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Sage Confidential Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition Methodology Project Quality Plan (PQP)

Jan 19, 2016



Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition Methodology

Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition Methodology Project Quality Plan (PQP)Sage ConfidentialDescribe the standard project methodology used to implement Sage ERP X3 Standard EditionDefine each of the sequential project phases in the overall process in terms ofPrimary objectiveSupporting activitiesAvailable toolsExpected deliverables

Primary Objectives of this Presentation2Sage ConfidentialPre-Sales / Project Planning and ManagementToolsPlanningDescription of the Standard Solution (SC001)Project Quality Plan (PI000)Project Configurator (PI004)Project Team Assignments (PI003)Preparing the Project (PI001)ManagementProject Monitor (PI002)Steering Committee Presentations 0 5Milestone Sign-Offs 0 - 53What does the standard solution look like?How is a standard project conducted?Time and workload estimationWho does what?Schedule and resource mapping

Tracking against planWhat and how did we do?Acknowledgements and conditionsSage ConfidentialOverview of the Project Quality Plan (PQP)4Scoping6 weeksImplement3 weeksTesting9 weeksTraining4 weeksSupport3 weeksProject MilestonesM0 Project Launch M1 Description of Target SolutionM2 Installation of Target SolutionM3 Acceptance of Target SolutionM4 Go-Live ApprovalM5 Final Production Sign-OffM1M2M3M4M5M0 35 50 consulting days* over 25 weeks10 - 14 days6 - 8 days13 - 19 days2 days4 - 7 days*Distribution Suite = 35 daysManufacturing Suite = 50 days

22 weeks from Launch to Go-Live25 weeks to Final Production Sign-offSage Confidential4Scoping Phase Define the Target Solution5ActivitiesProject Launch Meeting (M0)Functional overviewsScoping interviewsAdapt Description of Target Solution (DTS)DTS review and next phase planningToolsDescription of Standard Solution (SC001)Functional Overview presentations (SM###)Scoping templates (EC###)DeliverablesSign-Off on Launch MeetingDescription of Target Solution (DTS)Sign-Off Description of Target Solution (M1)ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0

Sage ConfidentialFunctional OverviewsScoping InterviewsScoping InterviewsFunctional OverviewsDescription of Standard SolutionDescription of Standard SolutionStandard Solution Description > Target Solution Description6Description of Target Solution1423Sage ConfidentialImplementation Phase Configure and Install7ActivitiesAdapt Standard Solution to Description of Target Solution (DTS)Environment procurement and setup Basic maintenance data integrationSystem Admin and Maintenance trainingToolsDescription of Target Solution (DTS)Installation Checklist (PR004)Data Migration Procedure (PR001)Settings Documents (PR002)DeliverablesInstallation of Target Solution (M2)

ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0Sage ConfidentialDescription of Target SolutionDescription of Target SolutionStandard SolutionStandard SolutionStandard Solution > Target Solution8Target Solution132Sage ConfidentialTesting Phase Verify and Accept9ActivitiesProject Team trainingInitial data migration from legacy systemsTarget Solution testing and verificationTarget Solution review and next phase planningToolsDescription of Target Solution (DTS)User Guides (UG)Test Data Set (PR003)Acceptance Testing Report (PR006)DeliverablesSign-Off on installation (M2)Sign-Off on Target Solution (M3)

ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0Sage ConfidentialTraining Phase Prepare Users10ActivitiesEnd-User trainingComplete final data migrationConfirm system and environmentReview Start-Up ProcedureReview plan and schedule for Go-LiveToolsUser Guides (UG)Data Migration Procedure (PR001)Installation Checklist (PR004)Start-Up Procedure (PR005)DeliverablesSign-Off on Go-Live plan and schedule (M4)

ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0Sage Confidential10Support Phase Confirm Live Production11ActivitiesStart-Up processEnd-User assistanceSystem administrator assistanceReview live production statusToolsUser Guides (UG)Start-Up Procedure (PR005)DeliverablesFinal Production Sign-Off (M5)

ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0Sage Confidential11PROJECT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENTA Quick Tour of the Standard Edition Tools for12Sage ConfidentialProject Configurator13

Preliminary workload estimation calculated based on Customer requirements> 02 Steering\PI004Sage ConfidentialProject Planning and Preparation14

> 02 Steering\PI001Sage Confidential

Project Monitoring15

TrackingPlanned vs. Actual

> 02 Steering\PI002Sage Confidential15

Project Management16

ReviewSign-Off> 02 Steering\PI01#, PI02#Sage Confidential16SCOPINGA Quick Tour of the Standard Edition Tools for17ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0Sage Confidential17Functional Overviews18

Presentation Templates forFinancialsSalesPurchasingInventoryManufacturingFixed Assets> 03 Product preparation support\FO-xxxSage Confidential18Scoping Interviews19

50 Interview Templates to capture and simplify set-up of Customer configuration requirements> 04 Scoping presentation\EC###Sage ConfidentialIMPLEMENTATIONA Quick Tour of the Standard Edition Tools for 20ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0Sage Confidential20

Setup Guide21

Guided drill down to specific configuration and set up functions within X3Sage Confidential21Data Migration Procedure and Templates22> 05 Procedures\PR001, PR007

Sage ConfidentialInstallation Checklist23> 05 Procedures\PR005

Sage ConfidentialTestingA Quick Tour of the Standard Edition Tools for 24ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0Sage Confidential24Acceptance Testing Tools25> 05 Procedures\PR003, PR006

Verify that business processes match the stated requirements reflected in the Target Solution DescriptionSage Confidential25TrainingA Quick Tour of the Standard Edition Tools for ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0Sage Confidential26User GuidesA total of 38 templates, each including:General function informationCommon data and set-up requirementsStep-by-step procedures for completing out-of-the-box tasksFrequently Asked Questions27> 06 User guides\

Sage ConfidentialSupportA Quick Tour of the Standard Edition Tools for ScopeImplementTestTrainSupportM1M2M3M4M5M0Sage Confidential28

Start-up Procedure29> 05 Procedures\PR005Ensuring proper understanding of steps to prepare and verify production readiness

Sage ConfidentialOn Time, On Budget30Scoping6 weeksImplement3 weeksTesting9 weeksTraining4 weeksSupport3 weeksM1M2M3M4M5M0Up and running in 22 weeksSage Confidential30

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