital things

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    And here’s our no BS promise

    Most webinars are alltease & sell

    We’re going to deliver as much heavy-duty value as we can

    We do have something to offer at the end,but you’re welcome to switch off if you want

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Don’t take notes!

    We’ll send you the replay

    We’ll give you the slides

    Brains open. Burners on. Let’s go …

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    So let’s get started

    Who am I?

    What is Jericho Writers?

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    But I made more money when Iself-published.

    4x more. And it was easy

    Major book deals with

    global publishers in

    UK, US, Japan, China,

    Ger, France, Italy, Spain

    Plus: Series under option in Hollywood.

    Brilliant reader relationships.

    I’m Harry Bingham, and I’m a writerholic

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    All experience levels.

    All kinds of routes

    to success

    All genres

    All nationalities

    All ages

    We know we can

    help writers like you

    (We’ve done it before)

    Jericho Writers helps 100s of writers get published or professionally self-published

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    How not to self-publish

    An idiot’s guide

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    It’s easy to self-publish … badly

    The neversell mindset

    “I like writing books.I didn’t get anywhere with trad publishing,

    so I’ll just put the book out thereand see what happens.”

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    You already know what’s going to happen


    No sales. No reviews. No readers

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers


    No brand

    No readership

    No marketing

    … No hope

    World’s best authors

    Massive brands

    Huge readership

    Vast marketing

    Keen pricing

    And it’s kind of obvious why

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    The successfulindie mindset

    Right mindset

    + disciplined work

    + adequate writing skill

    = Success

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    The mindset

    I am going to be systematic

    I’m going to use a marketing system that I know works

    I’m going to apply it with care

    Yes, I may want to experiment …

    but only once I’ve got the basics straight

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    The mindset

    I am going to care about quality

    Bad books won’t sell

    Mediocre books are painfully hard to promote

    Good books make your marketing task much easier

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    The mindset

    I am going to be prolific

    Lots of indie authors think they need to publish 20 booksbefore they can make a living

    That’s wrong. You can do it with far fewer.

    But 1-2 books? You’ve only just started…

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    The mindset

    I am going to sell ebooks on

    Yes: you can and will sell print

    Yes: you can and will sell audio

    Yes: you can and will sell in other territories

    Yes: you can and may sell on other stores

    But is where you’ll earn your $$$. So focus.

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    The mindset, summarised

    I know that hit and hope will never work

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers


    What you need to start

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    You need

    A KDP account – use your AMZ login(

    A book

    A cover

    A computer

    That’s it

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Most of the things you worry about are incredibly easy

    How do I get my book onto Amazon anyway?You use your KDP dashboard

    How do I turn my Word doc into an ebook file?You use your KDP dashboard

    What metadata do I need & how do I input it?You use your KDP dashboard

    How do I get print books as well as ebooks?You use your KDP dashboard

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    So actually …

    I don’t really need to talk about basics at all

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    The indiepublishing model

    The heart of everything

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Step 1

    Launch your #1 ebook

    First book? You’re going to need help launching. You’ll use:

    Book promo sites (like Robin Reads, ENT, FreeBooksy, …)

    Co-promotions with other authors (Prolific Reads)

    Facebook groups, but don’t be spammy

    Amazon advertising, but it probably won’t be profitable yet

    And low prices!

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Step 2

    Your #1 ebook says:“Hey, do you want a free story?”

    One you create – a mini ebook, in effect.

    Same world, same characters, same everything

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Step 3

    Your readers love your stuff,so they download the freebie

    (“reader magnet”)

    They get a great short(ish) story

    You get an email address

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Step 4

    You launch book #2

    This time, you write to your mailing list:

    “Hey, my new book is out. Go buy it.”

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Step 5

    They buy it!

    You make some lovely sales

    And you haven’t spent a penny

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Step 6

    (a) Write another book

    (b) Launch another book

    (c) Repeat & repeat


  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    ~~ Intermission ~~

    I want to aska little question…

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    What do we think so far?

    Um. Is that all?

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    A little bit of magic

    Why the basic model isbetter than you think

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Here’s why email marketing looks crap

    Here’s a scenarioYou sell 6,000 ebooks of Book X

    You collect 1,000 email addresses

    Those emails let you sell 300 books when you launch X+1

    That would be a really good outcome …But you still have to find an additional 5,700 sales even to match Book X

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    There’s got to be more to it, right?

    Here’s a scenarioYou sell 6,000 ebooks of Book X

    You collect 1,000 email addresses

    Those emails let you sell 300 books when you launch X+1

    This story misses the most important element

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Here’s what really happens

    1. You send your emailLet’s say you have 1000 names on your list

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Then this happens …

    2. People buy your bookLet’s say you get a 30% conversion rate

    That give you 300 people who are buying your book

    They’ll do that in a very short time frame –let’s say 24 hours

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    You’ve just sold 300 books in 24 hours

    Amazon’s bestseller list is very, very short-term

    So you’ve just climbed toposition 500 or so

    on the overall bestseller chart

    Then the magic happens

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    And what does that mean?

    Position #500 means you are quite likely to be #1 on your category bestseller list

    Or top #10 / top #20 in even crowded niches

    And you’ll feature in “Hot New Release” selections

    You might feature in marketing emails, etc

    That delivers a HUGE amount of visibilityAND your book is getting in front of the exact right group of readers

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Visibility means sales

    Email ➔ sales to readers ➔ visibility➔ sales to brand new readers

    So an email list delivers sales way in excess of the total size of the list.

