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Also Included NEW Double Gauze Fabrics, Clover, Oliso, and Gingher, New Designer Patterns, & more! Exclusive distributor of: Designer Spotlights Dodi Lee Poulsen for ‘Lulabelle’ fabric Amy Hamberlin of Kati Cupcake New Fabric Lines Riley Blake Designs: November Lulabelle by Dodi Lee Poulsen Lovebugs Collection by Doodlebug Design Inc. Apricot & Persimmon by Carina Gardner Wheels 2 by Deena Rutter October: Sashing Stash by Eleanor Dugan Ardently Austen by Amanda Herring Zombie Love by Emily Taylor Blackbeard’s Pirates by The RBD Designers Woodland Spring by Design by Dani Penny Rose Fabrics: November The Era of Jan by Sue Daley Harrington by Leonie Bateman October: French Roosters by Rebecca Baer Church Ladies’ Aprons by Mary Mulari November 2015

Riley Blake Designs November 2015 Consumer Mailer

Jul 24, 2016



Come and see all of the new fabric lines and notions hitting your local and online quilt shops.
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    Also IncludedNEW Double Gauze Fabrics,Clover, Oliso, and Gingher,

    New Designer Patterns, & more!

    Exclusive distributor of:

    Designer SpotlightsDodi Lee Poulsen for Lulabelle fabric

    Amy Hamberlin of Kati Cupcake

    New Fabric LinesRiley Blake Designs: November

    Lulabelle by Dodi Lee PoulsenLovebugs Collection by Doodlebug Design Inc.

    Apricot & Persimmon by Carina GardnerWheels 2 by Deena Rutter

    October: Sashing Stash by Eleanor DuganArdently Austen by Amanda Herring

    Zombie Love by Emily TaylorBlackbeards Pirates by The RBD Designers

    Woodland Spring by Design by DaniPenny Rose Fabrics: November

    The Era of Jan by Sue DaleyHarrington by Leonie Bateman

    October: French Roosters by Rebecca BaerChurch Ladies Aprons by Mary Mulari

    November 2015

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  • Fabric Collection (A-Z) Designer Availability Page

    Products/Information Company/Designer Availability Page

    Apricot & Persimmon Carina Gardner Now 8-9

    Ardently Austen Amanda Herring Now 14-15

    Blackbeards Pirates The RBD Designers Now 18-19

    Calico Days Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Dec 32

    Church Ladies Aprons Mary Mulari Now 26-27

    Double Gauze NEW Assorted Designers Now-July 2016 36-41

    Era of Jane Collection (The) Sue Daley Now 22-23

    French Roosters Rebecca Baer Now 28-29

    Harrington Leonie Bateman Now 24-25

    Lovebugs Collection Doddlebug Design Inc. Now 6-7

    Lulabelle Dodi Lee Poulsen Now 4-5

    Sashing Stash Eleanor Dugan Now 12-13

    Wheels 2 Deena Rutter for My Minds Eye Now 10-11

    Woodland Spring Design by Dani Now 20-21

    Wool Penny Rose Fabric Now 30-31

    Zombie Love Emily Taylor Now 16-17

    Cozy Cottage 2016 Calendar Lori Hot of Bee in my Bonnet Now 33

    Calico Days Bloom Sew Along Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Begins Jan 18, 2016 34-35

    Zippers Riley Blake Designs Now - Dec 42

    Waistband Elastic (2 inch) Riley Blake Designs Now - Jan 2016 43

    Pattern Designer Spotlight Amy Hamberlin of Kati Cupcake --- 44

    Patterns in the Spotlight (NEW) Assorted Designers Now 45

    Company Spotlight Clover, Pellon, Gingher, Olfa Now 46-49

    CONTENTSNovember 2015 Monthly Mailer

    Designer Fabric Collections

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    Dodi Lee Poulsen of Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow and Little Londyn Designs

    I grew up in Northern California with a close knit family. My love of fabric and the art of the needle came quite honestly and naturally to me. One of my favorite memories was sitting on my Grandmothers lap as a child while I helped Nana push fabric through her treadle sewing machine. At the age of ten, with my mothers gentle guidance, I created my first sewn garment. It didnt take me long to realize the sewing machine and I |were destined to become lifelong partners.

