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Jul 25, 2016




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R e i g a t e g R a M M a R S C H O O L

oUR HiStoRYEDUcatinG YoUnG PEoPLE SincE 1675Reigate Grammar School was founded by Alderman Henry Smith in 1675. It was the same year that Sir Christopher Wren saw the foundation stones laid for St Paul’s Cathedral.

For over 340 years, young people have been educated on the same site, in the heart of the historic market town of Reigate. today, Reigate Grammar School is one of the leading co-educational schools in the country offering the very best academic education with equal prominence placed on the arts, sport and a rich extra-curricular programme. the quality of education at RGS ensures that doors of opportunity are open for our students and that they are equipped academically and emotionally to make the very most of those life chances.

there are over 900 students in the school aged from 11 to 18 years. another 300 students, aged from 3 to 11, are educated at Reigate St Mary’s Preparatory and choir School, Reigate Grammar School’s junior and nursery school.

For in-depth and updated information about the breadth of activity at RGS please visit the school’s


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P r o s P e c t u s s u P P l e m e n t 2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6

aiMS anD EtHoS: REiGatE GRaMMaR ScHooLSummarythe aims and Ethos statement for RGS has been developed in consultation with the school community. The first box below captures all of the key messages in four bullet points and the rest of this part of the document gives a little more context.

Our main priority is to care for each individual child and nurture their unique blend of talents and abilities.• the school is tailored for each child at each point with

personalisation and choice across the curriculum, in extra-curricular opportunities, in pastoral care and in learning support.

• We work in partnership with our community of pupils, parents, staff, friends and beyond to help RGS continuously improve across all areas.

• We take supporting children seriously whether for the most able or for those addressing individual and specific needs. From time to time any child may need additional pastoral or academic support during their time at RGS.

• our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our pupils.

Students flourish here, enjoy their school days and are prepared for a happy and successful adult life.• RGS is an enabling, happy community with rich opportunities

for personal development through a wide-ranging and high quality programme of extra-curricular activities.

• We support excellence, achievement and opportunity in areas including sport, culture, art and academic study.

• Students learn about opportunities beyond their school years, in higher education, employment and in training. We open their eyes and guide them to the best opportunities.

• Education beyond the formal curriculum and classroom contributes to pupils’ personal development and their academic studies.

We enable outcomes that open doors of opportunity.• We provide an academic education seeking results in public

examinations that are the best for each individual student.• children develop good learning behaviours within a

personalised, flexible and relevant curriculum.• the teaching at RGS is engaging, challenging and enables

excellent progress.• We support students’ progress with extensive use of

tracking and monitoring to inform and support the teaching and the help we provide to each child.

• Students attain high standards and this provides better opportunities and positive progress to university.

Moral purpose is at our core. We help prepare Reigatians to make the world a better place, aware of their advantages and with a strong sense of responsibility.• We aim to provide a disciplined and caring environment

that will encourage students to develop into good citizens. Reigatians are morally and socially responsible young people.

• RGS exists for the children placed in our care but we also take seriously our commitment to their families, the local community and our staff.

• We help children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to access RGS and we actively share our facilities and opportunities with local schools.

• the school welcomes children of all faiths and of none, within an approach based on our history as a school founded in the christian tradition. We promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, as defined by the Department for Education.

• We are committed to continuous improvement in all that we do.


Summary of the Aims and Ethosat Reigate Grammar School we are a community where:• our main priority is to care for and support each

individual child, and nurture their unique blend of talents and abilities;

• students flourish, enjoy their school days and are prepared for a happy and successful adult life;

• we enable academic outcomes that open door of opportunity and extra-curricular experiences that create pathways to success;

• our strong moral purpose prepares helps Reigatians to make the world a better place, aware of their advantages and with a strong sense of responsibility.

