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SAP R/3 Upgrade

SAP R3 Upgrade

Jul 14, 2016




SAP R3 Upgrade
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  • SAP R/3 Upgrade

  • SAP Upgrade ConceptsWhatUpgradation of the R/3 System to a higher release using Upgrade kit supplied by SAP.WhyThe decision to upgrade should be based on Business Need.Reasons to upgrade.Significant & Relevant additional functionality in new releases Problem Fixes and Resolutions Requirement to be on a supported release .SAPs end of Maintenance & Support .

  • UpgradeReasons not to Upgrade.Cost of upgrading the hardware / database / OS (if required).Time required to Test the newer release and fix the problemswith the upgrade.

    Cost of implementing the newer functionality / reviewing theworkarounds and enhancements in the previous release etc.

    Cost of upgrading the SAPGUI on the users computers.Manpower and Effort associated with the above.When to Upgrade.The additional functionality in the new release meets yourrequirements.

  • Technical UpgradeMethodologyPlanning an UpgradeOS,DB UpgradePre-requisites for UpgradeDetailed Upgrade ActivitiesEscalation Procedures

  • PlanningReadiness for Upgrade ?Is there any other project going on ?Are there enough resources ?What are the time estimate ?Budget restrictions ?What are the show stoppers ?Hardware architecture change ?Functional problems ?Training ?Performance problems ?

  • Budget PlanningBudgeting for UpgradesFront-end, Backend, Network, E-commerceCheck - What are the free services provided by SAP ?Plan - What are the risks to be managed ?

  • Upgrade ScheduleDefine overall upgrade schedule Define database backup timesMethodOS upgrade DB upgrade R/3 upgradeUpgrade sequence Development systemQuality assuranceProduction system

  • HardwareToolsPreparation & PlanningTeamwork andManagementMajor Factors Influencing Upgrade

  • Considerations for enhancementHardware UpgradesUpgrades to Application and Database serverStorage requirements determinationHigh-end Backup RequirementsBackup and Archiving SolutionNetwork Infrastructure requirementsFront-end UpgradeSoftware UpgradesVersion Upgrades to OSVersion Upgrades to DBVersion Upgrades to products

  • Upgrade Steps Pre-Upgrade Check.Is there a performance problem ?Is the hardware adequately sized ? Sizing as an exercisePerform Stress test / Load test DowntimeEstimate the downtime properly.Parallelise activity.Educate the end user.

  • Activities during Upgrade Detailed StepsDatabase BackupPre - Upgrade - Hot packs applicationKernel UpgradeDatabase UpgradeOS UpgradeDatabase ReorganizationRun PreparePerform the UpgradeSPAU and SPDD

  • Factors of Runtime and Downtime

    Runtime and downtime depend on:Hardware / Operating system.Hard disk configuration.Database.Modifications (SPDD).Productive applications.Number of clients.Installed languages.Upgrade strategy.

    Use test upgrade to get estimations of runtime and downtime

  • R/3 Roadmap3.0(X) R/3 Release3.1(X)4.0(X)4.6(X)Upgrade Roadmap is a generic project plan, require to develop by the BASIS Consultant based on the source and target system. For example.

    During preparation of Upgrade Roadmap you must have to consider the O.S and Database support for each R/3 Release.

  • Upgrade RoadmapR/3 Upgrades - CoreProduct availability roadmapNote No :156548(4.x), 23875(3.x)Maintenance of R/3 Release :303751Addon Products upgradeAddon upgrade roadmapNote No :78432Complimentary Software ProductsSAPNET /osdbmigration

  • R/3 Upgrade Assistant

    New frontend with graphical user interface Remote control of upgrades (saprouter)Multiple user interfaces for each upgrade processImproved analysis of errors-Tools for analyzing upgrade log files -Improved error tolerance (severity P)Support functions - Internet Integration-Direct access to OSS notes using SAPNet (4.5A)New documentation media (HTML, ...)-Sap router support, direct OSS access-Alert Service and Input Wizard

  • R/3 Upgrade Assistant

  • R/3 Upgrade Assistant: ArchitectureBenefits: Upgrade process runs independently of frontend More than one connection Remote connection possibleAdministrator Observer 1FirewallObserver 2R3upUpgradeAssistantServer

  • R/3 Upgrade Assistant: R3up control

  • Escalation ProcedureCheck with SAP Support for help during upgradeHave access to OSS Have a backup person work from office if no OSSCheck with your experienced colleagues in case of problem.Ensure you have enough resources to perform the upgradePlan the upgrade time properly

  • Optimizing the Upgrade ProcessGoalsDowntime Reduction for productive systemsPredictability and Planning of Upgrade ASAP Support for Upgrade Project Management ASAP Unattended upgrade via PREPARE phase to reduce Upgrade support time R/3 Upgrade AssistantUsability improvements UATechnical downtime reduction ICNVEnhanced Modification Adjustment Modif.Assistant

  • Upgrade Strategies

    StrategyAdvantagesDisadvantagesA_switchShort downtimeMedium amount of space required if you need to recover the database.Disk capacity for a possible databaserecovery is monitored.A_onShortest downtimeNo offline backup required after upgradeGreatest additional space requirements to ensure databaserecovery.Disk capacity for a possible databaserecovery is monitoredA_offNo additional space required if you need to recover the database Offline backup necessary after the upgrade.Longest downtimeDisk capacity for a possible database recovery is not monitored.

  • A_SWITCH: Productive First Steps (DEV System) ProductiveOperationDowntime571016 timehRepositoryData ImportCopy Cust.Rep.Switch+TableAdjustImportControlImport Lang.Cleanup~20 DatabaseBackup14SyncPointDev.LockedR/3 Upgrade: Using the right strategy

  • A_ON: Shortest Downtime (Production System) ProductiveOperationDowntimetimehRepositoryData ImportCopy Cust.Rep.Switch+Table AdjustImportControlDatabaseBackupStopProductionRestartProduction571016 ~20 14Import Lang.CleanupR/3 Upgrade: Using the right strategy

  • A_OFF: Upgrade with full downtime (Quality System)ProductiveOperationDowntime57101416 timehRepositoryData ImportCopy Cust.Reposit.Switch+Table AdjustImportControlDataImport Lang.CleanupDatabaseBackupR/3 Upgrade: Using the right strategy

  • 31382615Database archiving not stoppedOnline backup parallel to cleanup operationsCreates an extra 3-4 GB of archives392615Database archiving not stoppedOnline backup parallel to cleanup operationsCreates an extra 3-4 GB of archives362413Shut down productive operationCreate synchronization point at startSwitch off archivingRun upgradeFull backup databaseRestart productive operation