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Designer Spotlights Samantha Walker Main Street Market Designs New Fabric Lines Riley Blake Designs: Rodeo Rider by Samantha Walker Sweet Baby Girl by Doodle Bug Designs Floribella by Emily Taylor Designs Pieces of Hope 2 by RBD Designers Penny Rose Fabrics: Meadow by Erin Turner New Penny Rose Classics See Penny Rose Fabrics coming soon Also Included Block of the Month Program, Sew Together, Aurifil Designer Threads, Designer Patterns, Company Spotlight Exclusive distributor of: Mustache March 2015 Mustache March! See back for details!

Riley Blake Designs March 2015 Retailer Mailer

Apr 07, 2016



Product Highlights from Christensen Wholesale, exclusive distributor of Alpine Fabrics, Riley Blake Designs and Penny Rose Fabrics.
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    Designer SpotlightsSamantha Walker

    Main Street Market Designs

    New Fabric LinesRiley Blake Designs:

    Rodeo Rider by Samantha WalkerSweet Baby Girl by Doodle Bug Designs

    Floribella by Emily Taylor DesignsPieces of Hope 2 by RBD Designers

    Penny Rose Fabrics: Meadow by Erin Turner

    New Penny Rose ClassicsSee Penny Rose Fabrics coming soon

    Also IncludedBlock of the Month Program,

    Sew Together, Aurifil Designer Threads, Designer Patterns, Company Spotlight

    Exclusive distributor of:

    Mustache March 2015


    See back for details!

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    Pattern P066 Dapper Vest by Ellie Inspired with Rodeo Rider Designer Fabric by Samantha Walker

  • 3CONTENTS March 2015 Monthly Mailer4-5 Samantha Walker Rodeo Rider Now

    6-7 Doodle Bug Designs Sweet Baby Girl Late March

    8-9 Emily Taylor Designs Floribella Now

    10-11 RBD Designers Pieces of Hope 2 Now

    12-13 Erin Turner Meadow Now

    14-21 Assorted Designers Penny Rose Classics Now - May 2015

    22 Emily Hayes Victoria April

    23 Erin Turner Isabella July

    24 Penny Rose Fabrics Block of the Month Program Coming Soon

    25 RBD Designers Mustache March Promo Now

    26-27 Riley Blake Designs St. Patricks Banners and Fabric Now

    28-29 Riley Blake Designs Easter Banners and Fabric Now

    30-33 Riley Blake Designs Sew Together Embellishments Now

    34-35 Assorted Designers Aurifil Thread Collections Now

    36-49 Riley Blake Designs KNITS (See whats NEW) Now

    50 Riley Blake Designs Blog Knit Love Blog Tour March 2 - 31

    51 Patty Young NEW Home Dec Coming Soon

    52-53 Assorted Designers NEW Home Dec Coming Soon

    54 Main Street Market Designs Pattern Designer Spotlight -------

    55 Assorted Designers New Patterns Now

    56-57 Clover & Olfa Company Spotlight Now

    58-61 Riley Blake Designs SALE ITEMS Now

    Page Designer/Company Collection/Product Availability

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    I love what I do! It should be

    illegal to have this much fun

    working. When I create, I feel as

    though I am discovering a part

    of myself that I didnt know

    was there, because I am often

    surprised at what comes out

    of me. I dont always picture

    exactly what it is that I am

    creating, before I make

    it. I have a general idea,

    but then the idea evolves--it follows various

    tangents, and becomes a derivative of my original idea. It is

    fun to see where the creative side of your mind brings you...

    one idea spurs another, which can have a snowball effect, and

    often can turn into an avalanche of ideas. Right now you can

    find my designs on scrapbook products, electronic dies, home

    decor items, and of course fabric.

    I work from home, which can be a blessing, and a

    challenge. I am a Mom to 3 little ones...okay, 2 little ones, and

    one big kid that I am baffled at how fast he has grown up. I

    have learned that I cannot have my plans for the day set in

    stone. I have to be flexible, or I would go crazy. On days that

    get crazy, I try to set aside my work, and save it till the kids go

    to bed.

    When Im not working, or being a Mom, I enjoy

    hanging out with my neighbors chatting...I really do love to

    talk. I like to cook fabulous food that makes others feel loved

    when I concoct something for them--like tamales, mile-high

    apple pie, or a fresh loaf of wheat bread. I like to travel with

    my family, take our 1992 lifted Landcruiser out on mountain

    trails, and take the kids to the city pool for mandatory Mom

    fun time.

    My favorite pastime is second-hand shopping at my

    local thrift shop for clothes...there is a surprising amount of

    inspiration in peoples discards. I love vintage anything,

    from textures to colors, lace and doilies, retro shapes--both

    clean-lined and funky designs.