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R e i g a t e g R a M M a R S C H O O L


SEnioR StaFF

the members of the Board of Governors of Reigate Grammar School as at august 2015 are as follows:

ChairmanMr a J Walker

Vice ChairmenSir colin chandlerMrs J Langham

GovernorsMr D adamsMr M BentonMr c cobainMr J DeanMr W DunnetMr M ElseyMrs E FieldhouseMrs J ForbatMr L HerbertDr K KnappMr R newsteadProfessor S Sayce

Clerk to the GovernorsS P Douty, Ba, FcMa & Bursar

HeadmasterS a Fenton, Ma, MEd (oxford)

Senior Deputy HeadMrs M a collins, BEng (Bristol) Physics

Deputy HeadMiss S J arthur, Ba (Durham) History

Assistant HeadsMiss V Godbold, Ba (Hull) GeographyS J Rushby, BMus (Surrey) Director of Music (until end Dec 2015)a J Boothroyd, BSc (Bradford) Physics

Director of StudiesDr B P Stones, BSc, PhD (Edinburgh) Mathematics

Head of Sixth FormH t Jones Ba, MSt (Durham, oxford) History

Head of Upper SchoolP G Stephens, BSc (aberystwyth) Biology

Head of Upper School Designaten M Buchanan, BSc (Edinburgh) chemistry

Head of Lower SchoolMrs c H Lawson, Ba (Liverpool) classics

ChaplainP J R chesterton, Ba, certEd (oU, St Luke’s)

Development DirectorS Davey, BSc, Ma, MinstF (cert)


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P r o s P e c t u s s u P P l e m e n t 2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6


For a full list of the subjects on offer, please refer to the curriculum plan for the current year, which is available on our website:

We believe in our young people so that they can achieve more than they ever thought possible and our innovative, distinctive curriculum enables a greater breadth of study and to a higher standard than in traditional approaches. it is designed to develop personal character, a moral compass and to prepare RGS students extraordinarily well for a happy and successful personal and professional adult life.

our teachers have developed the RGS Learning Framework which combines the best understanding of learning (revealed by university level research and in the outcomes of international studies) with, most importantly, our commitment to understand and motivate the students in our care. the RGS Learning Framework informs lesson planning, schemes of work, assessment, reporting and all aspects of learning at RGS.

Pupils in the First and Second Forms (Years 7 and 8) follow a common curriculum designed to provide a broad and balanced knowledge base and learning skills appropriate to high achieving students. From the First Form pupils choose two modern languages (French, German and/or Spanish) and all pupils study Latin. in addition to the full range of national curriculum subjects, pupils study Drama, Music, art and Design technology.

GCSEStudents joining RGS are already working considerably ahead of national expectation. For those students who join us in the First Form, we help them to work quickly through the important foundation stage in the first two years which allows us to support students to work at a higher level of study a year earlier than at most other schools. Students’ higher level of ability and the support framework provided by the school sees RGS students start working at GcSE level from the start of the third Form (Year 9) i.e. students begin national curriculum Key Stage 4 from the third Form rather than waiting until the Fourth Form (Year 10) as in most other schools.

GcSE examinations remain at the end of the Fifth Form (Year 11) except for more able mathematicians who sit iGcSE Mathematics at the end of the Fourth Form and move on to Further Mathematics (a bridging qualification between GcSE and a Level) in the Fifth Form.

a distinctive feature of Reigate Grammar School is that in the third, Fourth and Fifth Forms, we work with parents and students to help them become architects of their own curriculum pathways ensuring that students make the right choices and right combination for them as individuals. advice and guidance is offered by staff to both parents and students on an on-going basis. as students are able to start personalising their programmes of study from the start of the third Form, a year earlier than in most schools, the increased time enables more flexibility to review and change option choices to ensure that students are set up to succeed. Students can choose from a broad and evolving range of options which includes the arts, languages and humanities. Most students sit ten GcSEs and all students study mathematics, English language and literature and the sciences.

Having three years to work at GcSE level means students get three years to do what other schools rush students through in just two years. the extra time supports higher attainment and higher GcSE grades that will open up additional opportunities as students apply to top universities. additionally, the extended three year GcSE course enables RGS students to enjoy significantly greater breadth and depth in their learning.

Electives Programmethe extra time available at Key Stage 4/GcSE means that we are able to offer an Electives programme. this innovative programme of modular options is a key component of students’ Key Stage 4/GcSE curriculum and contains a wide range of studies and life skills that are valuable but do not require yet another GcSE examination in order to be part of a great education. the Electives programme means that a student does not have to drop as many subjects, as in most schools, but neither does he or she need to take an examination at GcSE level in every course of study undertaken. Whilst the electives available will vary over time, examples of electives might include a new ab initio language, an art related course in sculpture or ceramics, a programme of art appreciation, French literature, digital design, computer programming or forensic science.

