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Seaford Delaware. I live my mom who’s name is Kay, mommom who’s name is Debbie, my two sisters who’s name is Jasmine and Kerria, my brother who’s name

Jan 01, 2016



Aliyah Carmean

Aliyah Carmean Seaford Delaware 1Who do you live with?I live my mom whos name is Kay , mommom whos name is Debbie , my two sisters whos name is Jasmine and Kerria , my brother whos name is Anthony who we call little sometimes , my poppop whos name is Sherwood , my dog whos name is sassy.

2What makes your family different from other families?Are family is different from other familys because we eat different kinds of food then others familys and we got more people in my What language do you speak at home?We speak English in are family.

What is your favorite food?My favorite food is mac & cheese, pizza, backed chicken.

What are your three favorite things to do when you have extra time?I like to play outside with my friends and go on the computer at home and I like to walk around a lot.

What is your favorite subject?My favorite subject is math , S.S, ELA and Science.

How often do you go on family vacations?When me and my family go on vacations it is doing summer when we are on summer vacation.

When is your birthday?My birthday is on June 23 1997.

What is your favorite holiday?My favorite holiday is Halloween and Christmas.

MovementThe way are family spread are culture is a computer , cell phones ,and home phones.

Wha is something that makes you different from other people?What make makes me different from other people is that I eat different food then people like apple pie.

What type of family do you have?The type of family that I live with is a nice and kind family but my mom and poppop and mommom can be kind of men if you dont listen to them if they tell you something.

Where do you live?I live in Seaford Delaware