    Please visit me online at:

    FREE Quilt Project: Western Wrangle Quilt Size: 68x 82

    Pattern P066 Dapper Vest by Ellie Inspired

    About Samantha Walker

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    C4530 F4530 Brown Rodeo Main

    C4530 F4530 Blue Rodeo Main C4535 F4535 Mint Rodeo MainC4535 F4535 Cream Rodeo MainC4530 F4530 Cream Rodeo Main

    C4535 F4535 Pink Rodeo Main

    C4531 F4531 Cream Rodeo Paisley

    C4532 Cream Rodeo Horseshoe

    C4534 Brown Rodeo Calico

    C4533 F4533 Cream Rodeo Stars

    C4533 F4533 Blue Rodeo Stars

    C4533 F4533 Red Rodeo Stars

    C4533 F4533 Pink Rodeo Stars

    C4533 F4533 Mint Rodeo Stars

    C4533 F4533 Brown Rodeo Stars

    C4532 Blue Rodeo Horseshoe

    C4534 Pink Rodeo Calico

    C4532 Pink Rodeo Horseshoe

    C4534 Mint Rodeo Calico

    C4531 F4531 Blue Rodeo Paisley C4531 F4531 Pink Rodeo Paisley C4531 F4531 Mint Rodeo Paisley

    Available Now

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections

    by Samantha Walker | 100% Fine Cotton & FlannelRODEO RIDER

  • 6

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections Available Late March

    by Doodle Bug Designs | 100% Fine Cotton & Flannel

    C4290 F4290 Pink Sweet Main C4290 F4290 White Sweet Main C4290 F4290 Yellow Sweet Main

    C4291 F4291 Pink Sweet Friends C4291 F4291 Green Sweet Friends C4291 F4291 White Sweet Friends

    C4292 F4292 Pink Sweet Flowers C4292 F4292 White Sweet Flowers C4292 F4292 Orange Sweet Flowers

    C4293 Pink Sweet Stripes C4293 Multi Sweet Stripes C4293 Orange Sweet Stripes

    C4291 F4291 Pink Sweet Frogs C4294 Green Sweet Frogs C4294 White Sweet Frogs

    C4294 Pink Sweet Monkeys C4295 F4295 White Sweet Monkeys C4295 F4295 Green Sweet Monkeys

    C4296 Pink Sweet Dots C4296 Multi Sweet Dots C4296 Orange Sweet Dots

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    FREE Quilt Project: Pinwheels | Quilt size: 51x 63 Pillow for display only

    P040 Little Meadowlark 18 doll nightgownby Carina Gardner

    P024 Olivias Best Dressby Emily Taylor

  • 8

    Available Now

    by Emily Taylor Designs | 100% Fine Cotton

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections

    C4320 Blue Floribella Main C4320 Cream Floribella Main C4320 Yellow Floribella Main

    C4325 Green Floribella Stripe

    C4324 Yellow Floribella Diamond

    C4323 Cream Floribella Tulip

    C4322 Yellow Floribella Floral

    C4321 Yellow Floribella Damask

    C4325 Blue Floribella Stripe

    C4324 Blue Floribella Diamond

    C4323 Blue Floribella Tulip

    C4322 Blue Floribella Floral

    C4321 Cream Floribella Damask

    C4325 Pink Floribella Stripe

    C4324 Pink Floribella Diamond

    C4323 Green Floribella Tulip

    C4322 Pink Floribella Floral

    C4321 Pink Floribella Damask

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    FREE Quilt Project:Tulip Wreath | Quilt size: 44x 44

    Pattern coming soon!

    P003 Maggie Bagby Nellies Needle

  • 10

    Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections Available Now

    by RBD Designers | 100% Fine Cotton

    C3400 Blue Pieces Main C3400 White Pieces Main C3400 Orange Pieces Main

    C3405 Orange Pieces Stripes

    C3404 Orange Pieces Dots

    C3403 Green Pieces Puzzle

    C3402 Yellow Pieces Words

    C3401 Green Pieces Train

    C3405 Green Pieces Stripes

    C3404 Multi Pieces Dots

    C3403 Orange Pieces Puzzle

    C3402 Red Pieces Words

    C3401 Multi Pieces Train

    C3405 Blue Pieces Stripes

    C3404 Blue Pieces Dots

    C3403 Blue Pieces Puzzle

    C3402 Blue Pieces Words

    C3401 Blue Pieces Train

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    More children will be diagnosed

    with autism this year than with

    childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes

    or pediatric AIDS combined. Autism

    affects 1 in 110 children and 1 in

    70 boysa 600 percent increase in

    prevalence over the past two decades.

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and

    autism are both general terms for a

    group of complex disorders of brain

    development. These disorders are

    characterized, in varying degrees, by

    difficulties in social interaction, verbal

    and nonverbal communication and

    repetitive behaviors.

    Riley Blake Designs is excited to team up with Autism Speaks, the nations

    largest autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding

    research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism.

    Autism Speaks also stresses the importance of recognizing the early signs of

    autism and seeking early intervention services. The most important thing you

    can do as a parent or caregiver is to learn the early signs of autism. Early

    intervention can make a lifetime of difference.

    Pieces of Hope was inspired by a child with autism, whose family are

    employees of Riley Blake Designs. Autism Speaks and Riley Blake Designs

    thank you for your support, which provides hope for all those affected by autism.

    To help increase autism awareness and fund more research to help find a

    cure, Riley Blake Designs will donate a significant portion to Autism Speaks

    from the sales of this exciting new fabric collection, Pieces of Hope 2.

