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Rise of Mussolini Ms. Garratt. ï‚‍ Italian nat’lists felt betrayed by Paris peace treaties. Yugoslavia ï‚‍ Veterans returned to econ & pol...

Apr 01, 2015



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Rise of Mussolini Ms. Garratt Slide 2 Italian natlists felt betrayed by Paris peace treaties. Yugoslavia Veterans returned to econ & pol chaos Strikes Unemployment Conflict between workers & industry Feuding political factions Mussolini responds to these problems by creating the Fascist party Upper class was very nervous Musso got grass roots support as well as from the upper classes who feared Communism and Socialism Slide 3 Extreme form of aggressive nationalism Race used to justify aggression & Social Darwinism. Individuals subservient to the state - strict obedience demanded Children were indoctrinated Anti-communist Anti-democratic Slide 4 (1)Single party dictatorship. (2) State controlled economy. (3) Use of spies & state terrorism. (4) Strict censorship & control of the media. (5) Use of schools & media to indoctrinate & mobilize citizens. (6) Civil rights are sacrificed for strict obedience to the state. (7) War & militarism are glorified Slide 5 Organized the Fascist party 1919 Mussolini was its dictator Spoke of reviving Roman glory Result(s)? Slide 6 Organized black shirts (combat gangs) Used violence & terror against political opponents such as communists and socialists. Results? Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Citizens bombarded with slogans glorifying the state & Musso. Believe, obey, fight were blasted from loudspeakers. A minute on the battlefield is worth a lifetime of peace was the fascist position. RESULTS? Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 Economy under state control. Preserved capitalism but state directed econ policy The economy improved HOWEVER, came at labors expense as strikes outlawed & wages dropped. ANTI- Communist RESULTS? Slide 14 Revive ancient glory of Rome Aggressive Social Darwinist approach to world affairs Will justify foreign aggression and pact with Hitler. RESULTS? Slide 15 Alliance between Germany & Italy Both pursue very aggressive military policies Both justify action on social Darwinism. Hitler will have to bail out Mussolini out militarily often Slide 16 Slide 17 Slide 18 Slide 19 Musso built the 1 st totalitarian state which was never as extreme as Germanys or Soviet Unions. What was its appeal? Promised strong, stable gov & to end political & econ paralysis that came with democracy. Revived national pride. Promised to restore the former glory of the Roman Empire Projected sense of power during times of despair & disorder Slide 20 Both flourished during difficult economic times. Both promoted extreme programs of social change. Both had totalitarian governments to bring about a social revolution. Both were dictatorships. The USSR, Italy, & Germany were all totalitarian regimes. Slide 21 Communism sought to: 1. Destroy capitalism 2. Promote world revolution through COMINTERN 3. End class conflict. 4. Race not important Fascism sought to: 1. Maintain capitalism but destroy communism 2. Engage in foreign aggression based on Social Darwinism 3. Preserve class differences 4. Race extremely important Slide 22 Three ideologies vied for power during the postwar years. Democracy in Brit & Fr was challenged by difficult economic challenges & labor. Communism in USSR attractive to some workers but seen as a threat to capitalist govs Fascism in Germ & Italy attractive for its appeal to national unity & patriotism. As the Great Depression deepens fascist ideology will become more attractive. Slide 23 Slide 24 Slide 25 Scrapbook Assignment Create a newspaper editorial (propaganda) that glorifies Mussolini and fascism. This editorial would have to pass the fascist censors Reference all of the following: The economy National pride Political stability Slide 26 Demands change in gov King ( V.E. II) succumbs Allows him to become the prime minister Slide 27