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Joshua Schenker

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Table of Contents Whetstone Recreation CenterSenior Center Patio

Whetstone Senior Center Patio

Spring ‘09

Spring ‘10

Summer ‘10

Winter ‘11

Summer ‘10

Fall ‘08

Fall ‘10

West Broad Street Casino Master Plan

Beechcroft Park Northeast Columbus, OH

Columbus Commons Central Green Space

Rust Belt Mood

Construction Details Examples

Weinland Park Alley Way Systems







10To Parking Lot

Play Ground

Raised Planter Bed

Memorial Walk

Picnic Table Bench

Planter Bed


TrellisSeating Wall

Community Room



The Whetstone Patio project was the fi rst project I was assigned as an Intern at Recreation and Parks. I designed, estimated, and managed the construction of the patio and it will be completed by early May 2011.

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Weinland Park

N. 4

th S







Front Yard House P. Space Flex Static

Community SpaceOpen Greenspace mixed with Remediation GardensProvides active spaces increasing safety of surrounding area

Granny FlatIncome Property that pays out after ~ 10 yearsPayout dependent on 80k property aprasial and mortgage

Amenity SpaceActivity space/backyard expansionIf part used for urban agriculture (personal), price offset

Rentable Urban AgricultureCharge > 10% of per acre yeild of X cropOR Tax write off for home owner

Alley Way Systems

My Weinland Park project was about making a system that worked for a transitional community made up of 90% renters and incorporated the theme of urban agriculture. The areas of land are then broken down into uses and the profi ts possible to the land owner or renter.

15 year fixed rate

Granny Flats


400 sq. ft Stand Alone One Bedroom

$375.00 payment

As long as rent > $375 cost offset entirelywith profits beginning after the 15th year.

$40,000 at

Current Fed. Rate3/7/2011


1 Acre = 43,560 sq. ft

Avg. Flex Space1232 sq. ft


Expense Investment - 15 year net profits

Moral Investment - Enriching Community

Immediate Payout - 10% of Net Profit

Implementing the system into the alley ways was considered during the entire process. Pricing, average lot size, and safety concerns were all problems I sought to solve throughout the project.

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West Broad StreetCasino Master Plan

The West Broad Casino Project was a full quarter in length and consisted of four phases. The last phase involved concepts such as an underground parking lot that’s used as a sled hill and a live work play atmosphere that incorporated mixed use zoning and a large central green space.

This was the second project assigned to me at Recreation and Parks. I designed, requisitioned, and managed the construction of the park. The community was very involved with this project and showed me how to design something desirable and stay on a small budget.

Beechcroft ParkNortheast Columbus, Ohio

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Surrounding the park area was mixed use, retail, and residential buildings. With this in mind, I created a space that could be used for corporate gatherings, event space for local retail, and a local park for residents.

The Columbus Commons project was about exploring bold ideas with a corporate sponsor, mine being Limited Brands. Multiple time based systems dictated usable space, whether it be bollards to close a road or water features that opened up reading spaces.

Columbus CommonsCentral Green Space

Early Concept Plan

Finalized Sketch Plan

Pipe System Perspective

Final Topography Model

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Rust Belt Mood

Garden for a Song was a project based on the translation of music into physical space. Billy Joel’s Allen Town was my song of choice and with this song, I believe I interpreted the feeling and atmosphere of the steel mill shut down into a purposeful physical space.

COR TEN Steel Kick PlateCOR TEN Fastening Bolt

SonoTube Concrete FootingJ Bolt Fastener TYP.W6 x 10 I BeamL Bracket and Galvanized Screw (3

8") TYP.Galvanized Decking Screw (3

8") TYP.Clay Based Soil LinerCompacted SubgradeSubgradeTreated Wood Joist 2 x 6 Typ.Treated Wood Decking 2 x 4 Typ.



~ 2% Slope

SWM Canal With Boardwalk1 Scale NTS

Base and Drainage Aggregate

Risers to Allow For Air Circulation

Concrete Pad (Maximum 2% Slope)Treated Wood Decking

Retaining Wall and Stair (1')

Compacted Subgrade

Drainage Pipe 2" Diameter

COR TEN Steel Hand Rail (4" Diameter)



Amphetheater Steps Intersection with Boardwalk2 Scale NTS


Treated Wooden Rail Cap 1" Thickness Typ.


Framing Plan for Boardwalk7 Scale NTS

Treated Decking 2 x 4 Typ.Sonotub Concrete Footing

Treated Wood Joists 2 x 6 Typ. (16" O.C.)

W6 x 10 I Beam

The construction details on this page are from a project that incorporated wood decking which was built on top of a sloped surface that collected storm water. The storm water was then cleaned with reeds and then discharged into a retention basin.

Garden for a SongConstruction Details

Examples (CAD)