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Rocudo Slide Deck

Jun 26, 2015




A Slide Deck describing Rocudo - the Interactive Music platform at

  • 1. Music Promotion, Distribution & Sales Platform for Web, Mobile & Tablet

2. Rocudo: Lego Music

  • Rocudo Studio visualises a 4x4 palette of music Loops which play on independent decks
  • Simple colour-coded visuals, auto sync and real time Sound FX make it the coolest player around
  • Allows users to create interactive music for e.g. Facebook and their very own Branded iPhone App

Rocudos DJ-style music concept and technology connects Fan & Artist in a creative engagement 3. Rocudo Flash Player

  • Rocudo Player overlays the 4x4 matrix of loops over creators artwork
  • Loops start/stop with automatic sync and colour-coded graphics to indicate state
  • Sound FX may be improvised on-the-fly
  • Rocudo Player may be shared on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc, or embedded in any web site
  • Users can record their own versions of a basic set of sounds and Save, Share

Rocudo Player is a never-plays-the-same-twice Music Widget for all the Social Networks & any Website 4. Smartphone App

  • Rocudo Pro User listing auto-generated using Profile (images, links) and Music
  • Pro User gets Stats to see monthly activities for Widgets & Apps
  • Sell through the App: push, Tracks, Remixes, Gig tickets etc to Fans regularly - Rocudo manages In-App purchases (and brings an audience)

Premium Interactive Music product in the palm of your Captive Fans hand 5. Generate Buzz & Sales

  • Sell your App and then sell content through it: create Tracks & Remix Packs in Rocudo Studio and push to your Fans
  • Stats page shows at a glance whats happening with your Widgets, Apps and Sales
  • At the end of every month, you get an activities/sales summary for your account including $$s youre owed

Pro Users:your Fans are captive 24/7 so push Apps & Music to them often

  • 1,000 Rocudo Pro Users, each with a Fan/App base of 1,000 =1m Rocudo chances to turn a $

6. Rocudo Business Model

  • Subscriptions
    • Rocudo basic is Free; Pro brings Branding & Sales Opportunities
  • Smartphone/Tablet Apps
    • Rocudo charges for its Fan App, which includes access to all Rocudo content and Search/Discovery of new Artists, DJs Bands etc
    • Rocudo developing an iPad DJ App, combining content with Pro-level DJ features to target premium App at thewannabes
  • In-App Marketplace
    • Pro Users can sell music viaIn-Apppurchasing an easy & powerful way to generate large numbers of sales opportunities
    • RevShare pays 10 Apps / month covers Rocudo subscription
  • Licensing
    • Advertising/Sponsorship projects will be sought in relation to, which has a much sought-after audience
    • Customised Studio Technology available towhite-labellicense

7. Activity/Monetisation Model

  • Model Basis
    • Set-up Fee 20, monthly 5
    • Each Pro User engages with Fan base (of avg. size 500-2,000); 5% buy App; 5% of Pro Users push 1 In-App update per month
    • App costs 0.79; In-App update costs minimum 0.79
    • Apple takes 30%, Rocudo 15%, Pro User gets 55% - a psychologically significant majority revenue share
  • Significant Scale Potential
    • Increased User adoption; Larger Fan bases; Premium Pricing on Apps & Updates, Major Licensing deals leads to:
    • 1m+ active users, 100,000 new monthly; 2,000 Fans per Pro User, generating monthly 20m+ In-App Sales opportunities

8. Traction

  • 12,000+ Free users to date, from over 100 countries
  • Partnerships with Loopmasterswww.loopmasters.comand
  • First Social integrations completed: Facebook & Twitter
  • First Smartphone Apps completed: iPhone & Android
  • Currently rolling our Rocudo Pro Accounts with high-profile hand-picked Artists & Labels
  • Site fully self-service in Q2 2011; Tablet App released in July 2011; Android port Q3 2011

9. Company Overview

  • Culann mac Cabe, CEO
    • PhD in Digital Signal Processing, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    • Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin, Ireland
    • Various other Recording, Consulting, Start-up Projects
  • Rocudo Investors, Board & Staff
    • Private Investors + EI support
    • Directors: ex Google Engineering Manager; CEO of UK-based loudspeaker manufacturer; retired World Bank Senior Economist
    • 6 Staff (3 full-time, 3 part time/interns); based in National University of Ireland, Galway City, Ireland
  • Technology
    • Wholly-owned IP in machine listening and online interactive music
    • Patenting process ongoing
  • Tax Status
    • Very low (12.5%) Corporation Tax in Ireland
    • Company gets substantial Tax Credits on all R&D
    • Investments by Irish taxpayers qualify for Tax Relief

10. Investment Opportunity

  • Funding Requirement: circa 500K
  • Funds will be used to:
  • Hire experienced Sales & Marketing professional to drive monetization strategy and revenue
  • Secure Company IP via patenting process
  • Hire Android Developer (Smartphone & Tablet App)
  • Execute Marketing Plan: Trade Shows, Music Festivals, Online/Print Ads etc
  • Build the Management Team, Expand the Board

11. Contact

  • Culann mac Cabe, CEO
  • [email_address]
  • +353 87 225 8492 (mobile)
  • www.rocudo.commoves your music