Sixth Formthe range of subjects available broadens even further in the Sixth Form to include Business Studies, Economics, Government and Politics and Music technology. the Extended Project Qualification is also available.


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R e i g a t e g R a M M a R S C H O O L

aDMiSSionS inFoRMation

Admissions criteriaadmission to Reigate Grammar School depends upon a prospective pupil meeting the criteria required to maintain and, if possible, improve the educational and general standards for all its pupils, commensurate with the school’s ethos and aims. the school must also feel reasonably sure that it will be able to educate and develop the prospective pupil to the best of his or her potential and in line with the general standards achieved by the pupil’s peers.

the school’s criteria for admissions are:a) that a prospective pupil achieves a sufficiently high mark

in the school’s entrance examination to satisfy the Headmaster that he or she can cope with the general pace of learning at Reigate Grammar School;

b) that a prospective pupil, in the judgement of the Headmaster, shows sufficient aptitude, commitment and willingness to benefit from the educational and extra-curricular opportunities on offer at Reigate Grammar School;

c) that the school receives a satisfactory reference from the prospective pupil’s school;

d) that the school is able to meet the educational, social and personal needs of a prospective pupil;

e) that there are sufficient vacancies in the appropriate year group or that, in the judgement of the Headmaster, the pupil will make an exceptional academic or other contribution to the school community.

Age of entryPupils are normally admitted to the school at the ages of 11, 13 or 16 although vacancies may occasionally occur at other ages. new pupils usually enter the school in September.

• the majority of our pupils enter at age 11 (Year 7). they come from a mixture of local primary and preparatory schools. in a typical year we take approximately 120 pupils at this stage.

• Pupils also join the school at age 13 (Year 9) from preparatory schools or from local schools. We recommend that a place for age 13+ entry is secured via our 13+ pre testing arrangement, as outlined on page 8.

• We also accept pupils into the Sixth Form (Year 12). there is no set number of places.


applications are welcome at any time. there is a non refundable Registration Fee of £100 (UK applications) or £150 (overseas applications) which should be sent with the completed application Form. acceptance of this fee does not guarantee an offer of a place.

Referencesin advance of any entrance examination or interview, we will always ask each applicant’s current school for a written report. it is therefore important that parents inform their child’s current school that they have made an application to us.

Entrance deposit and Reigatian Society Subscriptionon accepting a place at Reigate Grammar School, an entrance deposit of £750 must be paid. of this sum, £250 will be assigned to the pupil’s first term’s fees and a further £250 is a lifetime subscription to the RGS Foundation’s Reigatian Society. the remainder will be retained until the end of his or her final term at the school.

Where a pupil is withdrawn more than one term before admission, the entrance deposit will be forfeited. in the event of a withdrawal less than one term before admission, a full term’s fees (less the amount of the acceptance deposit) will be payable in lieu of notice.

Terms and Conditionsall offers of places are made subject to the school’s terms and conditions, which will be made available to all successful candidates, or which can be obtained in advance from the admissions Secretary. Pupils are admitted to the school at the discretion of the Headmaster, whose decision is final.

Reigate St Mary’s Preparatory School The junior school of Reigate Grammar Schoolover a decade on from the merger of Reigate St Mary’s (RSM) and Reigate Grammar School, the relationship between the two sections of RGS (the junior and senior schools of RGS) has developed to the point where there is complete uniformity in terms of expectations and understanding of the performance criteria which predicts future success at RGS. Pupils at Reigate St Mary’s may receive an early 11+ offer to RGS whilst they are in Year 5 at RSM.

the two sections of RGS (the junior and senior schools of RGS) have established a comprehensive system of standardised assessments and tracking of pupils’ progress which enables prediction, with great accuracy, those who will cope with the pace and breadth of study at RGS. the primary concern of teachers both at RSM and RGS is that children will be happy and cope well with the pace of learning as they transfer to the right senior school for them.

Pupils from Reigate St Mary’s may still sit the Entrance Examination if their parents wish them to do so.


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P r o s P e c t u s s u P P l e m e n t 2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6

Disability and Special Needsthe school welcomes applications from any prospective pupil with a physical and/or mental impairment. the school’s policy is to apply the criteria stated above to all pupils and potential pupils regardless of any disability** of which it is aware, and not to put any disabled pupil or potential pupil at a substantial disadvantage compared to any pupil who is not disadvantaged because of a disability. all applications will be judged fairly and the school will consider any reasonable adjustments that may need to be made to cater for the child’s disabilities.