    FREE Quilt Project: Pieces of a Puzzle | Quilt size: 61x 77

    Pattern: McCALLS M6227

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    Penny Rose Designer Fabric Collections Available Now

    DC4490 Red Meadow Main DC4490 Blue Meadow Main

    C4491 Brown Meadow Paisley

    C4492 Cream Meadow Butterfly

    C4494 Brown Meadow Dots

    C4495 Red Meadow Leaves

    C4491 Cream Meadow Paisley

    C4492 Brown Meadow Butterfly

    C4494 Cream Meadow Dots

    C4495 Gold Meadow Leaves

    C4493 Brown Meadow Stripe

    C4491 Blue Meadow Paisley

    C4492 Blue Meadow Butterfly

    C4494 Light Blue Meadow Dots

    C4495 Light Blue Meadow Leaves

    C4492 Light Blue Meadow Butterfly

    C4494 Blue Meadow Dots

    C4495 Blue Meadow Leaves

    C4493 Blue Meadow Stripe

    100% Fine Cotton & Designer Cloth

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    FREE Quilt Project: Victorian Era | Quilt size: 64 x 80

    Meadowby Erin Turner

    This circa 1880 collection has been

    authentically reproduced in hues of cool

    indigo and warm mahogany, reminiscent of

    wintry days and warm nights by the fire. The

    paisley motif gained popularity during the

    Victorian era, where it was typically used in

    shawls and cloth garments, and has recently

    enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. While

    timeless in its beauty and detail, the Meadow

    collection effortlessly brings Victorian design

    into our modern sense of style.

    P068 Punch & Cookiesby Sew Much Good

    Pattern: NEW LOOK 6216

  • 14

    Penny Rose Classics Fabric Collection

  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 15

    C270-12 Red/Brown Shirtings Paisley

    NEW C155 Beige Stripe

    C200-02 Cream Shade

    C200-01 Linen Shade

    NEW C170 Tan Lace

    NEW C165 Beige Vine

    C200-21 Burlap Shade

    C265-90 Brown Shirtings Petals

    C280-90 Brown Shirtings Dots

    C4415 Tan Penelope Stripes

    NEW C170 Beige Lace

    C200-22 Kraft Paper

    C265-110 Black Shirtings Petals

    C295-90 Brown Shirtings Diamond

    C4513 Cream Fable Floral

    NEW C160 Beige Diamonds

    Available Now

    May 2015

  • 16

    C4413 Brown Penelope Floral

    C4494 Brown Meadow Dots

    C4495 Gold Meadow Leaves

    C4412 Tan Penelope Floral

    C4514 Cream Fable Petals

    C4413 Brown Fable Floral

    C250-90 Brown Miniature Floral

    C235-90 Brown Miniature Ribbon

    C4416 Brown Penelope Berries

    C235-80 Red Miniature Ribbon

    C200-25 Chocolate Shade

    C4412 Brown Peneloape Rose

    C4494 Cream Meadow Dots

    C4413 Tan Penelope Floral

    Available Now

    May 2015

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    C4513 Red Fable Floral

    C270-34 Red/Blue Shirtings Paisley

    NEW C160 Hot Pink Lace

    NEW C170 Pink Lace

    C200-54 Shell Shade

    C4514 Tan Fable Petals

    C295-80 Red Shirtings Diamond

    NEW C160 Red Diamonds

    NEW C165 Pink Vine

    NEW C170 Coral Lace

    C4514 Red Fable Petals

    C280-80 Red Shirtings Dots

    NEW C155 Red Stripe

    C200-83 Tutu Shade

    Available Now

    May 2015

  • 18

    NEW C155 Blue Stripe

    C4412 Blue Penelope Rose

    C200-34 Vintage Blue Shade

    C4416 Pink Penelope Berries

    C4415 Pink Penelope Stripes

    NEW C165 Blue Vine

    C4415 Blue Penelope Stripe

    C170 NEW Blue Lace

    C4495 Red Meadow Leaves

    C235-33 Blue Miniature Ribbon

    C4495 Light Blue Meadow Leaves

    C160 NEW Blue Diamonds

    C165 NEW Cream Vine

    Available Now

    May 2015

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    C265-125 Purple Shirtings Petals

    NEW C170 Lilac Lace

    C295-33 Blue Shirtings Diamond

    C250-33 Blue Miniature Floral

    C4494 Blue Meadow Dots

    C250-125 Purple Miniature Floral

    C280-33 Blue Shirtings Dots

    C4416 Blue Penelope Berries

    C240-26 Teal Miniature Wallpaper

    C390-121 Lavender Shade

    C270-33 Blue Shirtings Paisley

    C200-33 Nighttime Shade

    C4495 Blue Meadow Leaves

    Available Now

    May 2015

  • 20

    C4261 Gold Civil Daisy

    NEW C160 Green Diamonds

    C200-41 Vintage Green Shade

    NEW C200-63 Cheddar Shade

    C240-90 Brown Miniature Wallpaper

    C200-45 Sage Shade

    NEW C165 Green Vine

    200-61 Lemon Shade

    C230-30 Green Miniatures Swirls

    NEW C155 Green Stripe

    C200-48 Moss Shade

    Available Now

    May 2015

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    C760-110 Black Stitched Circle

    C750-110 Black Daisy

    C740-110 Black Calico

    NEW C155 Black Stripe

    C790-110 Black Swiss Dots

    C600-01 Cream Swiss Dots

    C750-01 Cream Daisy

    C740-01 Cream Calico

    NEW C150-Light Light Vintage Muslin

    NEW C150-Medium Medium Vintage Muslin

    NEW C150-Dark Dark Vintage Muslin

    C760-01 Cream Stitched Circle

    Available Now

    May 2015

  • 22

    Reproduction Prints coming your way...

