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Saman's Passion Project

Jan 13, 2015





  • 1. Table Of Contents Slide 1: Topic Slide 2: Table of contents Slide 3: Ronaldos childhood facts Slide 4: Young talented Ronaldo Slide 5: Dream Come true Slide 6: Insane move to Real Madrid Slide 7: Pictures Slide 8: Pictures Slide 9: Self Reflection Slide 10: Bibliography Slide 11: THE END!

2. Ronaldos Childhood Facts Ronaldo was born on February 5th 1985 Born in Funchal , Madeira, Portugal Ronaldos family were poor, so they lived in a basement kind home. He played soccer everyday after school until 9 o clock at night. Whenever his mom asked him what he had for homework he always said no When it was time to eat lunch he always grabbed a couple of fruits and ran off to play. His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aviero. 3. Young Talented Ronaldo When Ronaldo was just 6 he knew what he wanted to be. When he was 12 he got signed by C.D. Nacional. When he was 16 he heard there were tryouts for Sporting CP and, Ronaldo decided to go. The trials was in Lisbon, Portugal When he arrived the day before the tryouts Ronaldo didnt sleep at all, because he was really nervous. The next day it was the tryouts Ronaldo was confidence in himself that he would make it. At the age of 16 he made Sporting CP, and also he was in Portugal's international team. He was very happy but he knew he had give all he had to the team. So the next day he started training, and dribbling with the ball He was teased because of his island accent but he didnt care he just wanted to play. Ronaldo was angry because he only played 45 minutes, but he wanted to play the full 90 minutes. After a couple of weeks later Sporting CP were vs Manchester United one of the biggest club on the world. Ronaldo was happy because it was his chance to show them his talent, so that maybe they can sign him. After playing against Manchester United, Ronaldo caught Sir Alex Ferguss eye. A couple of weeks later he got signed by Manchester United for $12.24 million 4. The Big Stage He became Britain's most expensive paid teenager. He was very happy because it was a dream come true for him. Ronaldo made his debut on August 4, 2001 He scored 9 goals in the first season of Manchester United. After the season ended he went to Portugal for the Euro 2004 Everyone cheered for them because Euro only happens every 4 years and this could be the chance to take the trophy home. Portugal kept on winning all there games with the help of Ronaldo. They came up to the Finals against Greece when everything they lost 1-0. Ronaldo was heart broken he was so sad that he cried after the game. In September 2005 Ronaldos dad, Denis unfortunately died because he was alcoholic. Ronaldo was very sad but he knew that he would be proud of him if he was a live right now. Ronaldo went back to Madeira for his dads funeral ceremony. When it was time for him to leave he was very sad but he knew he had to move on with his life. Ronaldo started to get better every day, whenever he had a game he either scored or assisted a goal. Ronaldo lived in a house in Manchester United with everything he needed tennis court, swimming pool, and other things. Ronaldo was also known for his deadly free kicks are called knuckleball. Heres a video of his most popular free kick in Manchester United. Eventually in 2008 he became the best player in the world and he won a lot of trophy's, but the biggest one the BallonDor. Other trophys that Ronaldo won FIFA world player of the year, the golden boots, world soccer player of the year, the FIFA Pusks award, and he was the first England playing player to win all four main PFA and FWA awards in 2007 In summer 2009 Ronaldos life turned upside down, he became the most expensive player in the world and got transferred to Real Madrid for 80,000,000 pounds. 5. Insane move to Real Madrid After the move to Real Madrid the Santiago Bernabeu, he scored his first goal on his debut which was in July 20, 2009. After a couple of months later he started to get better and better and so he started scoring more goals. In 2011 it was Ronaldos first Final Copa Del Rey match which was against their enemy FC Barcelona. Every one was watching because the two biggest stars in football were playing, Ronaldo and Messi. Both teams were so good that it went to extra time, but at the 123 minute Ronaldo scored Real Madrid a beautiful goal that shocked every one. In that match Ronaldo managed to grab himself another golden boot for dribbling Messi. heres a video of the goal. After the amazing goal by Ronaldo Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey title. In 2012 there was another Copa Del Rey Final match which was Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona again. This time it was different because Real Madrid knew that Barcelona would play harder on them because of what happened last time. But even though Barcelona played harder on them Real Madrid managed to grab another win with the score 2-1. Ronaldo scored more goals every game and eventually he became the 2nd highest scoring player in La Liga. Ronaldo wasnt happy even though he was second, he always wanted to be number 1 at every thing and thats what caused the Ronaldo vs. Messi debate. Some people said that Ronaldos better and some said that Messis better. Every year there is time where FIFA gives the best player in the world a trophy thats called the BallonDor As I told you before Ronaldo has won the BallonDor one time in 2008, but Messi has won it four times in a row in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 and thats another reason why this debate is still going on today. In summer 2013 the transfer window opened it means that players can get transferred to a team. Gareth Bale a professional footballer got transferred to Real Madrid for 91 million euros in dollars it will be 123 million dollars!!!!!!!!!! Gareth Bale broke Ronaldos record for the most expensive player in the world every soccer fan was shocked. Ronaldo was very happy to be playing with but he had to play better. Big things also happened in Barcelona Neymar a professional soccer player got transferred to Barcelona for 57 million euros. This was a challenge for both teams to see which one is better. 2013 was a big year for Ronaldo because the Balondor awards were coming up. People were 100% sure that Ronaldo will win because Messi was injured, but even if Messi wasnt injured there would've been a chance that Ronaldo could win. There are three nominees for the BalonDor which were Ronaldo, Messi, and Ribery. The day of the awards, when they announced the winner which was Ronaldo, he got very emotional and cried when he was giving his speech. Ronaldo also scored his 400th goal against Celta de Vigo 6. Pictures 7. Pictures 8. Self Reflection I think I did well on this presentation because I worked really hard on it and I tried my best. I feel I should get exceeds expectation because I gave a lot of information about my topic. Also because I told almost everything about my project. I feel proud of my self because I know my topic very well and I did a good job on it. The reason that I chose Ronaldo for my project is because when I grow up I want to be like him. I always do my best when it comes to soccer or any other sport that I like. 9. Bibliography Works Cited Wikipedia. Wikipedia. Web. 9 Jan. 2014. . Wikipedia helped me a lot in this project because it told his whole story and some interesting facts about himself. Wikipedia is good source to use because it doesn't tell you any wrong facts and it tells everything about what you researched. Youtube. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Jan. 2014. . Youtube was a good website for my passion project because there was a video that told his story of his life from his childhood until he was a full grown man. 10. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!