    I received a BFA degree in Interior Design and freelanced for many years in my own company, In the Beginning Creations. For me, quilting and sewing embraces emotion and they beautifully blend fabric with the heart of its creator. I started quilting over 40 years ago, while in college, when I needed a textile project. I taught myself to quilt and it has become my passion. In 2006, I launched my pattern company, Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow and later added a childrens division, Little Londyn, which I run with my daughter, Megan Miles.

    I love teaching the art of quilting and for nearly 30 years have shared this with students throughout the country. I have authored 5 books and have over 70 published patterns. My work has appeared in numerous magazines over the years and I have been a teacher with Quilt Camp at Sea since 2009. I feel immensely blessed to be a part of this industry and love every minute I get to spend creating. My hope is to inspire others to find their voice through creativity.

    Today I happily design and create at home, in the state of Washington, with my sweet hubby. The beautiful Northwest provides an incredible backdrop for inspiration. My husband and I have raised a fabulous son and super-talented daughter. Together they have given us 8 grandchildren to spoil and adore.

    Blog: | Website:

    Quilt Project: Bluebell | Quilt Size: 76 x 76

    About Dodi Lee Poulsen

    C - Cotton Option


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    Available Now

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections

    100% Fine Cotton

    C5061 Cream Lulabelle Medallion

    C5060 Navy Lulabelle Main

    C5062Navy Lulabelle Bowtie

    C5063Mint Lulabelle Petal

    C5064Navy Lulabelle Scallops

    C5062Gray Lulabelle Bowtie

    C5063Pink Lulabelle Petal

    C5064Pink Lulabelle Scallops


    Black Four Corners Stripe


    Black Four Corners Stripe


    Black Four Corners Stripe

    C5061Navy Lulabelle Medallion

    C5062Mint Lulabelle Bowtie

    C5063Yellow Lulabelle Petal

    C5064Mint Lulabelle Scallops

    C5060Mint Lulabelle Main

    C5061Mint Lulabelle Medallion

    C5060Cream Lulabelle Main

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    Riley Blake Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable


    C5051 White Lovebug Friends

    C5050 White Lovebug Main

    C5052Red Lovebug Envelopes

    C5053Red Lovebug Grid

    C5054Red Lovebug Love

    C5052White Lovebug Envelopes

    C5053Gray Lovebug Grid

    C5054White Lovebug Love


    Black Four Corners Stripe


    Black Four Corners Stripe


    Black Four Corners Stripe

    C5051Pink Lovebug Friends

    C5052Pink Lovebug Envelopes

    C5053Pink Lovebug Grid

    C5054Pink Lovebug Love

    C5050Pink Lovebug Main

    C5051Gray Lovebug Friends

    C5050Gray Lovebug Main

    100% Fine Cotton

    C - Cotton Option

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    Quilt Project: Big Hearted | Quilt Size: 75 5/8 x 77 5/8 For display purposes only

    P007-Sunny Dressby Butterfly Kisses

  • 8

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable


    C4900Black Apricot Main

    C4900Cream Apricot Main

    C4900Mint Apricot Main

    C4901Peach Apricot Floral

    C4902Cream Apricot Petal

    C4903Black Apricot Criss Cross

    C4904Black Apricot Fern

    C4905Black Apricot Stripe

    C4901Coral Apricot Floral

    C4902Pink Apricot Petal

    C4903Peach Apricot Criss Cross

    C4904Coral Apricot Fern

    C4905Coral Apricot Stripe

    C4901Mint Apricot Floral

    C4902Mint Apricot Petal

    C4903Orange Apricot Criss Cross

    C4904Pink Apricot Fern

    C4905Mint Apricot Stripe

    100% Fine Cotton

    C - Cotton Option

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    Quilt Project: Apricot Compote | Quilt Size: 60 x 80

    P040-Little Meadowlark 18 Doll Nightgownby Carina Gardner

    P007-Billies Best Dress by Butterfly Kisses

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    Riley Blake Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable

    Now Home Dec Available January 2016 100% Fine Cotton, Flannel, & Canvas

    VP5041 Brown Wheels Canvas Panel (36" x 44" Panel)

    C5040 F5040 Gray Wheels Main

    C5042Gray Wheels Road

    C5043Gray Wheels Signs

    C5044 F5044Gray Wheels Dots

    C5042Blue Wheels Road

    C5043Blue Wheels Signs

    C5044 F5044Blue Wheels Dots


    Black Four Corners Stripe


    Black Four Corners Stripe


    Black Four Corners Stripe

    VP5041Tan Wheels Canvas Panel (36" x 44" Panel)

