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Apr 08, 2018



  • 8/6/2019 Rugby Sponsorship Packet



    Building a Legacy of Elegant Chaos

    Le Wmns Rug

    Fotal Cub

    Sponsorship Packet

  • 8/6/2019 Rugby Sponsorship Packet


    Description of Our Crest

    Welcome to the Lee Women's Rugby FootballClub. Located at Lee University in Cleveland,Tennessee, the Lee Women's RFC strives orexcellence o mind, spirit and body. Together,we believe that we can achieve a posse ad

    esse--rom possibility to reality. This year theocus is building a legacy o elegant chaosbecause we dont want to simply exist as arugby team, we want to excel into that olegends at Lee University, the Mid-Southrugby league and the world.

    In rugby, crests are very important. Like amily crests, they are used to show the personality

    o the team. The bible in the center represents the importance o Christ in the lie o the team.

    As a part o a Christian school, the club represents Christ to the rugby world. Romans 12:4-5

    states, For just as each o us has one body with many members, and these members do not

    all have the same unction, so in Christ we, though many, orm one body, and each member

    belongs to all the others. We believe that this symbolizes how a cohesive team should operate.

    A posse ad esse stands or the past, the present and the uture o the team. Latin or the phrase

    From possibility to reality, this reminds the team o its origins and gives ocus or the uture.

    The ame at the top o the crest represents the Lee ame. Lee University sports are called the

    Flames and though the club is not a varsity sport, the connection to the school was important.

  • 8/6/2019 Rugby Sponsorship Packet



    What is Rugby? Isnt Rugby Dangerous?

    The History of Rugby Why Rugby?

    Contrary to popular belie, rugby is not as dangerous as

    most assume. While it does rank at number ten or the Top

    Ten Most Dangerous sports according to,

    cheerleading ranks in at number eight and horseback riding

    at number three. Rugby is designed to keep players as sae

    as possible and that is the reason that no pads are used. This

    protects bones because it is saer to make contact with bare

    skin than it is to make contact with plastic pads.

    Many ask the Lee Womens Rugby Football Club why we

    choose to play a sport with a violent reputation. The simple

    truth is that the team consists o girls o tough quality who

    like the brutality o it. Most o the girls come rom sports with

    mild contact, such as soccer, and they were looking or a

    more rugged sport.

    Ater joining the team, most nd the exceptional sense o

    camaraderie associated with rugby. Ater every game, the

    opposing teams will gather or a social so everyone can get

    to know each other of the eld. This is what makes rugby


    As a game o erce competition and proound camaraderie,

    rugby unies people across the world. Since its beginnings,

    rugby has risen to the second most popular sport in the world.

    Rugby is a ull contact sport similar to ootball, yet played

    with 15 players to each side. The ball is thrown backwards and

    the players run orward to score a touchdown, called a try in

    rugby. A try is worth ve points in rugby while the kick ater is

    worth two points. A distinct diference with rugby and other

    sports is the presence o lineouts. When the ball goes out o

    bounds, a player will be hoisted into the air to catch the ball

    being thrown back inbounds.

    The legend o rugbys origins begins in 1823 when a group

    o college students at Rugby college in Rugby, England were

    playing a game o soccer when a student named William

    Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it in a gentlemanly

    ashion. Though rugby origins are in soccer, it is still said that

    soccer is a gentlemans sport played by hooligans whereas

    rugby is a hooligans sport played by gentleman.

  • 8/6/2019 Rugby Sponsorship Packet


    The History of Lee Womens Rugby Football ClubThe Lee Womens Rugby Football Club began in spring o 2006, but ater the rst

    semester, it died out due to lack o interest. In 2007, a new group o students

    decided to orm the rugby team again, this time with success, with the help o

    members rom the mens team and the women rom the team in 2006.

    Ater a ew challenges with school and rugby administration or playing rights, the

    club was ofcially established in the spring o 2007. Ater secur ing environmental

    science teacher Michael Freake as the head coach, the team began looking to ace opposition on the eld.