    It’s magic … but it’s real

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Case study

    Bet you’d like somecold hard numbers …

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    In summer 2015, I launched a bookI also had 4 kids under the age of two



  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    My genius marketing strategy (in full)

    Send 1 email

    Um. That’s it.

    That summer I was a teeny-tiny bit busy

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    My list at launch: 330 emails

    1st month sales: 2,200 e-books

    1st year sales: 5,000+

    Other series titles:

    List size 12 months later: 1,700

    Self-pub income from 1 email: $30,000

    Other marketing? Nil – I was changing nappies

    Thing is though, things worked out OK

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Main lesson to take away

    Email capture is critical

    Really, success in self-pub comes down to this:

    (A) Write a good book

    (B) Build a list of engaged readers

    (C) Return to A & go again

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    There’s a lot of additional stuff you can do

    Price promos

    Promo sites

    Co-promotion with other authors

    Social media (non-idiot sort)

    Box sets & other product extensions

    Amazon ads, Bookbub ads, Facebook ads

    But these are add-ons

    Email marketing will lie right at the heart of your whole machine

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    7 Quick Wins

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Win the FirstGet the cover right

    Don’t skimp!

    Get the right cover

    Pro designer: $300+

    Pre-made cover: $50+

    There are 10s of 100s of pro designs available for sale. If in doubt, buy one.

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Win the SecondGet your text right

    Don’t skimp!

    Perfect your text

    MS assessment: $750+Proofreading: save money!

    Your first self-pub title is themost important. Get it right

    Blatant plug

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Win the ThirdBuild your website for the long term

    Don’t skimp on your website

    Right platform: WordPress

    Right theme: Parallax for Writers( / $399)

    Right domain: taken? Then

    Your website is a key, key tool. Get it right from the start.

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Win the FourthWrite in series

    Writing in series will make you loads more money than

    writing standalones.

    Romance authors can do it,so you can too

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Win the FifthMake your work exclusive to Amazon




    Wide Indies






    Kindle Select

    Kindle Unlimited Full-Read

    Amazon Retail Sales

    ‘Narrow’ indies get a full half of their income via KU‘Wide’ indies get a much smaller boost from other retailers

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Win the SixthDon’t put your book on pre-order

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

    Reviews starting to populate. Book available. Conversions will be good –but you’ve lost your traffic!

    Traffic will spike when you email readers about the book, then fall away

    Pre-order period Post-publication sales

    No reviews? Can’t read the book? Conversions will stink.

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Win the SeventhDon’t be a dummy

    Learn how to self-publish.

    Then self-publish

    You can try doing it the wrong way round,but you’ll mess up badly

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Cheesy selling bit

    Q&A follows

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Let’s review what we’ve learned

    We’ve learned the basic model(email marketing)

    We’ve learned a few tricks(Pre-made covers, pre-orders, write in series, Amazon exclusivity, etc)

    But no way do we know enoughto self-publish professionally

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    There’s so much more to know

    For example:What’s the best way to lay out your ebook?

    How do you set up your website to maximise conversions?

    How do you use your mailing list between launches?

    What’s the best way to run a price promo?

    What’s the fastest, best way to get reviews post-launch?

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Unsurprisingly, there are some great courses available

    Chandler Bolt, SP School - $6,997

    Steve Scott, Authority - $597

    Nick Stephenson, SP Formula - $597

    Mark Dawson, 1.01 - $497

    Any of these courses will radically improve your self publishing

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    We have a great course too

    It’s called Self-Publishing Success

    It’s great

    It covers everything

    And we recommend you don’t buy it

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Because the thing about us is

    We love writers

    So we want to give you more.

    For less.

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    In fact, we give away our Self-Publishing course FREE to members

    We cover every topic you needText preparation Editing & Copyediting Formatting Print books Ebook layouts Book covers Uploading Categories & keywords Titles, subtitles, series titles Book descriptions Pricing Reviews Launch teams Reader magnets Landing page construction Reader magnet distributionMailing list basics Co-promotions Book promo sites Price promos Social media Amazon ads Bookbub ads Facebook adsMailing list advanced And more

    Membership = £195, or approx. $259

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    But the thing is …

    We love writers

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    So members of Jericho Writers don’t just get our Self Publishing course for free

    They get everything

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Our members also get – for FREE

    A complete course on how to write17 videos

    Lavishly documented

    Intensely actionable

    Amazing user feedback

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Our members also get – for FREE

    A course on Getting Published

    Full access to AgentMatch

    Member-only webinars

    Tons of masterclasses

    Cinema films

    And much more

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Jericho Writers

    Self-publishing Success +

    How To Write + Getting

    Published + webinars +

    AgentMatch + more

    £195 / $259

    Chandler Bolt - $6,997

    Steve Scott - $597

    Nick Stephenson - $597

    Mark Dawson - $497

    Prices for self-pub courses only

    So my recommendation?

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    My recommendation is …

    Don’t take out membership of Jericho Writers

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    Wait till November 29th …

    And we’ll give you Jericho Writers membership

    at 33% off the normal price

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    You don’t need to do anything to register

    Just check your emails around Black FridayWe’ll tell you exactly what to do

    33% off – membership just £130 / $175

  • ©2018 Jericho Writers

    That’s it from me