    C5042Cream Wheels Road

    C5043Tan Wheels Signs

    C5044 F5044Red Wheels Dots

    C5040 F5040Tan Wheels Main

    VP5041Green Wheels Canvas Panel (36" x 44" Panel)

    C5040 F5040Blue Wheels Main

    C - Cotton, F - Flannel, VP - Canvas Options

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    Quilt Project: Crossroads | Quilt Size: 52 x 64

    P045-Inside Or Out Pocket Pants by Fishsticks Designs

  • 12

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable


    100% Fine Cotton

    C - Cotton Option

    C945 Black/White Sashing Stash Main

    C945 Blue/White Sashing Stash Main

    C945 Red/Cream Sashing Stash Main

    C946 Black/White Sashing Stash Triangle

    C946 Blue/White Sashing Stash Triangle

    C946 Red/Cream Sashing Stash Triangle

    C947 Black/White Sashing Stash Flying Geese

    C947 Blue/White Sashing Stash Flying Geese

    C947 Red/Cream Sashing Stash Flying Geese

    C948 Black/White Sashing Stash Checkerboard

    C948 Blue/White Sashing Stash Checkerboard

    Red/Cream Sashing Stash Checkerboard

    by Eleanor Dugan | 100% Fine Cotton

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    Quilt Project: Ocean Waves | Quilt Size: 42 x 54 For display purposes only

    For display purposes only

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    Riley Blake Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable


    100% Fine Cotton

    C - Cotton Option

    C4950White Austen Main

    C4950Teal Austen Main

    C4950Red Austen Main

    C4951Yellow Austen Teacups

    C4952Red Austen Silhouette

    C4953Yellow Austen Medallion

    C4954Black Austen Text

    C4955Green Austen Geometric

    C4956 Multi Austen Floral

    C4951Teal Austen Teacups

    C4952Yellow Austen Silhouette

    C4953Teal Austen Medallion

    C4954Teal Austen Text

    C4955 Teal Austen Geometric

    C4956 Teal Austen Floral

    C4951 Red Austen Teacups

    C4952 Teal Austen Silhouette

    C4953 Red Austen Medallion

    C4954 Yellow Austen Text

    C4955 Red Austen Geometric

    C4956 Red Austen Floral

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    Quilt Project: Sensible | Quilt Size: 60 x 72

  • 16

    Available Now

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections

    100% Fine Cotton

    C - Cotton Option

    C4961 Black Zombie Love Heart

    C4961 Pink Zombie Love Heart

    C4961 Orange Zombie Love Heart

    C4962 Gray Zombie Love Floral

    C4962 Cream Zombie Love Floral

    C4962 Black Zombie Love Floral

    C4960 Cream Zombie Love Main

    C4960 Gray Zombie Love Main

    C4960 Pink Zombie Love Main

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    Quilt Project: Love Never Dies | Quilt Size: 60 x 74P024-Rosie the Zombie by Emily Taylor Designs

    P036-Broken Heartz by Uncle Pauls Quilts

  • 18

    Available Now

    C - Cotton Option

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections

    100% Fine Cotton

    C5033Multi Blackbeard Stripe

    C5033Gray Blackbeard Stripe

    C5033Blue Blackbeard Stripe

    C5032Red Blackbeard Skull

    C5032Gray Blackbeard Skull

    C5032Black Blackbeard Skull

    C5031Gray Blackbeard Shark

    C5031Blue Blackbeard Shark

    C5031White Blackbeard Shark

    C5030Gold Blackbeard Main

    C5030Gray Blackbeard Main

    C5030Blue Blackbeard Main

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    Quilt Project: Swimming Sharks | Quilt Size: 56 x 58

    P045-Playdate Bag by Fishsticks Designs

    P029-Pack Pack by GoLightly Sewing StudioAlso: Sew Together Project Kit - KT2132

    Sew Together Project Kit - KT2126 (coming soon)