    C4480 Red Victoria Main

    C4481 Red Victoria Paisley

    C4484 Tan Victoria Berries

    Coming April 2015

    VictoriaThe Victorian era began with the

    coronation of Queen Victoria in 1837.

    Floral and paisley motifs were typical

    of the day, arranged in tightly packed

    patterns. Fabrics featured hues of bright

    reds, blues, neutrals, and pinks accented

    with black. This Victoria collection is a

    beautiful representation of the patterns

    and colors of the time period.

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    Pre-order these beautiful fabrics today!

    C4690 Blue Isabella Main

    C4691 Teal Isabella Floral

    C4692 Coral Isabella Rose

    Coming July 2015

    IsabellaCirca 1880-1910

    Reminiscent of an English flower garden,

    this Arts and Crafts collection reflects

    the beauty of the rich colors and flowing

    lines found in nature. The Arts and

    Crafts Movement was a reaction to the

    rapid growth of mass production and

    industrialization. Hand crafted furniture,

    wallpapers and fabrics were created

    during the period, reminding us that

    quality of workmanship and timeless

    beauty cannot be mass produced.

    The Isabella fabric range brings together

    the designs and color palettes of the Arts

    and Crafts era. All of the patterns are

    reproduced from antique period swatches.

    Enjoy the timeless beauty of Isabella for

    quilting, decorating, craft and apparel


    Erin Studios

  • 24

    Size: 58 x 58

    Block of the Month Program Coming Soon!

    American Summer features Americana Designer Fabric by Carrie Quinn and

    is a 6-month block of the month program. For five months, 2-3 blocks are

    made along with 16 flying geese for the finishing units. The sixth month is

    finishing, which includes sashing, setting triangles and assembly.

    Kit includes all fabric needed to make the quilt top, backing and binding.

  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 25

    Its Mustache March!25% off! See back for details

    Quilted Cotton


    C510-01 WHITEGeekly Mustache

    C510-04 CREAMGeekly Mustache

    C510-02 BLACKGeekly Mustache

    C510-71 HOTPINKGeekly Mustache

    C510-03 AQUAGeekly Mustache

    C510-21 AQUAGeekly Mustache

    QC510-04-CREAMGeekly Chic Quilted Cotton

    L510-04-CREAMGeekly Chic Laminate

    QC510-01-WHITEGeekly Chic Quilted Cotton

  • 26

    Paddy's Banner by Riley Blake Designs | 100% Fine Cotton & Panel Options

    C562 White Holiday Clover

    P560 Green Holiday Lucky Panel (24) | For your projects, download a FREE FONT now at

    C562 Light Green Holiday Clover C562 Green Holiday Clover

    Don't miss the dozens of green & white patterns that coordinate with this collection found throughout the entire Basics section!

    Available Now

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    St. Patricks Colors in Chevron & Dots by Riley Blake Designs (Visit our website for more Chevron and Dot colors and sizes)

    C780-07 Grasshopper Medium C350-30 Green Small C420-30 Green Small

    C680-32 F680-32 Lime Honeycomb C800-32 Lime Honeycomb C810-41 Lime Honeycomb

    C & K340-32 Lime Small C340-30 Green Small

    C480-32 Lime Small C670-32 Lime Swiss

    C & L350-32 Lime Small C600-32 Lime Le Crme C660-32 Lime Swiss C400-31 Green Small

  • 28

    C563 Purple Easter Eggs

    P560 Purple Holiday Easter Panel (24) | For your projects, download a FREE FONT now at

    C563 White Easter Eggs C563 Green Easter Eggs

    Don't miss the dozens of purple, green & white patterns that coordinate with this collection found throughout the entire Basics section!

    Easter Banner by Riley Blake Designs | 100% Fine Cotton & Panel Options

    Available Now

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    Easter Colors in Chevron & Dots by Riley Blake Designs (Visit our website for more Chevron and Dot colors and sizes)

    C340-03 Girl Small

    C340-120 Lavendar Small

    C480-120 Lavendar SmallC400-51 Yellow Small

    C400-121 Lavendar Small

    C350-120 Lavendar Small

    C340-30 Green Small

    C350-30 Green Small

    C & K340-50 Yellow Small

    C480-50 Yellow Small

    C420-50 Yellow Small

    C, L & K340-20 Aqua Small

    C480-20 Aqua Small

    C & K400-24 Aqua Small

    C & L420-20 Aqua Small

    C350-03 Girl Small

    C & K340-70 Hot Pink Small

    C480-70 Hot Pink Small

    C & K400-71 Hot Pink Small

    C & K350-70 Hot Pink Small

    C400-31 Green Small

    C420-30 Green Small

  • 30

    2-inch Waistband Elastic

    Project idea illustrating the 2-inch Waistband Elastic

    Coming Soon! 2-inch Waistband ElasticEmbellishments by Riley Blake Design |

    Black White Hot Pink


  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 31

    Coming Soon! Zippers

    Metal Zippers

    Coral Mint


    Teal Mustard


    14 inch 14 inch

    14 inch

    14 inch 14 inch

    14 inch

    22 inch 22 inch

    22 inch

    22 inch 22 inch

    22 inch

    Polyester Coil Zippers


    7 inch

    14 inch

    22 inch


    7 inch

    14 inch

    22 inch


    7 inch

    14 inch

    22 inch


    7 inch

    14 inch

    22 inch


    7 inch14 inch

    22 inch


    7 inch

    14 inch

    22 inch

  • 32

    Embellishments by Riley Blake Design |

    by Riley Blake Designs & Lori Holt of Bee in My BonnetOne unit contains six individually packaged rulers.

