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SAARC Quiz Unpublished

Aug 07, 2018




  • 8/20/2019 SAARC Quiz Unpublished



    SAARC Quiz(Unpublished)

    Compiled by

    Sajid Iqbal

  • 8/20/2019 SAARC Quiz Unpublished



    South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Introduction/Evolution Designated SAARC Years/Decades SAARC Summits SAARC Secretary Generals/SAARC Secretariat SAARC Regional Institutions SAARC Conventions/Agreements/NGOs

    Introduction Q: Which South Asian leader wrote firstly promoted idea of regional cooperation? A: President of Bangladesh Zia-ul-Rehman Q: Where foreign secretaries of South Asian countries met in April 1981? A: Colombo Q: Where the Foreign Ministers adopted declaration on South Asian Regional Cooperation (SARC)? A: New Delhi in 1983 Q: When South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was established? A: It was established when its Charter was formally adopted on 8 December 1985 by the Member States.

    Q: What is the name of SAARC magazine?A: Spectrum Q: Who designed SAARC logo? A: Shailendra Kumar Maharjan from Nepal Q: Describe the emblem design? A: The design has a pair of hands carrying seven pigeons, which denotes seven nations. The symbol also depicts image of Lord Buddha, the apostle of peace and an oil lamp. Each pigeon also makes an English alphabet of ‘c’, which stands for cooperation. Q: What is the official website address (URL) of SAARC Secretariat? A:

    Designated SAARC Years/Decades Q: What was the theme of SAARC Year 1989?

    A: Year of Combating Drug Abuse and Drug TraffickingQ: What was 8 December 1989 observed against? A: Drugs Q: What was the theme of SAARC Year 1990? A: Year of Girl Child Q: Which year was declared as the SAARC Year of Shelter? A: 1991 Q: What was the focus of SAARC Year 1992? A: Year of Environment Q: What was the theme of SAARC Year 1993? A: Year of Disabled Persons Q: Which year was declared as the SAARC Year of the Youth? A: 1994 Q: What was the theme of SAARC Year 1995? A: Year of Poverty Eradication Q: Which year was observed as the SAARC Year of Literacy? A: 1996 Q: What was the theme of SAARC Year 1997? A: Year of Participatory Governance Q: Which year was declared as the SAARC Year of Biodiversity? A: 1999 Q: What was the theme of SAARC Year 2002-2003? A: Year of Contribution of Youth to Environment Q: What was the concept of SAARC Year 2004? A: SAARC Awareness Year for TB and HIV/AIDS Q: What was the theme of SAARC Year 2005?

  • 8/20/2019 SAARC Quiz Unpublished



    A: South Asia Tourism Year Q: Which decade was observed as the SAARC Decade of the Girl Child? A: 1991-2000 Q: What is the theme of SAARC Decade 2001-2010? A: The Rights of the Child Q: On which date is SAARC Charter Day observed? A: 8 December

    SAARC Summits Q: In which city the first SAARC summit was held? A: Dhaka. 7-8 December 1985 Q: In which Indian city SAARC summit was held in 1986? A: Bangalore. 16-17 November Q: When was third SAARC Summit held? A: 2-4 November 1987 in Katmandu Q: Which country hosted 4th SAARC summit? A: Pakistan (Islamabad). 29-31 December 1988 Q: When was 5th SAARC Summit held?

    A: 21-23 November 1990 in Male.Q: When did 6th SAARC summit take place? A: 21 December 1991 in Colombo Q: Which country hosted 7th SAARC summit? A: Bangladesh. 10-11 April 1993 Q: Which city hosted 8th SAARC summit? A: New Delhi in 2-4 May 1995 Q: Which country was the host of 9th SAARC summit? A: Maldives. 12-14 May 1997 Q: Which city was the host of 10th SAARC Summit from 29 - 31 July 1998? A: Colombo Q: Which country hosted 11th SAARC summit?

    A: Nepal from 4 - 6 January 2002Q: Which city was second time the host of SAARC Summit? A: Islamabad from 2 - 6 January 2004 host 12th SAARC Summit. Q: Which country hosted SAARC Summit in city other than her capital? A: India hosted SAARC Summit at Bangalore in 1986. Q: Which SAARC capitals twice hosted SAARC Summits? A: Dhaka, Katmandu, Islamabad, Male, Colombo.