  • 20 C - Cotton Option

    100% Fine Cotton & Knit

    C4990Coral Woodland Main

    C4990Cream Woodland Main

    C4990Aqua Woodland Main

    C4991Coral Woodland Friends

    C4992Coral Woodland Petal

    C4993Cream Woodland Floral

    C4994 K4994Coral Woodland Geometric

    C4995Coral Woodland Stripe

    C4991Aqua Woodland Friends

    C4992Cream Woodland Petal

    C4993Green Woodland Floral

    C4994 K4994Green Woodland Geometric

    C4995Cream Woodland Stripe

    C4991Navy Woodland Friends

    C4992Navy Woodland Petal

    C4993Navy Woodland Floral

    C4994 K4994Navy Woodland Geometric

    C4995Navy Woodland Stripe

    Available Now

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections

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    Quilt Project: Doe a Deer | Quilt Size: 68 x 80

    P050-Skipper by Olive Ann Designs

    P055-Sweet Pea Bag by Kati CupcakeAlso: Sew Together Project Kit - KT2133 (coming soon)

  • 22

    C4970Red Jane Main

    C4970Green Jane Main

    C4970Brown Jane Main

    C4971 Red Jane Border

    C4972 Red Jane Flower

    C4973 Rose Jane Leaf

    C4974 Red Jane Circles

    C4975 Red Jane Petal

    C4971 Green Jane Border

    C4972 Green Jane Flower

    C4973 Gold Jane Leaf

    C4974 Brown Jane Circles

    C4975 Cream Jane Petal

    C4976 Green Jane Knot

    C4971Blue Jane Border

    C4972 Blue Jane Flower

    C4973 Blue Jane Leaf

    C4974 Blue Jane Circles

    C4975 Blue Jane Petal

    C4976 Gold Jane Knot

    100% Fine Cotton

    C4976 Red Jane Knot

    Available Now

    Penny Rose Designer Fabric Collections

    C - Cotton Option

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    N093-Pemberly | Quilt Size: 84x 93Quilt Project: Star Gazing | Quilt Size: 84 x 84

    Pemberly Signature Quilt by Katrina Hadjimichael

  • 24

    Penny Rose Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable


    C - Cotton Option

    C4980Blue Harrington Main

    C4980Pink Harrington Main

    C4980Green Harrington Main

    C4981Blue Harrington Stripe

    C4982Blue Harrington Leaves

    C4983Blue Harrington Diamond

    C4984Blue Harrington Ovals

    C4985Blue Harrington Daisy

    C4986 Blue Harrington BonBon

    C4981 Pink Harrington Stripe

    C4982Tan Harrington Leaves

    C4983Pink Harrington Diamond

    C4984Pink Harrington Ovals

    C4985Pink Harrington Daisy

    C4986 Pink Harrington BonBon

    C4981 Green Harrington Stripes

    C4982 Green Harrington Leaves

    C4983 Green Harrington Diamond

    C4984 Green Harrington Ovals

    C4985 Green Harrington Daisy

    C4986 Tan Harrington BonBon

    100% Fine Cotton

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    Harrington Quilt Size 82x 82

    P103-Harringtonby Leonie Bateman

    HarringtonLBD29 The copyright of this patt ern is owned by Leonie Bateman Designs

    Distributed By:Leonie Bateman DesignsTasmania, 499 773 253

    Quilt Size: 82 squareCotton Fabrics 2 3/4 yds (2.5m) C4980 Blue Harrington Main - Main Border 2 yds (2.2m) C4985 Blue Harrington Daisy - Background 1 yd (90cm) C4981 Blue Harrington Stripe - 1st & 2nd Border 1/3 yd (30cm) of 15 different prints from the Harrington Range 5/8 yd (60cm) C4981 Blue Harrington Stripe - Binding Fat 1/8th C4983 Blue Harrington Diamond - Reverse applique Fat 16th C4982 Blue Harrington Leaves - Reverse applique Fat 16th C4982 Green Harrington Leaves - Reverse applique 7 2/3 yds (7m) Backing Fabric

    Washed Woven Wool 6 (15cm) x wof Brown for stars 6 (15cm) x wof Blue for stars 6 x 12 (15cm x 30cm) Brown for stems 10 x 24 (25cm x 60cm) Blue for main fl owers & centre circle 10 x 12 (25cm x 30cm) Pink for side fl owers 5 x 12 (13cm x 30cm) Red for centre fl owers 6 square (15cm) Dark Green for leaves 6 x 12 (15cm x 30cm) Green for leaves

    Other Requirements Aurifi l 28wt Cotton Mako thread in colours to match your wools 4m Freezer Paper Stapler, Water Soluble Glue Stick and General Sewing Supplies