    Rulers & Ruler Sets

    STRULER-4194 - CIrcle Rulers Set (all 4 sizes)

    STRULER-4195 - Thimble Rulers Set (5 & 10")

    STRULER-4235 - Thimble Ruler (10 inch)

    STRULER-4236 - Thimble Ruler (5 inch)

    STRULER-4197 - Circle Ruler (10 inch)

    STRULER-4232 - Circle Ruler (7 inch)

    STRULER-4233 - Circle Ruler (5 inch)

    STRULER-4234 - Circle Ruler (2 1/2 inch)

    STRULER-8485 - Diamond Ruler Includes 17 Sizes: 2" to 10" Diamond Shape

  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 33

    Gingham Buttons1 inch, matte buttons | Tube Packaging | 1 tube contains 20 buttons

    STBTGR1 White

    STBTGR1 Teal

    STBTGR1 Black STBTGR1 Baby PinkSTBTGR1 Hot Pink

    STBTGR1 Red STBTGR1 Brown

    STBTGR1 Yellow STBTGR1 Lime

    STBTGR1 Cream STBTGR1 Orange

    Flower Buttons (matte)1 1/2 inch, matte buttons | Tube Packaging | 1 tube contains 20 buttons

    STBTMF15 White

    STBTMF15 Olive

    STBTMF15 Cream

    STBTMF15 Navy STBTMF15 LimeSTBTMF15 Hot Pink

    STBTMF15 Aqua STBTMF15 Medium Pink

    STBTMF15 Butter STBTMF15 Gray

    STBTMF15 Teal STBTMF15 Lavendar

    STBTMF15 Black STBTMF15 Orange STBTMF15 Brown

    STBTMF15 Red

    Flower Buttons (matte)1 inch, matte buttons | Tube Packaging | 1 tube contains 20 buttons

    STBTMF1 White

    STBTMF1 Olive

    STBTMF1 Cream

    STBTMF1 Navy STBTMF1 LimeSTBTMF1 Hot Pink

    STBTMF1 Aqua STBTMF1 Medium Pink

    STBTMF1 Butter STBTMF1 Gray

    STBTMF1 Teal STBTMF1 Lavendar

    STBTMF1 Black STBTMF1 Orange STBTMF1 Brown

    STBTMF1 Red

    Multi Flower Buttons (matte)2 sizes per color scheme, matte buttons | 1 tube contains 20 buttons, 4 of each color

    STBTMF15 Winter (1 1/2 inch)

    STBTMF1 Winter (1 inch)

    STBTMF15 Summer (1 1/2 inch)

    STBTMF1 Summer (1 inch)

    Available Now

  • 34

    Riley Blake Basic Colors Thread Collection

    Carina Gardner's Primrose Thread Collection

    Thead Collection | Consists of 12 colors that match Riley Blake Designs Basic Colors

    Thead Collection | Consists of 12 colors that match Carina Gardner's Primrose Fabric Collection

    TH-PR12 Primrose Thread

    TH-AU100 Riley Blake Basic Colors Thread

  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 35

    Melly & Me's Wildflower Meadow Thread Collection

    Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet's Happy Colors Thread Collection

    Amanda Herring's Cottage Garden Thread Collection

    Thead Collection | Consists of 12 colors that match Melly & Me's Wildflower Meadow Fabric Collection

    Thead Collection | Consists of 12 "happy colors" by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

    Thead Collection | Consists of 12 colors that match Amanda Herring's Cottage Garden Fabric Collection

