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Jul 23, 2016



Julia Borissova

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  • Mintursl/Midnight SunAlla MirovskayaThe photos used in this work were shot in Iceland, but could have been created as easily at any place far from my home. I try to recognize the function of memory in a photograph, and I delete parts of the exposures so that they would resemble my memories, which cannot be reproduced by memory in their original form. I choose fragments of photos to delete based on a chance and an impulse, just like most of the photos this project contains. Any other part of the photo could have disappeared. I guess that in this form the images look like an Icelandic landscape illuminated by midnight sun, when most of the things you could see had disappeared from view.

    Set-transformer of postcards in shell

    Date of publication: 2015Dimensions: 130mm x 80mm24 postcards + 1kraft bag with a label

    Edition of 30 (10 in Russian, 20 in English)

    Designer: Kate October

  • Distant & CloseAlla MirovskayaThis book is about relationships, human intimacy, and about photography as a way to see, explore and experience.My own family became the subject of my research. The photographs included into this book were taken within several months, from autumn of 2011 to summer of 2012. I believe that it is the truthfullness of the story (as far as photography can be truthful in general), which serves as its key value and special beauty - the beauty of not-staged and imperfect, which, by the way, is an inherent part of the nature of photography itself.

    Date of publication: 2013Dimensions: 170mm x 210mm28 pages with unfolding flaps,three additional smaller pages included,one photo insertedSoft cover with reinforcing flaps

    Edition of 30 (10 in Russian, 20 in English)

    Designer: Yuliya Timashova

  • DOM (Document Object Model)Julia Borissova

    In my book I refer to the concept of home. Dom means a house, home, a building or a household in the Russian language.I reflect on how we feel, understand, and remember the home where we inhabit. I explore how our concept of home is changing over time and the notion of home is transforming in connection with the place in which we live.

    Date of publication: 2014Dimensions: 150mm x 200mm48 pages including 12 four-panel gatefolds + 20 pages bookletGatefold softcoverSwiss brochure, handmade bindingLanguage: English

    First English Edition of 100 hand numbered copies

    Designer: Julia Borissova

  • AddressJulia Borissova

    This book is an attempt to connect my past place of residence with present myself. When time is a barrier, find identification with the past becomes more difficult. In my work I tried come up possibility of interaction the surrounding space with the images arise in my imagination. This is fear to allow the disappearance of memory space. This is desire to show the dream on a background of urban space, creating a visual model at the intersection of past and present.

    Date of publication: 2015Dimensions: 155mm x 210mm112 pages + 6 transparent pagesHardback embossed, thread-stitched bindingLanguage: English

    First English Edition of 100 hand numbered copies+ Special edition of 25 copies signed & numbered with a print

    Designer: Julia Borissova

  • / after a whileNatalia Baluta

    The core question of my project and the book is whether or not future can appear in the photo. I am giving the answer in the different ways, but it always yes. This book is a message in a bottle - it holds some images from the past and present and from perceived future. It is a combination of analytical research, personal diary with things which could be lost forever. It is also search for miracle to imagine or predict the future with photographic approaches.There are two versions of ending different image appears as the last one, representing more and less happy future; the viewer to decide which one s/he holds.

    Date of publication: 2014Dimensions: 145mm x 220mm124 pages with hand made elementsHardback cover, sewn bindingLanguage: English and Russian

    Edition of 100 numbered and signed copies

    Designer: Julia Borissova

  • MagmaNatalia Baluta

    The book is done from appropriated material - glossy magazine found prepared to shredding, so beautiful and so abandoned. It is about excess of data and meanings in modern society, and at the same time concerns about fashion, mass media and propaganda, which limits range of meanings so much. The result is the small book, hand bound, with collages and text manipulations.

    Date of publication: 2015Dimensions: 140mm x 230mm52 pagesLanguage: English

    Edition of 9 copies

    Collages, text manipulations, design and binding by Natalia Baluta

  • Did we ever meet?Elena Kholkina

    Did we ever meet? is a project bringing together two generations of Moscow photographers. Photographs from now and from the 80s tell a story about timelapse, sameness and mirroring lives, the spiral of time that makes us different and similar at the same time. All photos are by Tatyana Soldatova and Elena Kholkina.