    Quilt Project: Time Gone By | Quilt Size: 66 x 76

  • 26

    Penny Rose Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable


    C4930 Black Aprons Main C4930 Yellow Aprons Main C4930 Red Aprons Main

    P4931Black Aprons Panel

    C4932Green Aprons Small Floral

    C4933Blue Aprons Gingham

    C4934Blue Aprons Leaves

    C4935Black Aprons Stripe

    P4931Yellow Aprons Panel

    C4932Yellow Aprons Small Floral

    C4933Orange Aprons Gingham

    C4934Yellow Aprons Leaves

    C4935Red Aprons Stripe

    P4931Red Aprons Panel

    C4932Cream Aprons Small Floral

    C4933Red Aprons Gingham

    C4934Red Aprons Leaves

    C4935Yellow Aprons Stripe

    100% Fine Cotton

    C - Cotton Option

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    P4931 Black Aprons Panel P4931 Yellow Aprons Panel P4931 Red Aprons Panel

    Quilt Project: Vintage Picnic | Quilt Size: 67 x 83 7/8

  • 28

    Penny Rose Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable


    C - Cotton Option

    100% Fine Cotton

    C5074 Black French Swirl

    C5074 Cream French Swirl

    C5074 Red French Swirl

    C5073 Black French Script

    C5073 Gold French Script

    C5073 Cream French Script

    C5073 Red French Script

    C5072 Green French Diamond

    C5072 Red French Diamond

    C5072 Cream French Diamond

    C5071 Black French Rooster

    C5071 Red French Rooster

    C5071 Cream French Rooster

    C5070 Black French Main

    C5070 Gold French Main

    C5070 Cream French Main

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    Quilt Project: Something to Crow About | Quilt Size: 67 x 87

    P024-SweetHeart Apronby Emily Taylor Design

    For Display Purposes Only

  • 30

    Available Now

    Penny Rose Designer Fabric Collections

    W - Wool Option

    W100 Cream Wool

    W100 Blue Wool W100 Pink Wool

    W100 Dark Green WoolW100 Brown Wool W100 Green Wool

    W100 Red Wool


    Pre-cuts available for wool

    1 Yard 1YD-W100-7

    10-Inch Stacker 10-W100-7

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    NEW QUILT PATTERN P103-The Woolen Mill Quilt Size 32x 32

    C5270 Charcoal Evandale Main5/8 Yard (Includes Binding)

    C5276 Tan Evandale Clover1 1/2 Yards

    W100 Brown Wool10 x 10

    W100 Red WoolFat 1/4

    W100 Dark Green Wool10 x 10

    W100 Green Wool10 x 10

    W100 Pink Wool10 x 10

    W100 Blue Wool10 x 10

    Binding 1/3 Yard (Included)Backing 1 1/4 Yards

    10-Inch Stacker

    Quantity 1


    The Woolen Mill Signature Quilt by Leonie Bateman

    Fabric Requirements

  • 32

    C6030Nutmeg Calico Main

    C6030 Pink Calico Main

    C6030 Mint Calico Main

    C6031Nutmeg Calico Week Days

    C6033 Yellow Calico Chicks

    C6034 K6034 Green Calico Daisy

    C6035 K6035Yellow Calico Cherry

    C6036 Green Calico Plaid

    C6037 Green Calico Strawberry

    C6032 Nutmeg Calico Fat Eighth Panel

    C6031White Calico Week Days

    C6031Mint Calico Week Days

    C6033 Denim Calico Chicks

    C6034 K6034 Yellow Calico Daisy

    C6035 K6035 Denim Calico Cherry

    C6036 Mint Calico Plaid

    C6037 Mint Calico Strawberry

    C6032 Pink Calico Fat Eighth Panel

    C6032 Mint Calico Fat Eighth Panel

    C6033 Red Calico Chicks

    C6034 K6034Aqua Calico Daisy

    C6035 K6035 Pink Calico Cherry

    C6036 Red Calico Plaid

    C6037 Yellow Calico Strawberry

    100% Fine Cotton & Knit | Available December! PRE-ORDER TODAY

    C - Cotton Option

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    This twelve-month calendar

    includes Loris pattern for

    a house block in two sizes, plus

    a mini quilt and pillow!

    Available Now!