    TH-HC10 Small Spools

    TH-HC12 Large Spools

    TH-WFM12 Wildflower Meadow Thread

    TH-CG12 The Cottage Garden Thread

  • 36

    New Knit Fabric Collections Coming in 2015

    K4451 Fuschia Vivid Fireworks

    K4451 Marigold Vivid Fireworks

    K4451 Grape Vivid Fireworks

    K4451 Spearmint Vivid Fireworks

    K4451 Granite Vivid Firework

    K4450 Fuschia Vivid Leilani

    K4450 Marigold Vivid Leilani

    K4450 Grape Vivid Leilani

    K4450 Spearmint Vivid Leilani

    K4450 Granite Vivid Leilani

    Prints available in Knit ~ AVAILABLE MARCH 2015New

  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 37

    New Knits

    K335-26 Teal Aztec by Carly Griffith

    K3874 Blue Lobster K3874 Red Lobster K3874 White Lobster

    K335-110 Black Aztec by Carly Griffith K335-70 Hot Pink Aztec by Carly Griffith


    New Knit Fabric Collections Coming in 2015

    K435-40 Gray Quatrefoil

    K435-20 Aqua Quatrefoil

    K435-06 Red/Navy Quatrefoil

    K435-21 Navy Quatrefoil

    K435-32 Lime Quatrefoil

    K435-36 Teal/Navy Quatrefoil

    K435-110 Black Quatrefoil

    K435-11 Gray/Yellow Quatrefoil

    K435-71 Hot Pink/Baby Pink Quatrefoil

  • 38

    New Vintage Market Knit

    K4564 Mint Vintage Floral K4564 White Vintage Floral K4564 Navy Vintage Floral

    by Deena Rutter AVAILABLE JUNE 2015

    New Knit Stripe

    K535-80 Red Knit Stripe

    K535-23 Aqua/Navy Knit Stripe

    K535-37 Gray/Teal Knit Stripe

    K535-41 Black/Gray Knit Stripe


    New Knit Fabric Collections Coming in 2015

  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 39

    by Simple Simon and Co. AVAILABLE AUGUST 2015

    K4870 Black Four Corners Main

    K4870 Teal Four Corners Main

    K4870 Gray Four Corners Main

    K4873 Black Four Corners Circles

    K4874 Black Four Corners Triangle

    K4873 Teal Four Corners Circles

    K4874 Teal Four Corners Triangle

    K4873 Coral Four Corners Circles

    K4874 Gray Four Corners Triangle

    New Knit Fabric Collections Coming in 2015

    New Four Corners Knit

  • 40

    New Knit Fabric Collections Coming in 2015

    K4831 Red Lucky Circle

    K4812 Blue Dream Floral

    K4831 Cream Lucky Circle

    K4812 Pink Dream Floral

    K4831 Navy Lucky Circle

    K4812 Purple Dream Floral

    K4835 Blue Lucky Denim

    K4816 Blue Dream Lattice

    K4835 Red Lucky Denim

    K4816 Pink Dream Lattice

    K4835 Navy Lucky Denim

    K4816 Green Dream Lattice

    New Lucky Star Knit

    New Dream and a Wish

    by Zoe Pearn

    by Sandra Workman



  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 41


    Happy Flappers Knit

    K4021 Pink Happy Flappers Owl

    K4020 Pink Happy Flappers Main

    K3301 Orange Oh Boy Elephants

    K3300 White Oh Boy Main

    K4021 Blue Happy Flappers Owl

    K4020 Brown Happy Flappers Main

    K3301 Gray Oh Boy Elephants

    K3300 Yellow Oh Boy Main

    K4021 Cream Happy Flappers Owl

    K4020 Blue Happy Flappers Main

    K3301 Aqua Oh Boy Elephants

    K3300 Aqua Oh Boy Main

    by Lori Whitlock

    by Kelly Panacci AVAILABLE NOW

    Knit Fabric Collections Available Now

  • 42

    Cottage Garden Knit

    K4225 Gray Cottage Triangles

    K4220 Gray Cottage Main

    K4225 Pink Cottage Triangles

    K4220 Pink Cottage Main

    K4225 Teal Cottage Triangles

    K4220 Teal Cottage Main

    by The Quilted Fish

    Wildflower Meadow Knit

    K4143 Blue Wildflower Hedgehogs

    K4144 Yellow Wildflower Spot

    K4143 Pink Wildflower Hedgehogs

    K4144 Pink Wildflower Spot

    K4143 Multi Wildflower Hedgehogs

    K4144 Green Wildflower Spot

    by Melly and Me

    Knit Fabric Collections Available Now



  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 43

    Roots and Wings Knit

    K4150 Brown Roots Main K4150 Cream Roots Main K4150 Coral Roots Main

    by Deena Rutter

    Dinosaur Knit

    Year of the Ninja KnitK4162 Cream Dinosaur Toss

    K4190 Cream Ninja Main

    K4162 Blue Dinosaur Toss

    K4190 Blue Ninja Main

    K4162 Orange Dinosaur Toss

    K4190 Gray Ninja Main

    by Scott Jarrard

    Knit Fabric Collections Available Now




  • 44

    Knit Fabric Collections Available Now

    Knit Solids

    Holiday Anchors Knit

    K564 Blue Holiday Anchors

    K100-40 Gray

    K100-01 White

    K100-110 Black

    K564 Multi Holiday Anchors

    K100-21 Navy

    K100-70 Hot Pink

    K100-80 Red

    K564 Red Holiday Anchors

    K100-20 Aqua

    K100-50 Yellow

    K100-32 Lime



  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 45

    Knit Fabric Collections Available Now

    Knit Stripe (1/2 inch)

    Knit Stripe (1 inch)

    K530-110 Black Stripe

    K540-110 Black Stripe

    K530-130 Yellow/Gray Stripe

    K540-133 Red/Gray Stripe

    K530-40 Gray Stripe

    K540-40 Gray Stripe

    K530-80 Red Stripe

    K540-80 Red Stripe

    K530-70 Hot Pink Stripe

    K540-70 Hot Pink Stripe

    K530-20 Aqua Stripe

    K540-20 Aqua Stripe

    K530-60 Orange Stripe

    K540-50 Yellow Stripe

    K530-131 Navy/Purple Stripe

    K540-132 Navy/Hot Pink Stripe

    K530-21 Navy Stripe

    K540-21 Navy Stripe



  • 46

    Houndstooth Knit

    Small Dots Knit

    Small Chevron Knit (Tone on Tone)