When applying for a place, parents are asked to write to the Headmaster setting out the nature and extent of any disability, and whether or not they wish the school to take any disability into account during the admissions process. in cases of doubt, parents should consult the school well in advance of any application.

For further details, please read the school’s Equal opportunities Policy – appendix 1: admission for pupils with a disability or other special need (please visit

* this fee may be waived in cases of serious need. For details, please speak to the admissions Secretary.** For the purposes of this document, disability includes any pupil or prospective pupil whose mobility, hearing, sight or other physical functions are

impaired, or who exhibits other special educational needs, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, or significant behavioural or emotional problems.07

Supplementary ApplicationsWe welcome supplementary applications for entry at any stage beyond the traditional points of joining the school. Please contact the admissions Secretary for more information. in these circumstances the assessment process may vary at the discretion of the Headmaster.

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R e i g a t e g R a M M a R S C H O O L

13+ PRE-TEST ENTRANCE PROCEDURE FOR SEPTEMBER 2018FoR canDiDatES in YEaR 6(The recommended route for 13+ applications)

candidates wishing to join the school at 13+ in September 2018 may sit the Entrance Examination whilst they are in Year 6. Boys and girls who will be 13 years old on 1 September of the year of proposed entry sit an Entrance Examination in the Spring term of Year 6. three areas will be assessed: Mathematics, English and Reasoning (see left). The examination will take place on Friday 8 January 2016 for entry in September 2018. all candidates will automatically be considered for academic scholarships (see page 10).

The closing date for applications is Monday 23 November 2015 for entry in 2018.

Interviews will be held on Saturday 23 January and Saturday 30 January 2016. candidates are interviewed by a member of staff, and will be asked to talk about their hobbies and interests. candidates will also have a group interview with the Headmaster.

Offers of placesoffers of places for 13+ Pre-test entry will be sent to parents during February 2016. Parents will be asked to reply by Monday 7 March 2016. 13+ Pre-test offers made to candidates in Year 6 are conditional on continued academic performance.

Sample papersSample Entrance Examination papers, including a sample Reasoning test, are available to download from the school’s website:


Boys and girls who will be 11 years old on 1 September of the year of proposed entry sit an Entrance Examination early in January of the same year. there will be three papers, one each in Mathematics, English and Reasoning (see below). a sample paper is available on the school website. The examination date for 2016 is Tuesday 5 January 2016. During the day, prospective pupils will also have the opportunity to sample one of the many activities that are on offer. all candidates will automatically be considered for academic scholarships (see page 10).

The closing date for applications is Monday 23 November 2015 for entry in 2016.

Interviews will be held on Saturday 23 January and Saturday 30 January 2016. candidates are interviewed by a member of staff, and will be asked to talk about their hobbies and interests. candidates will also have a group interview with the Headmaster.

Reasoning Testall candidates sit an online Reasoning test during the course of the examination day. the questions are a combination of verbal and non-verbal reasoning and are designed to be user-friendly.

Offers of placesoffers of places for 11+ entry will be sent to parents during February 2016, in line with other local independent schools. Parents will be asked to reply by Monday 7 March 2016.

Sample papersSample Entrance Examination papers, including a sample Reasoning test, are available to download from the school’s website:

EntRancE PRocEDURE 2016


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P r o s P e c t u s s u P P l e m e n t 2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6


applications for entry into the Sixth Form should be made as soon as possible in the academic year before entry is proposed. The Assessment Days for 2016 entry are Friday 6 November 2015 and Wednesday 2 March 2016. candidates are advised to attend the november day in order to secure the best available choice of a Level subjects.

The closing dates for the assessments are Friday 23 October 2015 and Friday 12 February 2016.

the assessment Day comprises an academic assessment, a tour of the school, as well as a range of interviews with senior staff and Heads of Department of the subjects the candidate wishes to study. References from the candidate’s current school will be sought and good GcSE predictions and mock exam grades will be required.