    Date of publication: 2013The book has a complex system of pages of different sizes and spreads, on tactile paper.Manually bound, soft coverLanguage: English

    Edition of 50 hand numbered copies+ Special edition in hard cover: 15 copies signed & numbered

    Designer: Elena Kholkina

  • DoorwaysElena Kholkina

    Doorways is a book of personal diary images Ive collected over a couple of years. The book is built in a complex way, the system of hand-bound pages brings volume and turns it almost into a sculpture. The images included are doorways into each other, they are connected formally in a number of ways. There is no narrative, no main characters, no events, only a smooth flow of images, a mental trip that aims to clear viewers mind of everyday thoughts. There are several enigmas hidden inside the book and keys to unravel them, which will probably take time to guess and will invite viewers to come back to the book again and again. I call it a zen book - a tool for visual meditation, for being simply here and now.

    Date of publication: 2014 manually bound embroidered box inkjet printing, on tactile paperedition limited to 100 copies, signed

    Designer: Elena Kholkina

  • 5 Hills StoryVlada Krasilnikova & Elena Kholkina

    Date of publication: 2014manually bound limited edition of 20 copies, signed and numbered 20,5 x 18 cm, 48 pages varied page sizes

    Book design - Vlada Krasilnikova, Elena Kholkina

  • PinkElena Kholkina

    Date of publication: 2014Self-published zine manually bound soft tactile cover inkjet printing 88 pagesedition limited to 100 copies, signed

  • ArtekElena Kholkina

    Crimea is not just about politics. Crimea is Artek.Artek was an international pioneer camp on the black sea in the town of Hurzuf on the Crimean peninsula. It was established in 1925 and flourished in the Soviet times. Go-ing to Artek was a privilege for any child and an experience that no one ever forgets. Friends you find in Artek are forever.The zine is a reedit of a personal archive of my friend, who went to Artek in 1982. The archive consisted of a diary, a book of songs, postcards, photographs and some scraps. The zine collects the most touching, genuine and amusing memories and plays around with bits and pieces.

    Date of publication: 2014Self-published zine edition limited to 100 copies, signed inkjet printing manually bound handmade details 44 pagestactile paper

  • Photo zineElena Kholkina

    Photographing is a way to create a holiday. Even if you are in a bad mood, you shoot and preserve to create the appearance of a holiday, even if it is deferred until later.The zine is dedicated to the fading culture of a family photographic album.Limited Edition 2015, 50 copies, signed and numberedinkjet printed, manually bound, 38 pages

  • Your catElena Kholkina

    Self-published zine Limited edition 2015, 50 copies, signed and numbered inkjet printed, manually bound

  • The Alphabet of Shared WordsJana Romanova

    In March 2014 the tension between Russia and Ukraine started to grow high, inspired by the informational war on the situation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Citizens of both countries started to loose the desire to understand each other. Romanova asked different people who took part in the revolution in Kiev at the Square of Independence, to remember words which are absolutely the same both in Russian and Ukrainian languages and illustrate these words for the photographs to make a sort of ABC, based on the idea that understanding starts from language, and language starts from alphabet.

    Date of publication: 2015Hand-made 14 x 18,5 cmEdition of 2929 archival pigment prints

    Each book has a letter, not a number, and a print representing this letter

    Designer: Jana Romanova

  • BOOKS:

    Mintursl/Midnight Sun / Alla Mirovskaya

    Distant & Close / Alla Mirovskaya

    DOM (Document Object Model) / Julia Borissova

    Address / Julia Borissova

    /after a while / Natalia Baluta

    Magma / Natalia Baluta

    Did we ever meet? / Elena Kholkina

    Doorways / Elena Kholkina

    5 Hills Story / Vlada Krasilnikova,Elena Kholkina

    Pink / Elena Kholkina

    Artek / Elena Kholkina

    Photo zine / Elena Kholkina

    Your cat / Elena Kholkina

    The Alphabet of Shared Words / Jana Romanova