    K970-110 Black Houndstooth

    K400-41 Gray Small Chevron

    K970-40 Gray Houndstooth

    K400-21 Aqua Small Chevron

    K970-20 Aqua Houndstooth

    K400-71 Hot Pink Small Chevron

    K970-70 Hot Pink Houndstooth

    K400-81 Red Small Chevron

    K350-70 Hot Pink Small Dot

    K350-40 Gray Small Dot

    K350-20 Aqua Small Dot

    K350-80 Red Small Dot

    K350-21 Navy Small Dot

    K350-60 Orange Small Dot

    Knit Fabric Collections Available Now




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    Small Chevron Knit

    Small Chevron Knit (Multi)K340-80 Red Small Chevron

    K340-01 Rainbow Small Chevron K340-03 Girl Small Chevron

    K340-70 Hot Pink Small Chevron

    K340-110 Black Small Chevron

    K340-32 Lime Small Chevron

    K340-40 Gray Small Chevron

    K340-50 Yellow Small Chevron

    K340-21 Navy Small Chevron

    Knit Fabric Collections Available Now



  • 48

    Just Dreamy 2 Knit

    K4130 Blue Just Dreamy 2 Main

    K4131 Blue Just Dreamy 2 Floral

    K4134 Blue Just Dreamy 2 Dots

    K4130 Cream Just Dreamy 2 Main

    K4131 Cream Just Dreamy 2 Floral

    K4134 Cream Just Dreamy 2 Dots

    K4130 Red Just Dreamy 2 Main

    K4131 Pink Just Dreamy 2 Floral

    K4134 Pink Just Dreamy 2 Dots

    by My Mind's Eye AVAILABLE NOW

    Knit Fabric Collections Available Now

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  • 50

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    NEW! Home Dec Designer Fabrics - Coming Soon

    Prints available in Home Dcor CottonHome Dec

    HD4452 Aqua Vivid Lattice

    HD4452 Lime Vivid Lattice

    HD4452 Gray Vivid Lattice

    HD4452 Fuschia Vivid Lattice

    HD4452 Tangerine Vivid Lattice

    HD4452 Teal Vivid Lattice

    HD4452 Navy Vivid Lattice

    HD4452 Black Vivid Latticel

    HD4452 Red Vivid Lattice

    HD4452 Marigold Vivid Lattice

  • 52

    HD3300 Yellow Boy Main

    HD2850 Blue Giraffe Main

    HD4160 Cream Dinosaur Main

    HD3874 Navy Lobster

    HD3300 Cream Boy Main

    HD2850 Cream Giraffe Main

    HD4160 Blue Dinosaur Main

    HD3874 Cream Red Lobster

    HD3300 Aqua Boy Main

    HD2850 Brown Giraffe Main

    HD4160 Green Dinosaur Main

    HD3874 Red Lobster

    Giraffe Crossing by The RBD Designers | Prints available in Home Dcor Cotton

    Dinosaur by The RBD Designers | Prints available in Home Dcor Cotton

    Fly Aweigh by Samantha Walker | Prints available in Home Dcor Cotton

    Oh Boy by Lori Whitlock | Prints available in Home Dcor Cotton

    NEW! Home Dec Designer Fabrics - Coming Soon

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    HD4510 Blue Fable Main

    HD5000 Cream Sweet Main

    HD3441 Blue Hoot Roll Call

    HD4510 Red Fable Main

    HD5000 Red Sweet Main

    HD3441 Cream Hoot Roll Call

    HD4510 Brown Fable Main

    HD5000 Brown Sweet Main

    HD3441 Sky Blue Hoot Roll Call

    HD5005 Teal Dots HD5005 Pink Dots HD5005 Multi Dots

    Hooty by Doohikey Designs | Prints available in Home Dcor Cotton

    Sweet Nothings by Zoe Pearn | Prints available in Home Dcor Cotton

    Aesops Fable by Erin Turner | Prints available in Home Dcor Cotton

    Erin Turner

  • 54

    About Kimberly Bourne of

    Main Street Market Designs

    I discovered my passion for creating and the arts at a fairly young

    age. I loved everything from paper crafts, drawing, designing,

    music and dance. My earliest creations included my own clothes

    for dolls and animals which later moved onto designing my own

    gowns for ballroom dance competitions.

    While in school at Brigham Young University, I obtained a

    Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with an emphasis in my

    favorite instrument, the harp. While there, I was always looking

    for opportunities to use my love of design and creativity as

    well. Everything from posters, websites, wedding invitations,

    photography and more. If I could create something new, I did.

    In 2009, while expecting my first baby, I started quilting at a

    block of the month class my mother wanted me to join her

    in. I. Loved. It! I have since taken many classes in quilting and


    Right away, using my background in design and combining it

    with my new-found love of quilting, I began designing my own

    quilts for my newborn son. I received great reviews for my first

    design, Pinwheels & Playgrounds, a unique quilted infant carseat

    cover. In January 2010, I ventured into the world of designing patterns starting with that carseat cover. Since then, I have worked with

    Riley Blake Fabrics to design many quilt patterns showcasing their fabrics and look forward to many more!


  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 55

    Winner of the 2013 Art Gallery Make it Right Challenge

    Fabric Requirements and Supplies:

    Copyright 2013 Kelli Fannin All Rights Reserved

    **Also needed for HST construction: Triangles on a RollTM / Two inch finished size #H200 or method of your choice. Sew multiple HSTs at once with TOARTM your HSTs will go together easily, quickly, accurately, and with less fab-ric waste. Visit

    **All seams are 1/4 in.

    **Read all instructions before beginning.

    **Finished Size: 80.5 x 68.5

    Front Cover Quilt: Gracie Girl by Kassidy & Lori Holt for Riley Blake. Pieced by Kelli Fannin, Quilted by Pat Roche.