Successful 16+ candidates will usually receive an offer of a place conditional on their performance at GcSE. the school expects applicants for the Sixth Form to achieve an a grade or higher in the subject they wish to study in the Sixth Form and an overall grade profile of at least 4 A grades, 4 B grades and no other grades lower than a c at GcSE. (nB: these guidelines are subject to change. Please check with the admissions Secretary).

candidates who subsequently obtain all a* grades in their GcSEs may be eligible for an academic Scholarship of £1,000. this is in line with internal scholarships awarded to existing students.

Offers of placesoffers of places will be made shortly after each assessment Day. Following the november assessment, parents will be asked to reply by Monday 14 December 2015, and following the March assessment, by Monday 4 april 2016.

nB: Exam results and other records relating to applications are confidential and Reigate Grammar School is not able to issue results or papers. By entering your child into the examination assessment, you agree that Entrance Examination results and other information related to an application will not be made available.

13+ ENTRANCE PROCEDURE 2016 FoR canDiDatES in YEaR 8

Boys and girls who will be 13 years old on 1 September of the year of proposed entry sit an Entrance Examination in the november preceding the year of entry. three areas will be assessed: Mathematics, English and Reasoning. The examination will take place on Wednesday 4 November 2015 for entry in 2016. all candidates will automatically be considered for academic scholarships (see page 10).

The closing date for applications is Friday 16 October 2015 for entry in 2016.

all candidates will spend the day at RGS which will include an interview with a member of staff and a group interview with the Headmaster.

Offers of placesoffers of places for 13+ entry in September 2016 will be sent to parents in early December 2015. Parents will be asked to reply by Friday 26 February 2016.

Sample papersSample Entrance Examination papers, including a sample Reasoning test, are available to download from the school’s website:


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R e i g a t e g R a M M a R S C H O O L


Sports ScholarshipsPlease indicate on the application form whether you would like more information about scholarships and indicate which scholarship/s are of interest. once at RGS, Sports Scholars benefit from the RGS Elite Sport Development Programme. the Sports department assigns each Scholar a mentor who is a member of staff responsible for his or her development. Motivational talks and coaching sessions are offered along with individual nutrition and fitness programmes created by our Strength and conditioning coach, supporting scholars as they strive to excel in their chosen sport. occasionally, able students who are not Sports Scholars are invited to join the Sport Development Programme.

Headmaster’s ScholarshipsHeadmaster’s Scholarships are awarded for a wide range of disciplines with recent examples including, but not limited to, drama, art and chess. in exceptional circumstances, other activities may be considered if the activity will make a high profile and whole school contribution for the benefit of the RGS community. Each Scholar benefits from a programme that supports and develops the discipline in which they excel, in addition to supporting them as they learn how to balance the different demands on their time.

Applying for Scholarshipson receipt of a candidate’s standard application form, an examination confirmation form will be sent which will ask each candidate whether they wish to apply for a Scholarship. the relevant scholarship application form will then be sent for completion by the candidate to include a reference from an independent referee. Referees should be prepared in the event that the admissions Secretary contacts them for further information. on receipt of the Scholarship application Form, we will write to you to confirm whether your child’s application for a Scholarship will be taken forward. academic Scholarships are awarded automatically and therefore do not require an additional scholarship application. General application forms and scholarship criteria can be found and downloaded from the school’s website: Scholarships. Only applications which fulfil the scholarship criteria will be considered.

Scholarships awarded to 13+ candidates who apply whilst they are in Year 6 are offered subject to continued high level of performance and subsequent references. in addition, candidates may be visited at their current school towards the end of Year 7 to confirm that the candidate continues to perform at the required standard.

Scholarships at Reigate Grammar School are awarded for academic excellence and/or outstanding ability in Music, Sport and/or an extra-curricular activity such as art, drama, chess or another discipline. There is no general or ‘all-rounder’ Scholarship.

The vast majority of RGS students flourish here with talent, skill and high levels of performance and scholars benefit from a tailored programme of support which aims to develop each student’s particular talent throughout their time at the school. Scholarships may represent an award of up to 30 per cent off fees but may also be a fixed amount per annum. Substantial fee reduction through scholarships is rare and is intended for candidates performing at a very high level, for example at regional or national representative standard at the chosen sport. Scholarships can be held alongside bursaries where candidates qualify for additional fee support.

