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Sep 13, 2014



Get rid of gasoline price worries...Save up to 50% with SPEED PLUS Mileage Enhancer.

  • Manufacturer and Distributor of SPEED PLUS mileage enhancer " The Fuel Savers For All Type of Vehicles "

    1380 Madrid Street, Tundo, Manila, [email protected] / [email protected]

  • How does it work?

  • ANSWER:SPEED PLUS is a catalyst converter that is activated chemically during fuel and air intake combining the elements of the air to produce maximum power in combustion. It contains a catalyst that reduces the formation of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and changes the left-over unused carbons into combustible gases which result to added power to vehicles and also giving additional mileage while reducing carbon emissions.

  • What is a Catalyst?


    Something that causes a chemical reaction without changing its own composition.

  • What does the catalyst do?


    It lowers the "activation energy" of the pre-combustion process allowing for transformation of the components of the fuel to form a more energetic mixture. This results in an increased fuel economy, a more efficient combustion and a decrease in harmful emissions.

  • WillSPEED PLUS damage the engine?

  • ANSWER:No.SPEED PLUSis installed outside the main internal combustion engine. It does not interfere directly with the functioning of the engine. It is designed to be safe and effective with a 2-stage filtration process to ensure that foreign particles do not get into the engine via the device. It is a specifically formulated retrofitting device that is engineered to help the fuel burn more completely resulting in a smoother running and clean engine. The air taken in bySPEED PLUSdoes not cause the air-fuel mixture to become too lean to cause any overheating of the valves.

  • How much savings in fuel costs can be expected?


    One can expect a minimum savings of 10%. Tests have shown that a fuel savings of up to 40% can be achieved. An average of 10-40% was usually observed depending on driving conditions and habits.

  • What else can be expected besides savings on fuel?

  • ANSWER:One can feel an almost immediate improvement in throttle response. Better and smoother acceleration would be normal. A drastically reduced emission would be obvious and expected.

  • How does SPEED PLUS differ from other existing anti-pollution and gas saving devices?

  • ANSWER:SPEED PLUSis a mechanical device and does not require any chemical additive to function. It is made from high grade materials and requires only minimum maintenance.

  • Is there a warranty on the product?

  • Yes, theres a one (1) year product warranty.

  • How long canSPEED PLUS last?


    SPEED PLUSis designed to be long lasting. It has a durable stainless steel and effective minimum life of 5 years and maximum of 10 years.

  • Is there any maintenance involved?

  • ANSWER:SPEED PLUSis designed to be hassle free. You only need to have the external filtration element cleaned every 5000 km. There is no need for an adjustment or tuning.

  • Is SPEED PLUS suitable for all engines?

  • ANSWER:It can be installed in any engines (gas or diesel) so long as there is a way to tap into the intake manifold. Used on all types of engines even fuel injected. Also used in old and new cars, jeeps, trucks, motorcycle, boats or even static engines

  • How long does it take to recover the investment?

  • ANSWER:Return on investment is typically less than 6 months. It depends on how much driving one does and on fuel savings percentage. Other benefits such as prolonged life of spark plugs, engine oil and the engine itself make the investment even more worthwhile.

  • How does it differ from a catalytic converter since it is also an anti-pollution device?

  • ANSWER:A catalytic converter is a post-combustion device that reduces pollutants by chemically treating the exhaust gases.SPEED PLUSis a pre-combustion device that promotes better combustion to minimize unburned fuel in the exhaust gases by ensuring that the air-fuel ratio is within the proper range prior to combustion.

  • What causes black smoke and exhaust pollution?

  • ANSWER:Unburned fuel being blown out the exhaust. Carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and aldehydes are generated in the exhaust as the result of incomplete combustion of fuel.

  • How doesSPEED PLUSreduce pollution?

  • ANSWER:Since smoke is unburned fuel,SPEED PLUSwill condition the fuel to burn more completely.

  • How doesSPEED PLUSgive an engine more power?

  • ANSWER:By conditioning the fuel to produce a more energetic mixture of fuel components which enables the fuel to burn more completely and combust with more energy, there is more efficient combustion process with added energy which increases fuel economy and reduces harmful emissions. Better combustion means more power.

  • How Does SPEED PLUS Reduce Pollution ?

  • ANSWER:Because SPEED PLUS catalyctic injection fine tune air and fuel mixture to the chemically correct ratio (Stoichiometric) and vaporize and distribute this uniformly to all the cylinders, ideal if not perfect combustion is attained thus unburned fuel and the other main causes of air pollution like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carbon oxide are minimized if not all together terminated by up to 95%.

  • How Does SPEED PLUS Gives Additional Horse Power ?

  • ANSWER:SPEED PLUScatalystic injector uses the elements in the air to fine tune the fuel and air mixture to the stoichiometric ratio (chemically correct 14:6 parts of air to 1 fuel gas); thus maximum vaporation and combustion of the fuel is achieved. However, burst acceleration and deceleration require constantly changing air to fuel ratio, and this is whenSPEED PLUScatalyctic injector chemically adjust and help supply exactly the right mixture (lean or rich) at the right time so that the engine can run powerfully and smoothly (up to 20 HP additional).

  • How DoesSPEED PLUSSaves Fuel ?

  • ANSWER:The catalyst ofSPEED PLUScombines with the elements in the air to chemically activate the fuel and air mixture rushing into the intake manifold and assist vaporize and distribute this vaporized fuel and air mixture uniformly to all cylinders of the engine. Moreover it also converts the unwanted carbon during combustion into usable gases. All of these positive chemical reaction results to greater fuel yield of up to 2 to 4 Km per liter of fuel.

  • How DoesSPEED PLUSReduce Maintenance Cost ?

  • ANSWER:The improved combustion resulting to less pollution also causes the oil in the engine to remain clean for a period of time and does the spark plugs and fuel injector resulting to reduced wear and tear of the engine due to friction. In addition, the downtime change oil and replace spark plugs and calibrate the fuel injector are minimized. All these result to a longer engine life and considerable maintenance savings over a period of time ( 50% more or less).


  • OUR MODELS : Model GSP 68 Vehicle: Heavy truck, V10, Big Trailers, Buses, Generator Engine: Petrol & Diesel Model GSP 60 Vehicle: Van, 6 cyl., 8 cyl., 6-10 wheeler truckCapacity: 3000 ccEngine: Gasoline & Diesel Model GSP 48 Vehicle: SUVs, AUVs, Pick Ups, Capacity: 1600cc up to 2900cc Engine: Gasoline & Diesel Model GSP 38 Vehicle: Sedans Capacity: 1000 cc up to 1500cc Engine: Gasoline & Diesel Model GSP 28 Vehicle: Motorcycle and Multi-Cab 3 cyl.Capacity: 100cc up to 900cc Engine: Gasoline

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