    Back Cover Quilt: Textures Right Angles panel by Angela Walters for Art Gallery Fabrics and Pure Ele-ments Solids.

    Mod GeoCruiser

    Kelli Fannin

    Fabric A (background & borders): 4 yards Fabric B (bike frame): 3/4 yard Fabric C (seat/pedals/handle grips): Fat Quarter Fabric D (basket): Fat Quarter Fabric E (tires): 1/2 yard Fabric G (flowers): 1/8 yard Fabric H (flowers): 1/8 yard Fabric I (flowers): 1/8 yard Fabric J (leaves): 1/8 yard

    P076 - MODGEOby Kelli Fannin

    P068 - BLUEDAQUIRIby Sew Much Good Designs

    P090 - SLEEPOVERPACKby Kenzie Mac & Co.

    P063 - EASTERBUDDIESby Cosettes Closet

    P059 - ONESWEETSPRINGby Kimberbell

    P007 - CRISSCROSS by Butterfly Kisses

    P011 - PALETTEOFVALUES by The Quilted Fish

    P085 - PEBBLESby Melly & Me Designs

    P023 - LITTLEGUYTIES by Two Sisters at Square Hollow

    P051 - FARMGIRLVINTAGEA Sew Emma Book by Lori Holt

    New Patterns From Riley Blake Designs


    Farm Girl Vintage


    NEW patterns


    Riley Blake Designs

    available now!

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    A complete list of all

    available patterns

    can be found online at

  • 56

    2507 CLOVER Fine Patchwork Pins

    (box of 3)

    2501 CLOVER Silk Pins

    (box of 3)

    6244 CLOVER 3/4 Magnetic Snaps

    (box of 3)

    8701 CLOVER Large Yo-Yo Maker

    (box of 3)

    463 CLOVER Seam Ripper

    (box of 3)

    8900 CLOVER Needle Felting Tool

    (box of 3)

    486/W CLOVER Tapered Tailors Awl

    (box of 3)

    234/20 CLOVER Golden Eye

    Chenille Needles (12 each)

    2506 CLOVER Flower Head Pins

    (box of 3)

    Clover products sold by Christensen Wholesale

    Company Spotlight

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    RB60-1 OLFA 60mm Rotary Blade

    RB45-1 OLFA 45mm Rotary Blade

    RTY-2DX OLFA 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

    RTY-2NS OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter

    RTY-2G OLFA 60mm Rotary Cutter

    RTY-1G OLFA 28mm Rotary Cutter

    SCS-2 OLFA Scissors

    RM-SG9881 OLFA 18x24 Cutting Matte

    RM-MG 9891 OLFA 24x36 Cutting Matte

    RM-CG 9880 OLFA 12x18 Cutting Matte

    OLFA products sold by Christensen Wholesale

    234/20 CLOVER Golden Eye

    Chenille Needles (12 each)

  • 58

    Close Out Fabric LinesSALE

    by The RBD Designers | 100% Fine Cotton

    P3521 Blue Super Hero Cape

    C3522 Blue Super Hero Words

    P3521 Green Super Hero Cape C3522 Gray Super Hero Words C3523 Multi Super Hero Dots

    C3522 White Super Hero WordsC3523 Blue Super Hero Dots C3523 Pink Super Hero Dot

    P3521 Pink Super Hero Cape

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    Close Out Fabric Lines SALE

    by BoBunny | 100% Fine Cotton

    C4010 Teal TrailMix Main C4010 Cream TrailMix Main C4010 Green TrailMix Main

    C4011 Teal TrailMix Nature C4011 Brown TrailMix Nature C4011 Green TrailMix Nature

    C4012 Multi TrailMix Leaves C4012 Cream TrailMix Leaves C4012 Green TrailMix Leaves

    C4013 Teal TrailMix Hollow C4013 Cream TrailMix Hollow C4013 Brown TrailMix Hollow

    C4014 Teal TrailMix Fish C4014 Multi TrailMix Fish C4014 Green TrailMix Fish

    C4015 Teal TrailMix Stripe C4015 Multi TrailMix Stripe C4015 Brown TrailMix Stripe

    C4016 Teal TrailMix Picnic C4016 Yellow TrailMix Picnic C4016 Brown TrailMix Picnic

  • 60


    by Pink Fig Design | 100% Fine Cotton & Laminate options

    Close Out Fabric Lines

    C3940 L3940 Blue Floriography Main C3940 Purple Floriography Main C3940 L3940 Pink Floriography Main

    C3945 Pink Floriography Sripes

    C3944 Pink Floriography Branches

    C3943 L3943 Pink Floriography Floral

    C3942 L3942 Green Floriography Blossoms

    C3941 Blue Floriography Damask

    C3945 Red Floriography Sripes

    C3944 Green Floriography Branches

    C3943 Green Floriography Floral

    C3942 Pink Floriography Blossoms

    C3941 Green Floriography Damask

    C3945 Blue Floriography Sripes

    C3944 Yellow Floriography Branches

    C3943 L3943 Blue Floriography Floral

    C3942 Blue Floriography Blossoms

    C3941 Yellow Floriography Damask

  • 801.816.0540 | 888.768.8454 | | | 61

    Display using Floriography Designer Fabric by Pink Fig Design

    Display using TrailMix Designer Fabric by BoBunny

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