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RK Memoirs

Jan 22, 2018



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“It’s a wonderful experience that I will never forget in my life”

“I believe that, what had happen to me before my first step reach the K-Pop’s country was to test my iman to Him before He gave me this nikmat (nikmat of journey to other country). Sometime, I felt that it is a dream. Sometimes, I can’t believe that the fantasy can be reality. However, that is the true, I’m in Korea.”

“A lot of beautiful and wonderful scenes that can be see through out this journey. Subhanallah! Allah is really Great. A lot of new experiences that I gained from this journey.” “For me, I remember a few phrases such as kamsahamida, pali, and anneyohasayo.” “What had happen to us, good or bad, is sunnatullah that Allah had planned, and it’s surely benefit to us.” “Though many people tend to spend more time indoors, Korea’s winter sports offer plenty of tempting reasons to go outside. The good news is, when it comes to winter activities, the colder outside it is, the better, for us…. Played ice skating or snow sledge, gave us the gift of an unforgettable winter memory in Korea.” “I love one of the seafood restaurants in Seoul where they served us almost perfect meal with tasty grilled fish, squids and kimchi. I added more than 3 times the meal which I am very satisfied.” “Koreans are really punctual and very good in time management. They even run from one station to another to get their public transports which at the first place make me feel like laughing. But that is their culture which I really respect with their very outstanding facilities and technologies.” “I remembered the most the moment snow coming down . Feel like in a dream

for me to touch the snow and even play with it. Sounds like childish, but for Malaysians like us to experience the snow was a superb experience.”

“Indeed, the Jeju - Seoul trip was an adventurous, deeply engaging, & the memories etched in our minds are priceless. Lots of fun, lovely group of people; what a great journey! ^0^ “

“Alhamdulillah...truly satisfied with everything! Will never ever forget the memories”

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