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'Self-Publish to Success' - notes from a talk

Jul 14, 2015



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  • World War Two In An Hour

  • Rupert Colley

  • Elements of a Bestseller- Amanda Hocking1. Popular genre2. Good covers3. Good price4. Good writing5. Reviews from Book Bloggers6. Accessible as a writer7. Editing

  • What makes a good novel?- Carole BlakeA central character for readers to identify with.A totally believable central character. An enticing setting.Characters that grow and develop as the novel develops.Good pacing.

  • Sufficient number of set-piece scenes as dramatic highlights.Plot strands not too complicated.Are the stakes high enough? Otherwise the reader may not care.Is there a big dramatic question at the heart of the book?An ending that satisfies the expectation youve build up within your reader.

  • What makes good non-fiction?Credibility Why you are the best person to write this book?UniquenessNecessaryWell researchedAuthoritative

  • Elements of a good bookEditingTitleCoverFormattingBook description

  • Book DescriptionJane Smith a successful advertising executive (at a leading New York agency) feel happy with her home, her cats, her loving partner, Bill, her cats, shopping wuith her best friend and not forgetting more cats. Jane witness an attack, throwing her life into confusion Is she really being followed, stallked and threatened or is he in too deep?

  • Book Description, 2Power Wordsdevastating, deadly, vulnerable, reckoning, peril, spectacular.TaglinesKeywordsWrite as a publisher not as an author

  • Book Description, 3GenreThird person / present tenseCan use HTML bold, italics, colour, etc.Include quotes from reviews, endorsements.

  • This Time TomorrowTwo brothers. One woman. A nation at war. A compelling story of war, brotherly love, passion and betrayal during World War One. Vast in scope and intimate in the portrayal of three lives swept along by circumstances, 'This Time Tomorrow' moves from the drawing rooms of Edwardian London to the trenches of the Western Front and to the uncertainty of post-war Britain. When Guy Searight volunteers to fight with the British army in the early days of World War One, he leaves behind his girlfriend, Mary. While away fighting, Guys younger brother, Jack, seizes an opportunity to woo Mary for himself.

  • TTT, contd.Forthright and self assured, Guy has always looked out for his confident but frail brother and blithely promises his fretting mother that hell look out for him when Jacks turn comes to join up. But embittered by Jacks betrayal, Guy vows that when Jack has to face the horrors of war for himself, he wont be there to look after him. When the brothers are reunited in the trenches of the Western Front, their thoughts are both with Mary. As Jack buckles under the strain of war, can Guy sustain his anger and allow his brother to suffer alone?

  • TTT, contd.A shocking event, catastrophic in its intensity and barbaric in its conclusion, forces Guy to re-evaluate his relationship with his brother, with Mary and ultimately himself. 'This Time Tomorrow' is a tale of love, loss and longing. "Not to be missed ... masterful," Sinead Fitzgibbon, author. Rupert Colley is the founder, editor and writer of the highly successful History In An Hour series of ebooks, published by HarperCollins.

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  • Back MatterA former librarian, I am the founder of History In An Hour, a series of non-fiction history titles that The History In An Hour blog is updated frequently with new articles covering all periods of history. Do take a look.I hope you enjoyed The Torn Flag, my fourth novel.My first novel, My Brother the Enemy, is a shorter companion to this novel also set during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. My Brother the Enemy is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK and elsewhere.EtcIf you would like to receive a very occasional update concerning new titles and updates, please join my email list here.

  • Back Matter, contd.Do feel free to email me: Thank you for purchasing this novel and taking the time to read it. With kindest regards, Rupert.http://www.historyinanhour.com

  • Back Matter PSPS When you turn to the next page, Kindle will give you the opportunity to rate The Torn Flag and share your thoughts on FaceBook and Twitter. If you enjoyed the novel, please take a few moments to let your friends know about it. PPS Better still, if you should feel so moved, please leave a review on Amazon. Word-of-mouth is crucial for any author to succeed and a review would really help.Thank you so much,Rupert.

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