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RIL LUBRICANTS YOUR LUBRICANT SPECIALISTS. R.I.L. Lubricants blends its products in an ISO 9001:2008 accredited blending facility which compliments all

Mar 31, 2015



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RIL LUBRICANTS YOUR LUBRICANT SPECIALISTS Slide 2 R.I.L. Lubricants blends its products in an ISO 9001:2008 accredited blending facility which compliments all other facets of our business. Furthermore, we have a capability for product development where we can address problems and modify formulations for local conditions. Our technical department also offers technical service and advice on all our products. R.I.L. Lubricants is driven by international standards relevant to health and safety and the environment. Our products are designed to perform without compromising the user or workplace. R.I.L. Lubricants is a high service-orientated unit which takes care of all the service demands of its customers. All deliveries are expedited from our own managed warehouse facility with easy access to all major industrial areas. R.I.L. Lubricants offers an on-site Fluid-Care Management Service. Soluble fluids are monitored on a regular basis to ensure that optimum product performance & economies are achieved. R.I.L. Lubricants has a fully equipped laboratory to conduct a full spectrum of analysis on oils and regular condition monitoring for fluids in use. Slide 3 OUR PRODUCT RANGE Slide 4 Soluble Oils Various grades of machining and grinding coolants suitable for use on ferrous and non- ferrous metals. Neat Cutting Oils An extensive range of Neat cutting oils, Drawing oils, Forming oils and Broaching oils for all ferrous and non-ferrous applications. Industrial Oils Slideway oils, Hydraulic oils, Compressor oils, Industrial gear oils, Quenching oils, Process oils, Mould oils and an extensive range of fire resistant fluids. Automotive Oils Petrol and diesel engine oils, Engine cleaners, Antifreeze, Transmission fluids and Gearbox oils. Industrial Cleaners Water based and solvent based cleaners for a variety of applications. Greases General purpose, Wheel bearing & High temperature greases as well as a full range of specialized greases. Solvents Various solvents for industrial cleaning and processing applications. Corrosion Preventives Distributors of the Tectyl range of rust preventives. Rocol Specialties A comprehensive range of maintenance consumables including a range of Foodlube approved products for the food processing industry. Slide 5 SOLUBLE OILS We have a wide range of soluble oils from general purpose to specialized products to suit your specific requirements for surface finish satisfaction We also do Fluidcare to make sure coolants are always at optimal performance and that the best economy is achieved Slide 6 NEAT CUTTING OILS We have a range of neat cutting oils for ferrous and non ferrous metals, from low viscosity oils to medium and heavy viscosity oils Slide 7 INDUSTRIAL OILS Our Industrial range are as follows Slideway Oil grades from 32-220 Hydraulic Oil grades from 5-220 HI VI Hydraulic Oil grades from 32-100 Compressor Oils for Piston and Screw Compressors Industrial Gearbox Oil grades from 100-460 Mould Release Oils Quench Oils Slide 8 AUTOMOTIVE OILS Antifreeze Readymix Antifreeze A.T.F DX II Engine Oils SAE Mono Grades 10W SG/CF,30 SG/CF,40 SG/CF,50 SG/CF Engine Oils SAE Multigrades 15W40 CF-4/SG,15W40 CG-4/SJ,15W40 CH-4/SL, 20W50 CG-4/SL Gearbox Oils SAE Mono Grades EP 90 GL-4,EP 90 GL- 5 Gearbox Oils SAE Multigrades EP 80W90 GL-5, EP 85W140 GL-5 Slide 9 INDUSTRIAL CLEANERS Handgrit Handgel General Purpose Cleaner Floor Powder Water Based Degreaser Solvent Based Degreaser Slide 10 GREASES General Purpose Lithium Grease Moly Grease Winch Grease Rope Dressing Grease Rod Mix Grease Copper Paste White Petrolatum Slide 11 SOLVENTS Paraffin White Spirits Acetone Slide 12 CORROSION PREVENTIVES Valvoline Tectyl range of rust preventives Slide 13 ROCOL SPECIALITIES Slide 14 We Keep Stock of all our products Slide 15 Slide 16