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Research course work

Dec 05, 2014


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  • 1. Research Coursework by Malene Riise
  • 2. Vibe Contrast between colours; black and white. The pink is repeated on the front cover to create a sense of consistency and it complements the gold colour. It is also a contrast between the repeated pink colour and the repeated yelloworange colour. The artists head is edited in front of the master head to emphasize that he is important in this edition. The magazine extends to male readers because of the artist pictured on the front cover, but he is stretching out to the readers with his hand, to show that everyone is welcome. His hand is on his belt, to create a sexual impression, witch extends to female readers. The headline Akon the last hit maker makes it seem like he is a legend. His name is bigger than the other words and in another colour, to make a contrast and it shows that he is important. Akon`s attitude in the front cover picture connotes to more of the bad boy style, with his name on the big necklace, naked over body, expensive clock and that his pants are showing. This supports the `male gaze` because it attracts readers to open the magazine, because they want know how to be as good as him, with both their body and their success. The price of this magazine is not placed under the master headline as many other magazines, this might be because the editors want the readers to focus on what the magazine features and not how expensive it is, if you can`t afford it. The date this magazine was released is not placed under the headline either, this is because they want you to reads the magazine not matter when it was published, what the magazine features will still be interesting in two years. The editors have also listed up some of the other famous artists that sings in the same genre to attract readers.
  • 3. Billboard This front cover emphasises that Lady Gaga is important in this edition. This is because her head is edited in front of the master head. She is touching her body to create a sexual impression and engage the males to read the magazine. She is also very fashionable, which attracts female readers. The background of the photo on the front cover is grey to emphasize the artist. The pink colour is repeated many times on the front cover to create a consistency. They have used a big font without serifs to make the magazine easier to read and recognise. They have also edited in colours in the letters, this shows that even though they are black, grey and boring on the outside, The inside is playful, interesting, different and fun to read. Lady Gaga`s purple hair is repeated in the cross placed behind her. This also emphasises that they have a different and colourful twist in the magazine than others. Her attitude in this front cover picture is very sexual, which supports the `male gaze`. She is trying to undress herself, which attracts men`s attention. The purple bow on her head is emphasizing that she`s still an innocent little girl. This the biggest contrast between her body and her hair. The fact that she is wearing black highlights her face and the purple hair. She is featured as a role model because her name is written with a big and bold font with serifs to show a contrast between that headline and the master head. The headline under her name is `How she writes top hits`, this shows that she is poplar, well-known and talented, which makes her a role model for the readers. The cross is repeated many times on the front cover, this is to give the magazine a more respectful look, and it may attract religious people that can recognises the shape and can relate to it.
  • 4. Q -Magazine The first thing you notice about this magazine is its clear contrasts between black, white and red. These colours are repeated all over the magazine and that is making it recognisable on a long distance. The front cover picture is a medium close-up of Cheryl Cole, and this supports the `male gaze` because most women wants to be sexy and look good. This results in people opening the magazine and reading it, because they want to know how to be like her. This picture is considered as sexy mainly because she is licking her metal ring, but also because it is raining and she is wet. She has smoky black eyes to show that she connotes more with the `bad girl` look. The fact that her lips are red also shows a sign of romance and it emphasises that the red colour is repeated on the front cover. This magazine has a headline that says `vampire weekend`, the picture also supports this because she is showing her teeth's, have red lips which symbolises blood, and is licking on a sharp tooth-like ring. The price and date in this magazine is displayed with a very small font on the front cover. This is because the editors want the readers to focus on what the magazine features and not on how much it costs and when it was published. The master headline is only displayed as a Q, this makes it recognisable and easy to read. The headline on the bottom saying ` 3 words Cheryl Cole ROCKS` this emphasises that she is respected and a role model to many. On most magazine the person pictured on the front cover always has their names written with a big font for the audience to know and recognise the artist. The name is always one of the biggest headlines to make it easier for the readers to understand who the magazine features. On top of the magazine, the editors have placed a line saying `The UK`s biggest music magazine` which makes the readers think that this is the best and greatest magazine, This makes them want to buy this instead of the others.
  • 5. Music Magazine Contents Page The contents page of this music magazine is based on a half page long-shot picture of a guitar player. The editors did this to let the readers focus on him and be inspired. This is the main cover story in this edition of the magazine, so the audience keeps reading to know how to be as good as him. The picture is taken with a low angle to make it seem like he is powerful and respected. The writing on the picture says `Rock`s new royalty` which emphasises that he is successful and a role model to people that are interested in the rock genre. The red and black colours in the picture is repeated in the headlines on the side to get an overall picture. The mise-en-scene in the picture is mainly based on the man`s clothes, and the editors chose to use as little props as possible to get the readers to focus on him. His black clothes, the guitar and the speaker in the background, all represents the rock genre. This contents page is very organised, because they only use one row that features the contents. The editors did this so it would be easier for the audience to understand what the magazine features, but they also edited the main article headlines bigger, to let the audience see them as important. This content page is made very masculine to represent the genre.
  • 6. Music Magazine Contents Page This contents page is featured as more messy and can be compared with a gossip magazine because of the textbox that says `exclusive` on the side. Many magazines put this to involve the reader, and make the audience feel special. Even though it looks messy, it has a certain pattern. The editor has used three vertical columns to set up the page. The editors of this magazine uses red, black and orange as repeated colours. To repeat red, black and white colours in rock magazines is very common and most magazines does this. The master-head on this page says `DRUMMER` which emphasises the music genre and attracts readers. They have used a font without serifs, because it makes the magazine more playful. They have displayed different pictures to let the audience get an idea of what the magazine features. The editors usually use low angle on band photos to make them seem powerful and like role models. The editors have place the date of the magazine with a big font on top of the page, to let the readers know when the contents is produced.
  • 7. Music Magazine Contents Page The first thing you notice when you look at this contents page, is the long-shot picture of four guys. This picture is taken from a low angle, to make them seem powerful and like role-models fro other music interested. The name of these bands is as usual written on top of the picture with a big font and page, so you can read more about them. The picture helps the reader to know what the main article in the magazine is. The page is separated in three columns to make a pattern in the page. By doing this, they can edit the page to look messy, but still look serious. The red colour from the logo is repeated in the headlines and the page numbers. The logo is also repeated twice to advertise and make the audience remember it. They have chosen a red colour in the logo, on the headlines and on the page numbers, because red makes you get more energy and it symbolises love. One of the headlines says `My Brilliant Career`, which makes the reader interested and makes them want to know how to get that successful career. The editors have written `Oasis Special`
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