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Russia - Application Management

Jan 18, 2015



Application Management Russia by Siemens

  • 1. Siemens IT Solutions and Services Application Management Russia Overview March 2010 Copyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved.

2. We have the Power to expand in Russia Industry Customer Service OrganizationEnergy MoscowVoronezhGlobalProductionCenterHealthcareGlobal Production (GPC)Argentina Key Application ManagementGPC Germany 470EmployeesBrazil Backbone GermanyGPC IndiaGreat Britain & IrelandCountriesGPC Mercosur FinlandIndiaGPC RussiaNetherlands North AmericaConstant growth of delivery Russia capacity in our main delivery 49 Thailandcenter in Voronezh2003 2009Copyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved.Page 2March-10Siemens IT Solutions and Services 3. Our StrengthsApplication Management PortfolioStandard Processes and ToolsExperience and ReferencesWe are a global PlayerQuality ManagementResources Copyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 3March-10Siemens IT Solutions and Services 4. Our core Application Management Portfolio Elements are based on ITIL Service Management best practicesBusiness Customer Relationship Manufacturing SRM Procurement Human ResourceLogistics and RetailFinance SOXIntelligence and ManagementExecutive Systems Outsourcing Management Balanced Scorecards Electronic Data Product Cycle Process ManagementWeb Services and Business Content and ArchivingExchange and Test Center Managementand AutomationPortals Document Management Interfaces Incident EnhancementManagementProblemManagement ReleaseConfigurationOSD+CDPManagementOperational Service ManagementManagement ConceptDesk Support DeskLife Cycle ManagementKnowledge ManagementGlobal Portal/ SharePoint Business Intelligence Reporting Warehouse Resource Management Competence Framework Service Level Management and ReportingAdministration and MonitoringCopyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 4 March-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services 5. Siemens IT Solutions and Services is one of the World's top ten Outsourcing Providers We support worldwide more than Summary 500,000 users at more than 600 customers and are SAP Partner for Transferring of responsibility from CIO SAP units to Siemens IT Solutions and Services the SAP Application 25 yearsManagement for companies of Siemens Russia has been done Extremely good team work done by all members of the entire project team lead to the outstanding success of this project. Very smooth execution of the project. The project was successfully completed by the end of May 2008 We currently operate 72 data centers, more than 50,000 servers,SAP Landscape taking care of 1,800 managed applications on a global levelMore than 30 SAP systems 6 SAP application: SAP ERP 2005 (SD, MM, CS, PS, TR, CATS, FI, CO, AM, EC) SAP BW 3.0, SEM- (BW-reporting, BW-planning, Solution Manager) SAP R/3 4.6c SAP ERP 2005 HR (HR- personnel administration, HR-Payroll) As a leading manufacturer we have SAP R/3 4.6c HR profound industry knowledge SAP CRM / Concord 5.1 SAP Solution Manager (Help Desk, Central Monitoring system) SAP Enterprise PortalCustomers Number of users We stand for reliability, speed and 4 companies of Siemens Russia: Siemens, More than 1,800 named users globally SEN, JV Electrozavod (Siemens Electrozavod long-lasting values Highvoltage Engineering (SEHE) and NSNCopyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 5March-10Siemens IT Solutions and Services 6. We are a global Player Customer Service OrganizationOur global network of Customer Service Organizations focus on establishing highly effective local customer interfaces Customer proximity and cultural fit Delivery of high value-add and customer- specific application services Global Production CentersOur Global Production Centers focus on technical service delivery, operational performance and efficiency, cost mitigation and automation Delivery of standardized application services Optimized processes and toolsets Copyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 6 March-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services 7. System of Quality Management is very effective and important for SiemensAudits are performed to ascertain the validity andreliability of information, and also provide an Auditsassessment of a system's internal control.Quality audits are performed to verify the effectivenessof a quality management system. This is part ofcertifications such as ISO 9001 (External/Internal). CertificationISO certificationCMMI certification for Test CenterSiemens internal certifications Six SigmaSix Sigma is a management philosophy whichencourages the business to look at their processes asseen and felt by the customer.Copyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 7 March-10Siemens IT Solutions and Services 8. We always drive Standard Approaches during TransitionsOur Transition Manager: xxProject Manager Customer: xxTopic 1 Topic 2 FY09FY10Working stepsMar MarApr Apr MayMayJuneJune July JulyAugAug Sep Sep Oct Oct AnnouncementDeal PreparationRecruitment topic 1team staffedRecruitment topic 2Training PlanTravel & Visa order Check communicationProvision ofQuality approvalDocumentationEstablish accessEstablish finalCommunicationKnowledge TransferInitial educationProjectspecific educationOnsite education Operational EnablingQuality approval Backup, Process, Contacts implementationQuality approvalShadow Working Business Enabling Establish Value Flow Topic 1Topic 2 SL ReportingPhase 1Lessons LearntGo Live Topic 1Topic 2 Copyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 8March-10Siemens IT Solutions and Services 9. Journey towards gain sharing Partnership Business Value FutureModes ofOperation BusinessTarget Transformation Operating InterimModel BusinessCurrent OperatingTransformation OperatingModelModelService TransformationOperational TransformationEngagement &Transition Transformational Journey Consulting Transition Service ManagementGlobal Delivery Application Roadmap Enterprise IntegrationConsolidation & Application Enhancement Automation & Tools Business Process Management Harmonization End of Lifecycle Service Improvement Business Domain ExpertiseManagementCopyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved.Page 9March-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services 10. You want to know more? Just contact: Andreas DegenhardtHead of Global Application ManagementSiemens AGSiemens IT Solutions and Services Otto-Hahn-Ring 681739 MunichGermany Phone: +49 (89) [email protected]/applicationmngtCopyright Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 10 March-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services