Academic Scholarshipsacademic Scholarships are awarded automatically by RGS at 11+ and 13+ for academic excellence during the entrance assessments and based upon school references and at 16+ for academic excellence demonstrated in GcSE performance. Once at RGS, Academic Scholars are offered subject-specific enrichment activities both in school and through a programme of visits. Scholars are assigned a mentor and receive regular reports home monitoring their progress. Scholars also get the opportunity to meet together with their peers to exchange information and experiences.

Music Scholarshipsa second instrument is highly desirable and is essential if the first instrument is voice. Music Scholarships are awarded to candidates who have the potential to be at least Grade 4 (or equivalent) on entry at 11+, Grade 6 at 13+ and Grade 7 at 16+ on their principal instrument or voice when they start at RGS. Music Scholars benefit from the excellent music facilities and opportunities at RGS and also the support of a large and passionate staff, many of whom work in the music industry alongside their teaching careers. Scholars have the chance to perform in concerts both at school and at larger venues. there are local, national and international performances and tours in which Scholars may participate. Scholars are expected to play a leading role in the musical life of the school, and in the early days will benefit from mentoring from senior Music Scholars. the careful nurturing from the Music department will help Scholars to excel and progress.


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P r o s P e c t u s s u P P l e m e n t 2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6


Bursaries and other means-tested fee reductionsReigate Grammar School Bursaries (formerly called assisted Places) are intended to enable gifted children to attend the school irrespective of family income.

Bursaries are only available to those who are successful in our entrance examination and interview, and assistance is not guaranteed if a place is offered. We attempt to help as many families as possible, but funds are limited: awards will therefore be based on the child’s performance in the entrance examination and assessment of need required. the level of fee remission will be determined on a sliding scale which may offer up to 100 per cent reduction in fees. assistance towards the cost of school uniform, school meals and travel may also be available in cases of particular need. Parents’ income and assets will be assessed annually and all information will be treated in the strictest confidence. The exact amount of fee reduction will depend upon family circumstances, however, families with a total gross annual income of over £65,000 are unlikely to qualify for a bursary. those families earning less than £25,000 may receive a fee reduction of up to 100 per cent. These figures are guideline amounts and parents are encouraged to contact the Bursar to discuss their individual circumstances, in complete confidence. An allowance will be made for dependants and proof of income will be required. For the higher levels of fee remission, the school reserves the right to visit parents at home or make other relevant enquiries to establish genuine levels of income.

Bursaries may be further supplemented by a Harrison Scholarship (provided by the Peter Harrison Foundation), which are available only to prospective pupils living in the Borough of Reigate and Banstead; and by the RGS Foundation’s 1675 Bursary Fund, as part of the changing Lives campaign. these can provide up to 100 per cent fee remission.

applicants hoping to join the Sixth Form at RGS to pursue their study of StEM subjects at a Level and beyond, and who qualify for a Bursary, may apply to become a Gershon Scholar. Financial support through a Gershon Bursary also carries with it additional mentoring and career support.

a pupil may hold both a scholarship and a bursary but the total reduction cannot be more than 100 per cent of fees.

Bursary Application and Income Assessmenton the general application form there is an opportunity to register your interest in a bursary. the earlier you express your interest in a bursary the more likely it is that we will be able to assist, subject to the standard criteria for receiving a bursary. once you have expressed your interest in a bursary, we will send you a Bursary application Form which asks you to fill in details of your income, assets held (for example, a house), and your outgoings (on mortgage, living expenses, dependent children or other relatives). the Bursar may also ask you for a meeting to discuss your needs. if he thinks you may be eligible for a School Bursary, Harrison Scholarship or Foundation Bursary, he may ask for proof of income (for example, tax notices) and you may receive a home visit.

Sibling discountsa discount of 5 per cent of the full fees is provided for each second child, and 10 per cent for each third and subsequent child, educated simultaneously either at RGS or at Reigate St Mary’s Preparatory School.

ConfidentialityFor pastoral and contractual reasons the terms of scholarship and bursary awards must remain confidential. Reigate Grammar School reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship or bursary award if confidentiality is breached.

Please see overleaf for table of Bursary fees.


Page 12: RGS Prospectus Supplement

R e i g a t e g R a M M a R S C H O O L


Bursary How much are they worth?

Who is eligible? How long do they last?

How do I apply?