    NEW Cozy Cottage 2016 Calendar & Patterns by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet


    Farm Girl Vintage



  • 34

    Yardage for 1 Bloom Quilt Kit

    Binding 5/8 Yard | Backing 3 3/4 Yards

    Supplies Needed: Bloom Sew Simple Shapes Kit, 1/4 Bias Tape Maker.

    8 1/2 Fiskars Ruler, Clover Turner, and Sew-in Interfacing

    C6030 Mint MainFat 1/8th

    C6030 Nutmeg MainFat 1/8th

    C6030 Pink MainFat 1/8th

    C6031 Mint WeekdaysFat 1/8th

    C6031 Nutmeg Week DaysFat 1/8th

    C6031 Nutmeg Week Days1 Yard

    C6031 White Week Days1 3/8 Yards

    FEP6032 Mint Fat Eighth Panel1 Panel

    FEP6032 Nutmeg Fat Eighth Panel1 Panel

    FEP6032 Pink Fat Eighth Panel1 Panel

    C6033 Denim ChicksFat 1/8th

    C6033 Red ChicksFat 1/8th

    C6033 Yellow ChicksFat 1/8th

    C6034 Aqua DaisyFat 1/8th

    C6034 Green DaisyFat 1/8th

    C6034 Yellow DaisyFat 1/8th

    C6035 Denim CherryFat 1/8th

    C6035 Pink CherryFat 1/8th

    C6035 Yellow CherryFat 1/8th

    C6036 Green PlaidFat 1/8th

    C6036 Mint PlaidFat 1/8th

    C6036 Red PlaidFat 1/8th

    C6037 Green StrawberryFat 1/8th

    C6037 Mint StrawberryFat 1/8th

    C6037 Yellow StrawberryFat 1/8th

    Youre Invited !WHAT:

    BLOOM SEW ALONGwith Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

    Lori will be using her Calico Days fabric and Sew Simple Shapes

    to make the BLOOM quilt and other fun projects along the way!

    WHEN: Starting Monday, January 18, 2016

    WHERE:Riley Blake Designs

    www.rileyblakedesigns.comLori Holts Blog

  • | | 35

    N039-464-061/4 Bias Tape Maker

    The bias maker is used to make your own bias tape for the stems of the flowers.

    N013-187200-10018 1/2 Fiskars Ruler

    The 8 ruler is used for measuring and squaring up the blocks in the BLOOM quilt after the appliqu is complete.

    STTEMPLATES-1339 Bloom-Sew Simple Shapes

    Seams Sew Easy by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

    Supplies needed

    BLOOM Sew Simple Shapesby Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

    This is a seam guide that temporarily adheres to the bed of any sewing machine. Made sturdy with see through plastic for easy placement. Lori designed her Seams Sew Easy for use as an accurate seam and especially for use when constructing her blocks which use the easy corner triangle method. This saves time by not having to mark lines on your fabric when sew-ing half square triangles, flying geese or snow balls too! The center circle of the guide is also marked with grid lines for other sewing such as hemming or wider seam allowances. These grid lines also help to ensure correct placement when adhering to your sewing machine bed.

    1. Needle-Align needle with center of dot.

    2. Cut and Save-Cut plastic out by starting in the cut out circle and cut on dotted line. Save cut-out for future reference.

    3. Stick-it-Place a stick-it on 4 of the petals and adhere to your sewing machine base. COMES IN 4 HAPPY COLORS!

    Lori has created 24 fun shapes for an endless variety of designs using your appliqu method of choice; by hand, by machine or iron on.

    Made of sturdy plastic. They have center marks and are see through for fussy cutting.

    The BLOOM Sew Simple Shapes set will be used in her BLOOM Sew Along starting January 18, 2016. Lori will be making the BLOOM quilt and sev-eral other projects along the way using these templates.

    N039-8703Clover Turner The Clover Turner is a tool that helps to press perfect points and curves. This is used to smooth out the edges of each shape after it is sewn and turned right side out and prepared for appliqu.

    N010_PLS36Sew-In Interfacing This lightweight Sew-in Interfacing is used for the backing of each prepared fabric piece from Lori Holts Sew Simple Shapes using her appliqu method.

    STST-MEDIUM1 Stick-its Stick-it dots are reusable and repositionable 1 circles.

