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Salmonid Life Cycle

Salmonid Life Cycle

Jan 06, 2016




Salmonid Life Cycle. Eggs. Freshwater. Spawner. Alevin. Estuary. Ocean. Adult. Fry. Smolt. Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon) Chinook Salmon (King Salmon) Steelhead Trout. Eggs. Eyed Egg. Eggs Need:. Cool Water Clean Water Flowing Water. Hatching Eggs. Eggs and alevin. Alevin. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Salmonid Life Cycle

  • Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon)

    Chinook Salmon (King Salmon)

    Steelhead Trout

  • Eggs

  • Eyed Egg

  • Eggs Need:Cool Water

    Clean Water

    Flowing Water

  • Hatching Eggs

  • Eggs and alevin

  • AlevinAlevin with yolk sac

  • Swimming fry

  • FrySchool of fry with parr marks

  • Fry Need:Protection from predators


    Cool, clean water

  • SmoltsSalmonid smolts are silver-colored.

  • Smolts live in an estuary.Estuary: a place with both fresh water and salt water.

  • Adult SalmonidsAdult salmonids live in the ocean.

  • Returning to the River

  • Spawner Salmon Need:Safe access

  • Spawner Salmon Need: A place to spawn

  • Spawner Salmon Need: Clean gravel

  • Building a Redd

  • Male vs. Female Spawners

  • Salmon are Part of the Food Web

  • Salmon FoodSalmonids eat:-Insects-Krill-Other small fish

  • Salmon are food for many animals

  • Salmon need: FOOD & CLEAN WATERCaddisfly larvae are salmon food.

  • Salmon need:


  • Salmon need: Protection from predators

  • What can you do to help protect salmon and their home so they can survive?