School Bursary

Up to 100% of fees*

any family with a gross annual income below £65,000 (higher if more than one child attends)

throughout the child’s time at RGS, but subject to annual review

Please indicated your interest in a Bursary when completing the school application form

Harrison Scholarship†

Up to 100% of fees* (in conjunction with a School Bursary)

Families who live in Reigate & Banstead and who qualify for a Bursary

throughout the child’s time at RGS, but subject to annual review

Families who are eligible will be contacted by the Bursar’s office

RGS 1675 Bursary^

Up to 100% of fees*

any family with a gross annual income below £65,000 (higher if more than one child attends)

through the child’s time at RGS, but subject to annual review

Please indicated your interest in a Bursary when completing the school application form

Gershon Scholarship^

Up to 100% of fees

any family with a gross annual income below £65,000 (higher if more than one child attends). For 16 to 18 year old students committed to pursuing a career in science, mathematics or engineering at university and beyond.

throughout a student’s time in the RGS Sixth Form

Please indicated your interest in a Bursary when completing the school application form

Temporary Bursary Up to 100% of fees* any family in hardship Renewable termly up to a maximum of two years

Please contact the Bursar’s Pa

* in cases of extreme hardship, we are sometimes also able to offer help with extras such as school transport, lunches and uniform.† We are very grateful to the Peter Harrison Foundation for their ongoing support through the provision of Harrison Scholarships.

Further details can be found at^ We are also very grateful to Sir Peter Gershon and all of the supporters of the RGS Foundation’s Changing Lives campaign.

Visit for further information.12

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Surname of child: Male Female

First names:Please underline name generally used

child’s Date of Birth:



Year Group on Entry (eg. Year 7):

term & Year of Proposed Entry: (term) (Year)

Father’s title & Full name: tick if child’s primary residence

occupation: Employer:

Home address:


Mobile telephone: Home telephone:

Email address:

Mother’s title & Full name: tick if child’s primary residence

occupation: Employer:

Home address:


Mobile telephone: Home telephone:

Email address:

Please state the name and address of your child’s present school

name of School:

Dates attended:

address of School:


name of Headteacher:

Email address:

aPPLication FoRM

Please attach photo here

For office use:

For office use:

Years Months


Page 14: RGS Prospectus Supplement


Please state if you would like to be considered for a Bursary (please review our website or this supplement for eligibility).

Scholarshipsacademic Scholarships are automatically awarded at 11+ and 13+ for academic excellence during the entrance assessments and based upon school references. at 16+ academic Scholarships are awarded for academic excellence demonstrated in GcSE performance.

Please state if you would like to receive more information on: Sport Music and/or Headmaster’s Scholarships (Drama, art, other).

Please outline any of your child’s artistic, dramatic, musical or sporting skills or experience (if applicable):

Please give an outline of your child’s other hobbies or interests (if applicable):

Please state any medical or learning difficulties which will affect his/her education (please enclose an Educational Psychologist report if relevant):

Please state any dietary information:

Have you, or will you, register your child’s name at any other school/s and if so which?

Please mention here the names of any other members of the family attending Reigate Grammar School, or registered for entry, or any other connection (e.g. old Reigatian):

Please say how you first heard of Reigate Grammar School. Was it from:

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other (please give details):

NotesBefore returning, please ensure that you have:– included a cheque for the registration fee of £100 (UK applications) or £150 (overseas applications). if you wish to pay by bank transfer,

please contact the admissions Secretary.– included a copy of your child’s most recent school report– included any supplementary information e.g. Educational Psychologist report, where relevant.

Please return this form to the admissions Secretary at Reigate Grammar School.offers of places are subject to availability and the admission requirements of Reigate Grammar School at the time offers are made. a copy of the current edition of the standard terms and conditions will be supplied on request.