    STSEAMGUIDE - Green, Red, Pink, Aqua Bloom-Sew Simple Shapes


    Small Spools

    TH-HC12 Large Spools

  • NEW Double GauzeFabric Collections

    Double Gauze fabric is two layers of loosely woven, lightweight cotton fabric woven together

    at intervals creating a semi-sheer fabric with a soft drape. The two layers behave as one, and

    the looser weave gives the fabric softness. Create everything from swaddling blankets for

    babies to summery tops for women and girls to lighter weight blankets and quilts.

  • 38

    G5320 Citron Acorn Main

    G5321 Citron Acorn Forest

    G5324 Citron Acorn Bloom Dot

    G5320 Green Acorn Main

    G5321 Brown Acorn Forest

    G5324 Red Acorn Bloom Dot

    G5320 Cream Acorn Main

    G5321 Cream Acorn Forest

    G5324 Teal Acorn Bloom Dot

    100% Cotton Gauze

    Riley Blake Designer Double Gauze Fabric Collections


    by patty young

    G - Gauze | 57/58" Wide

    Available July2016

  • | | 39

    G581 Aqua Lulabelle Petal

    G580 Multi Flutter

    G582 Gold Plus Print

    G581 Pink Lulabelle Petal

    G580 Coral Flutter

    G582 Navy Plus Print

    G581 Yellow Lulabelle Petal

    G580 Teal Flutter

    G582 Gray Plus Print

    100% Cotton Gauze

    100% Cotton Gauze

    100% Cotton Gauze

    100% Cotton Gauze

    Flutter Gauze by Patty Young

    Lulabelle Petal Gauze

    Plus Gauze

    Gauze Solids

    G100 White Gauze G100 Hot Pink Gauze G100 Aqua Gauze G100 Gray Gauze G100 Navy Gauze

    Available Now

  • 40

    G583 Red Apples

    G584 Aqua Whale

    G585 Multi Anchor

    G583 Green Apples

    G584 Gray Whale

    G585 Gray Anchor

    G583 Gray Apples

    G584 Navy Whale

    G585 Navy Anchor

    100% Cotton Gauze

    100% Cotton Gauze

    100% Cotton Gauze

    Whale Gauze

    Apple Gauze

    Anchor Gauze

    Available Now

    G - Gauze | 57/58" Wide

  • | | 41

    G586 Yellow Giraffe

    G587 Pink Elephant

    G588 Pink Gingham 1/2 inch G588 Red Gingham 1/2 inch G588 Navy Gingham 1/2 inch G588 Gray Gingham 1/2 inch

    G586 Gray Giraffe

    G587 Aqua Elephant

    G586 Pink Giraffe

    G587 Gray Elephant

    100% Cotton Gauze

    100% Cotton Gauze

    100% Cotton Gauze

    Elephant Gauze

    Giraffe Gauze

    Gingham Gauze

    Available Now

  • 42

    Embellishments by Riley Blake Designs |

    Metal Zippers

    Polyester Coil Zippers

    New Polyester Coil Zipper Colors (Available December 2015)

    Coral14 inch

    STZM-1422 inch


    Red7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Purple7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Hot Pink7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Cream7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Aqua7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Mustard7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Navy7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Coral7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Gray7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Lime7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Orange7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Mint14 inch

    STZM-1422 inch


    Teal14 inch

    STZM-1422 inch


    White14 inch

    STZM-1422 inch


    White7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Mint7 inch

    STZP-714 inch

    STZP-1422 inch


    Mustard14 inch

    STZM-1422 inch


    Burgundy14 inch

    STZM-1422 inch


    Black14 inch

    STZM-1422 inch


    Zippers10 per packageAvailable Now

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    2 inch Waistband Elastic10 yards per spool - Available Now

    New Waistband Elastic Colors (Available January 2016)

    STWBE2Cream Elastic

    STWBE2Teal Elastic

    STWBE2Red Elastic

    STWBE2Aqua Elastic

    STWBE2Gray Elastic

    STWBE2Navy Elastic

    STWBE2White Elastic

    STWBE2Black Elastic

    STWBE2Hot Pink Elastic

  • 44

    My quilt journey began about 11 years ago. Honestly, when I began, I knew nothing about quilting and very little about sewing.

    Pattern Designer Spotlight - Kati Cupcake

    About Amy Hamberlin of Kati Cupcake

    My husband and I were living in Utah while he finished his graduate degree at BYU. We were expecting a baby girl. I remember walking into a quilt shop for the first time, like it was yesterday. I jumped from project to project. The colors and combinations were beautiful and fresh. It seems silly now to think about how random and unexpectedly this journey began. I left that quilt shop with a smile on my face, a project in hand and not a clue how to begin!