    Collegiate rugby is played during the whole school year. Non-conerence games take place in the all and conerence games, called

    the Matrix, take place in the spring. During the all, the team prepares or the conerence season by playing in riendly matches against

    regional teams. In the spring, the teams will play each other again or a title.

    In spring o 2009, Lee Womens RFC entered their rst Matrix season and ater a gruelling season against teams such as the University

    o Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University and Western Kentucky University, the team nished third in the South Central district.

    Since then, the team has gone on to play the University o Alabama, Auburn University and Georgia Tech University. In spring o 2010,

    they nished #11 in the nation and competed against other nationally ranked teams in the Sweet 16 o Division II Womens rugby.

    Since the team is not a varsity sport, it thrives by the leadership elected by the team. Charter members elt it necessary to supply the

    team with ample leadership in order to ensure excellence in all areas o the team. For that reason, there are seven positions; president,

    vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, and two chaplains. These positions help students hone leadership qualities that will

    adequately prepare them or lie ater graduation.

  • 8/6/2019 Rugby Sponsorship Packet


    Occasionally it rains

    during a game. The

    game on this day was a

    particularly muddy day.

    These types o games

    usually end in with lots

    o laughter and a lot o

    mud leaving the eld.

    Here, some o the Lee Womens

    RFC are orming whats called

    a ruck. This is what happens

    ater a player is tackled. Her

    teammates must stand over her

    and push the opposing team

    orward to prevent them rom

    getting the ball.

    This is a scrum. Scrums happen ater penalties and

    are used similar to the ofense line in ootball. The

    diference here is that the two teams interlock and

    push against each other while the ball is put in by a

    member o the ofensive team. The two teams then

    have a player try to hook the ball in the center o the

    scrum and push it backwards so the ball comes out

    o the back o their side o the scrum.

    Being members o the Lee

    Womens RFC opens up many

    opportunities or the members

    to have a un together and

    become lielong riends.

    The Lee Womens Rugby Football Club is currently in the developmental process or creating a team that will exist or many years to come. Since all

    o 2008, the membership has grown by more than 40% and that number continues to grow each semester. Looking to oster excellence, the Lee

    Womens RFC continues to advance the bonds between the team members, ocusing specically on connections between existing and new players.

    The ocus is on the new players because a lot o the girls that rst come out are excited by the thought o rugby, but intimidated by their lack o

    experience so the existing members help the new girls assimilate into the rugby experience. This eases the ears o new girls while encouraging

    riendship between all parties.

    With the continued growth o the team, the Lee Womens RFC is continuing to rise through the ranks in the rugby world. In the 2009-2010 season,

    the Lee Womens RFC urthered the MidSouth Collegiate All-Star team by supplying nine team members. In April o 2010, the team qualied or the

    national tournament ater completing an undeeated regular season. The girls nished #11 in the nation.

    To solidiy the team into a legend, the girls are ocusing on creating an atmosphere worthy o the honor. The Lee Womens RFC is working hard to

    better themselves not only individually, but also as a team.

    Strengthing the Bonds


  • 8/6/2019 Rugby Sponsorship Packet



    The Future of Lee Womens Rugby Football Club

    The members o the Lee Womens RFC are not willing to settle or just reaching the national level. Every year they hope to get a little bit urther down

    the road toward the national championship. They realize this will not happen overnight, however, they are determined to get there over time. Each

    year provides a diferent challenge to ace. The rst was merely orming and sustaining a club and the second was adjusting to the game itsel and

    nding their ooting in the rugby world. The third season opened itsel to the national tournament, though both games in it were lost. The girls hope

    that in the ollowing season that they will win at least one game in the national tournament and thereore conquer their next mountain.

    The uture or the Lee Womens RFC is bright. In a recent standings gure, named Lee University the Big movers o the Collegiate

    Womens Division II category. The team is already making a name or themselves and they dont plan on stopping their momentum any time soon.

    Resolved to continue the success o the club, th