DECLARATIONI/we request that my/our named child be registered as a prospective pupil. All those with parental responsibility for the child have agreed to this application. A cheque for the non-returnable registration fee of £100 (UK applications)/£150 (overseas applications) is enclosed, made payable to Reigate Grammar School. I/we agree that exam results are confidential and Reigate Grammar is not able to issue results or papers. By entering my/our child into the entrance assessment, I/we agree that these will not be available to me/us. We understand that the standard terms and conditions of Reigate Grammar School will undergo reasonable changes from time to time as circumstances require and will apply in all our dealings with the school.

reigategrammar.orgReigate Road, Reigate, Surrey RH2 0QS 01737 222231 [email protected] in England a company limited by guarantee Reg. no. 3954365 Registered charity no. 1081898

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Page 15: RGS Prospectus Supplement

P r o s P e c t u s s u P P l e m e n t 2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6

Tuition Fee: The fees from September 2015 are £5,530 per term. Fee bills are payable in full by the first day of term by termly direct debit (collected on the first day of term), which is the school’s preference, or by direct credit into the school’s bank account.

the school operates a ‘Fees in advance’ scheme for those parents who wish to reduce the cost of their child’s education by making an advance lump-sum payment to the school. the school also offers a monthly payment scheme via the school fee finance provider ‘School Fees Plan’.

the charges for extras such as insurances and coach transport to/from school are added to the termly fee bill. other additional items, such as school trips, may be added to the school’s parents’ online payment system during a given term. GcSE, a Level and other external examination fees are payable in addition to the tuition fee. the tuition fee is subject to alteration at one term’s notice.

Music Lessons: Billed termly by the individual music teacher.

Personal Accident Insurance: Due to the nature of contact sports and physical activities that pupils participate in whilst at RGS, it is mandatory that each pupil be covered. consequently the school covers each pupil through Marsh insurance Brokers. there is no charge for this insurance.

Fees Refund Scheme: Under this insurance scheme fees are refunded for any continuous period of five days or more that a pupil is absent from school due to illness. this scheme is run on an ‘opt out’ basis and is automatically charged to the fee bill at a cost of 1.5% of the term’s tuition fee unless a parent writes in specifically requesting that their child be excluded from cover.

Personal Effects Insurance: an amount of £10 is charged automatically each term unless the school is informed in writing that this cover is not required.

Private Health Insurance: Health insurance via BUPa is available for students and covers private medical treatment. the cost is £67.50 per term.

PoLiciESthis prospectus supplement is for information only and does not form part of any agreement between the school, current or prospective parents.

For all current school policies, please visit the website:

the school organises coaches to bring pupils in to school and to take them home again in the afternoon. all coaches are scheduled to arrive by 8.25am, and after school start the return journeys at 4.00pm from the Hartswood sports ground. they then travel to the school’s Dining Hall (PMH) car park to pick up the majority of the passengers. there are seven coach routes going to and from the following places:

1. Banstead and tadworth2. caterham3. crawley4. crawley Down & East Grinstead5. Dorking6. Epsom7. Horsham8. Pick up from Redhill train station

For more detailed information on pick up locations and timings please visit the school’s website:

Coach Ticketstickets may be purchased for mornings, afternoons or both mornings and afternoons for all of the above coach routes. occasional tickets may also be purchased for ‘one-off ’ coach journeys.

Late Coachto ensure that those students staying to extra-curricular activities have a convenient and safe passage home, two late coaches run from Monday to thursday inclusive. one is northbound, the other southbound. Late buses are free for those students holding a termly ticket and are priced at the occasional ticket rate for all others.

Please note that there is a code of conduct for all coach users.


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Page 16: RGS Prospectus Supplement

LocationBy RoadReigate Grammar and Reigate St Mary’s Schools are situated on the south side of the a25 about a quarter of a mile east of Reigate town centre, between Reigate and Redhill. the most direct route is via the M25. Exit at Junction 8 and join the a217 south. travel to Reigate town centre and turn left to join the one way system.

continue down castleford Road to the t junction and bear left onto the a25 Reigate Road. For Reigate St Mary’s School, turn right into chart Lane and the entrance is on the right. For Reigate Grammar School, remain on the a25 for 500 metres and the entrance is on the right.

By RailRegular main line services operate from London to nearby Redhill Station and the Reading to tonbridge line serves Reigate Station and a number of other towns to the east and west.

By AirGatwick is the nearest airport, only 20 minutes away by road and Heathrow is a 40 minute journey. Both have regular scheduled flights from UK, European and international destinations.

Reigate Grammar School is a company limited by guarantee and also a charity (Reg. no. 1081898).the School is owned by the Board of Governors.the current chairman of the Board, Mr alan Walker, can be contacted c/o the Bursar at the above address.

For admissions enquiries, please contact us at:Reigate Grammar School, Reigate Road, Reigate, Surrey RH2 0QS01737 222231 [email protected]


















































































































































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