    Months later, my husband graduated from school, and we decided to open a Quilt Shop in our little home town of Rigby, Idaho. That is when I really began to learn the core fundamentals of quilting and sewing.

    It seems that one thing always leads to another, and Kati Cupcake is one of those things. I lost my Mother Kati to cancer four years before I took my first step into a quilt shop. We had always talked quilting and had plans to learn together, but time got away from us. I have often wondered if she had something to do with me stumbling into that quilt shop. I dont know if she did or not, but I know that she would have loved being a part of Kati Cupcake.

    I love my job and love what quilting and sewing has brought to my life

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    P036-SKIPPERby Olive Ann Designs

    P026-ROYALBABY by Sandra Workman

    P023-HAVECOURAGE by Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow

    P036-TWINKLETWINKLEby Uncle Pauls Quilts

    P055-CARRYONBAG by Kati Cupcake

    P050-BUBBLES&BUTTONS by Olive Ann Designs

    P047-CHEYENNEROPEBAG by Serendipity Studio

    P051-MODERNMUGS by Lori Holt for Its Sew Emma Designs

    P047-RAMONAWRAPDRESS by Serendipity Studio

    Amazingly creative new patterns from Riley Blake Designs available now! A complete list of all available patterns

    can be found online at

    Designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my

    New Patterns in the Spotlight From Riley Blake Designs

  • 46

    N039-3156Clover Wonder Clips Red (50 Pcs)

    Clover products sold by Christensen Wholesale

    Company Spotlight

    N039-3183 Clover Wonder Clips Assorted (50 Pcs)

    N039-3167Clover Wonder Clips Pink

    (Breast Cancer Limited Edition)

    N039-4072 GREENN039-4073 DARK PINK

    Clover Desk Needle Threader

    N039-4080Clover Desk Needle Threader Pink

    (Breast Cancer Limited Edition)

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    NEW N039-464-06 1/4 Bias Tape Maker

    NEW N039-7810Iron Shine Cleaning Pen

    N039-8703 Round YoYo MakerExtra Large

    NEW N039-7803 2 Point Turner

    NEW N039-9582 Clip & Glide Bodkin

    NEW N039-9583Elastic Lock Set

  • 48

    Pellon Flex-Foam is a lightweight sew-in stabilizer consisting of a layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of soft fabric. It is excellent for use in crafts, accessories, and home dcor projects for an elegant finished look. It can be used in place of or in addition to other stabilizers. Flex-Foam is a breeze to sew through and adds shape and body to projects such as computer cases, eyeglass cases, purses, tote bags, cup holders, diaper bags, and more! It is compatible with a wide variety of fabrics. Let your imagination run wild!


    100% Polyester Fabric Outer/100% Polyurethane Inner

    20 by-the-yard width

    Sewing Machine Safe

    Machine wash warm on gentle cycle, tumble dry low or dry clean.

    P055-BONVOYAGE BAGBy Kati Cupcake

    Gingher Wren Scissors Are Available Now!

    (While quantities last)

    220522-1009Wren Knife-edge Dressmaker Shears (8)

    220532-1005Wren True Left-hand Knife-edge Dressmaker Shears (8)

    N014-220282-1005Wren Knife-edge Sewing Scissors (5)

    220272-1010Wren Embroidery Scissors (4)

    Limited Edition Designer Series

    N010-FF77 (SEW IN)



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    RB60-1 OLFA 60mm Rotary Blade

    RB45-1 OLFA 45mm Rotary Blade

    RTY-2DX OLFA 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

    RTY-2NS OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter

    RTY-2G OLFA 60mm Rotary Cutter

    RTY-1G OLFA 28mm Rotary Cutter

    SCS-2 OLFA Scissors

    RM-SG9881 OLFA 18x24 Cutting Matte

    RM-MG 9891 OLFA 24x36 Cutting Matte

    RM-CG 9880 OLFA 12x18 Cutting Matte

    OLFA products sold by Christensen Wholesale

  • 100% Cotton, Flannel, Laminate, Dreamy, Knits, Home Dec, Kits and Trims Machine wash cold | Tumble dry | Low iron if necessary | Not intended for childrens sleepwear

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