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Representation of black people in the media

Dec 20, 2014




  • 1. Representation of Black Peoplein The Media In my presentation I will be focusing onrepresentations of black people (particularlyyoung black men) in the news and on the internet.

2. Graph from Governments Reach Program, 2011 3. What the graph shows This graph shows that 66% of all news storiesthat feature young black men are aboutcrime, 5% about discrimination and 4% aboutgang culture. 11% of stories are about achievement and Only 3% are about positive achievementsand 2% featuring them as positive rolemodels. 4. Graph from Governments Reach Program, 2011 5. What this graph shows This graph shows that in general, young menas a whole are also negatively represented bythe media, with just over 50% of the storiesbeing about crime. 11% of stories are about achievement /charity work / having a positive impact. However, if you compare the two graphs 6. Quote from the study; In another example, TRAGIC TOLL OF DEAD KIDS (Daily Star, 11th July 2008), thearticle was accompanied by a headshot image of a young black victim of knifecrime, Shakilus Townsend, who was killed in Thornton Heath in July 2008.Beginning with the assertion that Knife crime and street violence has claimed 19teenage victims in London alone this year, the article was positioned immediatelybelow (as if a postscript to) a larger feature: LILY: WE GOTTA HAVE KNIFE AIDPOP BABES BIG EVENT FOR BORIS, which called for a concert to raise funds forschemes to reduce knife crime. This article was accompanied by several largeimages of figures campaigning against knife crime: Lily Allen, actress Brook Kinsella(whose brother Ben Kinsella was murdered), Mayor of London, Boris Johnson andthe band, Razorlight. It is perhaps merely coincidental that the effort to combatknife crime was represented in this article entirely by white faces, whilst the faceof a young black man was selected to represent the victims and symbolise theproblem of knife crime. However, when viewed in contrast to coverage in whichforums were afforded to black sources to comment on wider social issues, such asnews narratives in the black and minority ethnic press for example (as we explorein Chapter Five), the exclusion of black voices from shaping news narratives herewould appear significant, whether intended or otherwise. 7. I have noticed that alot of news storiesinvolving youngblack men asperpetrators ofcrime clearlydescribe them as ablack man. This maynot seemproblematic, but 8. you notice thelack of racialdescription whenthe perpetrator isnot black. In mostof thesestories, theattacker has beencaught, andmentioning theirrace isunnecessary. Itonly furthersnegativeassociations. 9. But representations arent allnegativeRepresentations of young black men in the newsare not always negative, however the positiveones are usually about celebrities. Being thatcelebrities are often considered on anotherlevel than regular people, these positiverepresentations do not do much to fight againstthe negative, crime/gang associatedstereotypes. 10. Chris Brown wascharged with Lots of mediaattention surroundedthe case, and itsusually mentionedalongside his name. Public associate himwith domesticabuse, and many feelthat he no longerdeserves his success. 11. Charlie Sheen wasalso Barely talked about inthe media Public opinion of himstill quite good, hesconsidered to beeccentric, funny andis still popular. 12. This video features young black men struggling to get a job in Bath, and their thoughts about whether itis because of the colour of their skin.