    SAARC Secretary Generals/SAARC Secretariat Q: Who was first SAARC Secretary General? A: Abul Ahsan from Bangladesh. 16 January -15 October 1989 Q: Which country second Secretary General belonged to? A: India. Kant Kishore Bhargava. 17 October 1989 - 31 December 1991. Q: From which country SAARC had Secretary General during 1 January 92- 31 December 93? A: Ibrahim Hussain Zaki from Maldives. Q: Which country 4th Secretary General Yadab Kant Silwal belonged to? A: Nepal. 1 January 1994- 31 December 1995. Q: Who was the 5th SAARC Secretary General? A: Naeem U. Hasan from Pakistan. 1 January 1996 - 31 December 1998. Q: Who was the 6th Secretary General of SAARC? A: Nihal Rodrigo from Sri Lanka. 1 January 1999- 10 January 2002 Q: Name the 7th SAARC Secretary General? A: Q.A.M.A Rahim Bangladesh from 11 January 2002 - 28 February 2005 Q: Who is the current and 8th SAARC Secretary General? A: The first Secretary General Chenkyab Dorji from Bhutan. 1 March 2005 – present Q: Is Chenkyab Dorji the second Secretary General from Bhutan? A: No, Bhutan did not nominate a dignitary for the Secretary General position during the first cycle

  • 8/20/2019 SAARC Quiz Unpublished


  • 8/20/2019 SAARC Quiz Unpublished



    A: SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangements Q: When did SAPTA come into operation? A: December 1995 Q: What is the acronym for SCCI? A: SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is located in Islamabad. Q: When SCCI was granted status of first recognized regional apex body? A: 1992 Q: Where was the first SAARC Trade Fair held in 1996? A: India Q: In which city the second SAARC Trade fair was held? A: Colombo Q: When was South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA) formed? A: August 1984 in Bangladesh Q: What does SAFTA stand for? A: South Asian Free Trade Area Q: What is the acronym for SAVE? A: SAARC Audio Visual Exchange

    Q: What is SIPA?A: SAARC Integrated Programme of Action Q: Which country hosted the Drumming and Dance Festival in 1996? A: Sri Lanka Q: Where was the first SAARC conference on cooperation in Police matters held? A: In 1996 at Colombo

  • 8/20/2019 SAARC Quiz Unpublished




  • 8/20/2019 SAARC Quiz Unpublished



    Bangladesh Introduction Geography Topography Demography Waterways Climate

    National Symbols Religion Society History

    • Ancient History • British Rule • Post Independence

    1947 to 1971 After 1971

    Government • Presidents / Prime Ministers • Parliament / Constitution • Judiciary

    Political Parties Administrative Units Sports Culture

    • Literature • Art / Architecture / Music

    Education Economy

    • Agriculture •

    Tourism• Industry / Trade / Commerce Media

    • Radio / Television / Film • Newspapers

    Airports / Ports Flora and Fauna Famous Personalities Miscellaneous

    INTRODUCTION Q: What is the official name of Bangladesh? A: People's Republic of Bangladesh

    Q: Do you know the name of Bangladesh in Bangla?A: Gana Prajatantri Bangladesh Q: What does ‘Bangladesh’ literally mean? A: The country of Bengal Q: What was the name of Bengal in ancient Hindu literature? A: Vanga or Vangala Q: What type form of government in Bangladesh? A: Parliamentary. President is head of the State and Prime Minister is head of government. Q: What is Bangladesh standard time?

    http://d/Documents%20and%20Settings/sajid/My%20Documents/culture/index.php http://d/Documents%20and%20Settings/sajid/Desktop/SAARC05/banglapedia/ http://d/Documents%20and%20Settings/sajid/Desktop/SAARC05/banglapedia/ http://d/Documents%20and%20Settings/sajid/Desktop/SAARC05/banglapedia/ http://d/Documents%20and%20Settings/sajid/Desktop/SAARC05/banglapedia/ http://d/Documents%20and%20Settings/sajid/My%20Documents/culture/index.php

  • 8/20/2019 SAARC Quiz Unpublished



    A: GMT+6.00 hours GEOGRAPHY

    Q: What is the total area of Bangladesh? A: 143,998 km² Q: Do you know the length of coastline? A: 580 km Q: What is the location of Bangladesh? A: Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Myanmar and India Q: How long are the land boundaries of Bangladesh? A: Burma 193 km, India 4053 km. Total 4246 km Q: Compare the area of Bangladesh with other countries or states? A: Slightly smaller than Iowa (USA), 1.5 times larger than Tasmania (Australia) Q: Which city is the capital of Bangladesh? A: The administrative capital of Bangladesh since 1982 is Dhaka Q: Which countries are the neighbours of Bangladesh? A: India and Myanmar. Myanmar is on the west and India is on the east and north. Q: What are the geographic coordinates of Bangladesh? A: 24°00′ N 90°00′ E Q: How much area of Bangladesh is flooded annually? A: About 26,000 sq km, 18% of the country. Q: Where is Plassey located? A: In Nadia also called Navadwipa (the new island). Farraka Barrage is located here. It was founded by Vallalasena (1160-1178) Q: Which northeastern Indian state is bounded on the north, west, south and southeast by Bangladesh? A: Tripura Q: Which state of Myanmar is adjacent to Bangladesh on the Bay of Bengal? A: Arakan Q: What is the rank of Bangladesh area wise? A: 91st Q: Which is the only extensive hilly area in Bangladesh?

    A: Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) that comprises Rangamati, Khagrachari, and Bandarban regions in south

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