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Researching Creative Industries

Feb 24, 2016




Tom Potten and Joe Dawe. Researching Creative Industries. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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INDUSTRIESTom Potten and Joe Dawe

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The Video Copilot blog is a good place to start out learning some visual effects techniques. This blog is particularly good because of the way it demonstrates some very advanced After Effects techniques in a straight forward easy to understand way. I feel as though its easy to learn from this blog because it allows you to view the tutorials as a flash video and it also has all the project files uploaded, so you can simply open them and see how everything works.

This particular blog offers keen vfx fans an opportunity to understand the behind the scene work to popular visual effects which are commonly used. Often on this blog, Andrew Kramer uses video blogging to interact with the viewers, which I feel adds a very personal feel to the site.

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The Senate Visual Effects is a post production company who produce some of the highest quality visual effects but specialise in 3D set extensions. Senate has guided the VFX work on blockbusters such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Kick Ass and Hellboy. Their website ( is very useful, it has a showreel of lots of stunning visual effects they’ve made and also has a job vacancies section. This page is useful to any upcoming visual effects artist because their work is very inspiring and motivational.

This website is also very useful because it demonstrates very high end visual effects and gives you an idea of the standard of work which is expected in the industry.

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FREDDIE WONG BLOGCompared to Senate’s webpage, this blog is a lot less formal, rather more tongue in cheek.

The standard of the work F.Wong produces is fantastic, and is showcased mainly on his YouTube channel.However, his website/blog-page ( offers the more serious fans a chanceto go in depth into the mind that drives the success. With monthly blog posts, video updates and key information on trends and styles associated with F.Wong, his page is incredibly helpful for themore serious freelance editor, video maker or junior animator.

Here we see F.Wong break down some FAQ’S in orderto educate the reader as to what software and equipmenthe uses to produce his video content.

This is helpful and insightful as newbie editors/film-makers cantake inspiration from F.Wong and also learn how he gets the shotsor effects in the videos.

We find his content particularly interesting because he focuses heavilyon 2d and 3d animation incorporated into live action footage. Some particular sequences are highly skilful and give us the viewers an Eagerness to understand HOW and WHAT was done to make this sequence of animation or visuals look so amazing.

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As the title quite clearly states, this is THE vfx blog. As soon as you click onto the website you feel instantly out of your depth as the content on display is incredibly professional. The unique side to this blog that the others don’t quite possess is the analysis of the film industries work, as pictured on the right. The re-mastering of The Lion King has been discussed and unwrapped right here on this blog, giving the reader a full insight into the work required just to revamp an old movie.

This sort of information leaves people like us with a great idea as to workload, software used and techniques used to generate a desiredeffect. All the information the VFXBlog covers seems relatable to any-One learning VFX.

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CONCLUSIONIn summary of the analysis we have covered, the internet is a great place for people to learn and understand the industry, the behind the scenes and also the core work involved with animation and visual effects. The internet is fantastic for feedback, attention and meeting other people who want to do the same things as you. The way media has progressed in our lives means digital broadcasting is the medium which gathers the most attention. The resources these blogs provide, such as VideoCopilot means anyone out there, beginner or veteran, can grab some software, some stock footage and begin compositing or editing through the help and guidance of tutorials from VC, or an FAQ breakdown from Freddie Wong.

It appears that blogs are becoming more and more influential on media production via the internet or the TV, as producers an blog out to others for feedback, for assistance or to assist others.